Who are you: a maid, princess or queen?

Site publishes a selection of psychological statements describing different personality type. As long as you try to determine which of them - the maid, princess or queen - you think about before you will reveal new facets of your personality, which you have never thought of. At the end of the test, you get it result: links to articles that describe your personality type. So ...

Maids dream of a good fairy princess - a charming prince, queen do not dream, but act

. Maids believe that miracles happen, princesses, they do happen, Queen create them yourself.

Maids are weak, but seem to be strong, powerful princess, but seem weak, Queen do without masks.

Maids come in advance, are the late Princess, Queen arrive time.

Maids in all blame themselves, the princess - the other, the Queen make conclusions

. Maids do not know how to win, do not know how to play the princess, queen do not compete.

Maids are not interested in dragons, princesses dragons eat with Dragon Queen friends.

Because the maids are not interested in dragons, princesses are afraid of them, and the Queen of tame.

Maids, even pretty, consider themselves to be ugly, princess, even ugly, consider themselves beauties, queens did not issue a temporary really see myself in the mirror.

The maid can not see, the princess can not be overlooked, Queen can not be overlooked, when it is needed.

Maids submissive capricious princess, queen disciplined.

Maids want to get praise, Princess - the attention, the Queen - experience

. Maids demolished humiliation Princess revenge for them, Queen humiliate impossible.

Maids love Princess allow yourself to love, Queen do not think -. Someone who

Maids understand everything and are suffering, princess only understand what they want, Queen understand everything and leave.

Maids are not able to demand that the princess can not wait for the Queen know that all the time.

Maids do not want to grow up, the princess did not want to grow old, the Queen know that all the time.

Maids see the world in black princess - in pink, the Queen - in black, pink and in all other colors

. With maidens easy to difficult princesses, queens, at least, interesting.

Being a servant is difficult, easy to be a princess, queen, at least, makes sense.

What would be a servant - is enough to engage, to be born a princess, princess and the queen does great work and incredible luck

. The maid - a position of the princess - the breed, and the queen - Title

. The maid wants to quit the job and meet the prince, the princess - a beautiful cavalier and getting rid of the guardianship and Queen - of the youth and to her left alone

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servant neurotic ) Princess - a young man in the women's version ( isteroid ) The Queen - adult, mentally healthy. . See also: Elite women

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