3 ways to stop skipping workouts once and for all

The last thing you want consciously — so this is another pass of training, which will toss you a week ago. So why is this happens all the time, over and over again, tearing developed training plan beginner or a professional athlete? Ordinary, measured life can distract from the lessons the most motivated of us.


In addition, work commitments, things in the family, training and other little things create such pressure on the self-control that you just have to give yourself some credit at least something. We will tell you about some simple tricks that will allow you to stay motivated even in the hardest day of the week: remember, every time you go to training after overcoming my laziness, it develops not only your muscles but your willpower.

Celebrate small achievements will be Hard to force myself sincerely rejoice in the small achievements picked up today on a pound more, not off the diet — so mark this, congratulate yourself! Oddly enough, this behavior will increase your determination. So, at least, says PhD Judith Beck, confident in the fact that positive feedback generates in the brain a stable relationship and the body itself drives you to the gym, to get positive emotions.

Learn to give up and Find strength to say no, even if the reasons not to go to the gym or to break the diet seem, at the moment, very powerful. Try to remember — in fact, it is not. Just don't give yourself the option of choosing to go to the gym or not. Go and not think.


Third-party motives in 2010, the international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity conducted a study that proved the importance of external influence on the motivation of the person. The interesting thing is that is stronger than anything we motivate themselves. However, it will have to make some effort and visualize the rewards that you get from regular exercise. Remember your ideal image before each class, and the question of whether to go to the gym or not, you simply will not arise. published


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