10+ unexpected facts about the Queen of England

Now the reigning queen of the United Kingdom - is not only a variety of hats and good looks for them! It is almost the reigning queen in the history of England (September 9, will be the most). The site publishes a selection of surprising facts about this nice starushke.1. She did not need a passport to puteshestvovat

Yes, because all passports issued in the UK is technically on behalf of the Queen, the Queen so that it is not needed. "As a British passport issued in the name of Her Majesty, the Queen does not necessarily have the passport itself." But all the other members of the royal family, including the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales, has a passport.

2. It can strelyat

This photo was taken during a visit to the Queen at the shooting range in Surrey. When the Queen showed the rifle L85, she could not resist and took a few shots.

3. During the Second World War she served armii

Queen - the only living head of state who served in the Army during World War II. In addition, she became the only woman of the royal family, serve in the army. She joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, when she was 18. There she learned to drive a military truck.

4. She studied at the Mechanics

Queen - or rather the princess at the time - not just a carrier trucks during World War II. She also learned how to repair them. When the King and Queen and Princess Margaret visited the training center, they saw the Princess Elizabeth in overalls under a Red Cross truck. Princess Elizabeth was very proud to have been able to unlearn a mechanic.

5. She has two birthdays in godu

The Queen does not mark a birthday in the year, as a mere mortal (and gifts, I suppose, gets better than all of us put together). The Queen was born on April 21, but its "official" birthday party held in early June, on Saturday

6. She sent e-mails when the Internet was still neizvesten

You think you're cool in technology? Yes, you was not standing next to the old woman Lisa. Maybe she joined the "Twitter" just last year, but his first e-mail sent from another Army in 1976 (becoming the first monarch to do so).

7. She has a lot of the coolest birds around miru

Many people think that the Queen owns all the swans in the UK, but it is not. According to the official website of the British monarchy, "Crown reserves the right to ownership of all unmarked swans in open water, but the right of the Queen applies only to certain sections of the Thames and its tributaries." Although she still owns a large number of swans, than any man, and every year the ceremony swans inventory allows it to swim in the waters of the Thames and personally counted all his feathered charges.

8. It is not alien fotobomby

During the Commonwealth Games - 2014 Australian hockey player Jade Taylor published in his twitter one of the most epic of all time Self - it tossed Jade Queen Elizabeth and her colleagues fotobombu. And even smiled at the same time.

9. She appeared in the film with James Bondom

It can repair the engines, it can shoot, she knows how to deal with the invaders, and yet it is friends with James Bond. Hmm, it looks like a queen - a secret agent. The video above was shot within the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. It Daniel Craig escorted Her Majesty from Buckingham Palace in a helicopter.

10. Celebrities are lining up to see his ney

Models, actors, Hollywood stars and even the members of the group One Direction - Queen met with all of them. And it is they come to it, but not vice versa.

11. She loves Ali G

More precisely, the impression that Ali G made her mother. Yes, the Queen Mother was a fan of Ali G - a fact confirmed by Princes William and Harry. In a Christmas interview they shared with the world the story of how the Queen Mother saw that they watch videos Ali G on TV. In response, they taught her to click his fingers and say, "Respect." Once, after dinner, she got up and said, "Honey, dinner was delicious, Respect" - and snapped her fingers. All burst out laughing. It seems that the steepness - this is their family.

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