See how real live princess XXI century

They are not fabulous heroine. This is a modern girl, who live, love, laugh. They are distinguished from the rest only the origin and the number of invitations to these balls.

< Website is your true princesses who, even in everyday life, they do not cease to be.

Princess Alexandra Luxembourg

24-year-old beauty, the only daughter of the Duke of Luxembourg Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, loves sports, is fluent in 5 languages, and even participated in the Wimbledon. She is studying at the University of literature, history and philosophy. Her full name is the longest of all European princesses - Alexandra Josephine Therese Charlotte Maria Vilgemina. But despite the truly royal name, it is only the fifth heir in line to the throne.

Lady Amelia Windsor, United Kingdom

Princess Amelia's only 20, and it is rightly considered the most beautiful woman in England. She is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the youngest daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews. In the future, the young lady is going to become a journalist and devotes a lot of time studying. However, this does not prevent her to frequent balls and social events. Lady Windsor was the first special blue blood, which appeared on the cover of Tatler. Her real passion - fashion. She even trained in the house Chanel.

Princess Marie-Louise, Belgium

Daughter of Princess Astrid of Belgium and Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este for 21 years. Beauty today is educated in the UK. The line of succession, it takes only a ninth place, but good looks and condition of the parents make it one of the most enviable bride in the world.

Princess Iman, Jordan

Princess Iman bint Al Abdullah - the eldest daughter of the King of Jordan Abdullah II and Queen Rania. She was 20 years old and is educated at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA. Strict upbringing does not allow the girl to appear frequently in the world, but at times she accompanied her mother on charity events.

Princess Charlotte of Monaco

29-year-old Charlotte Casiraghi - the granddaughter of the famous Hollywood star Grace Kelly, from whom she inherited the impeccable appearance. Princess graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at the Sorbonne, and even worked in the famous London Above magazine. She has a son, but now the heart of the beautiful freely. She is currently fourth in line to the Monaco throne.

Princess Mako, Japan

Princess Mako Akishino - the eldest granddaughter of the reigning Emperor Akihito of Japan. In the 24 years she has successfully completed the International Christian University in Tokyo, studied in Austria. As a schoolgirl, she became a star of the Internet and one of the characters of anime culture through photos in a school uniform-sailor.

Princess Maria-Olympia, Greece and Denmark

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Officially, the Greek monarchy was abolished, but the titles and grandchildren of the last king still got. Family together with the princess lives in England, where Maria-Olympia leads an active social life. 20-year-old beauty is studying graphic design and art history at New York and probation in the fashion house Dior. Monarchs frequently updates its the Instagram, which were signed more than 80 thousand people.

Princess Gabriella, Austria

Gabriella Maria Pilar Yolanda Josephine Charlotte - the youngest child in a large family of Archduchess Marie-Astrid and Archduke Carl Christian. Princess 22 years old, and she was the great-granddaughter of the last emperor of the country, Karl. At the moment, there is no monarchy in Austria, but in the titles of the imperial family are saved.

Princess Pauline, Monaco

Pauline Grace Magay Ducret - daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her former bodyguard Daniel Ducret. She was 22 years old, and it is professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics and diving. She is interested in the circus and takes part in the annual International Festival of Circus Arts. She only twelfth in the line of succession, but it seems that this girl is absolutely not care.

Infanta Leonor, Princess of Asturias, Spain

Parents of little princess - the monarchs of Spain. Infanta Leonor, Princess of Asturias - young daughter of the King of Spain Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. Leonor 12 years old, she, like any girl her age, and learning as a possible heir to the throne with the parents involved in official events. It is already clear that in the future, this little girl will break a lot of men's hearts.

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