6 ways to use magnesium, which are needed to know yesterday!

Magnesia or Epsom salts — an indispensable drug which is in great demand in the medical field. Many are familiar with this substance not by hearsay, as magnesia is a great sedative, anticonvulsant and antispasmodic drug.

But today we will talk about other properties of magnesia that will help you to use it every day for the benefit of our body.

Magnesium sulfate
  1. Hair
    To strengthen hair and make them a little nourishment, enough to mix a tablespoon of magnesium sulfate with the same amount of conditioner. After a thorough shampooing, apply the mixture on entire length of hair and leave to act 5 minutes. After this nourishing treatments should be washed off with warm water. People who suffer from hair loss, magnesium will help get rid of this problem.

  2. For face and body
    With the help of magnesium sulfate can be easy to make an effective facial scrub. Simply mix a small amount of moisturizer and the same amount of Epsom salt. Then apply the homogeneous consistency on wet face and leave to act for 3 minutes. At the end of the procedure, you must rinse with warm water. Also, this scrub can be prepared for the entire body. Must be mixed in equal proportions any moisturizer and the same amount of Epsom salt. The resulting mixture should be applied on the body and leave to act for 3-5 minutes. At the end of the procedure, rinse with warm water.

  3. For the cardiovascular system
    Baths with the addition of a small amount of magnesium sulfate helps relieve muscle pain, reduce high blood pressure and are an excellent prevention of such diseases as thrombosis. To prepare a therapeutic bath, just add water 2 cups of Epsom salts.

  4. As a means for weight loss
    In the fight against excess weight will help body wraps Epsom salts. To do this, connect 1/4 Cup water and 1 tablespoon of magnesium sulfate. The mixture should be placed on a small piece of cotton fabric, then wrap her around the belly and secure with cling film. The procedure should last 20-25 minutes. Rate body wraps for weight loss — 10 days.

  5. As a therapeutic compress
    Magnesium sulfate is also used in compresses for bruises, sprains, muscle pain and insect bites. To do this you must combine 1 Cup hot water and same amount of Epsom salt. This mixture should be used for therapeutic compress.

  6. As antifungal agents
    Baths with a small amount of magnesium sulfate will help to get rid of athlete's foot and nails. To do this, combine in a small bowl, 2 liters hot water and 100 grams of magnesium sulfate. Keep your feet in the water for at least 15 minutes. The minimum course of therapeutic baths — 10 procedures.

Next time when I visit the drugstore, don't forget to buy a jar of Epsom salts. Now you know exactly how to apply it to health and beauty.

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