Do not rush to lose weight! It is necessary to know everyone in the measurement of weight.

Libra is the subject, the numbers on the scale which set the mood of the woman for the whole day. Most of us every morning jump out of bed and rush to the scales to feel cherished weight loss, even if it is only 300 grams.

But have you ever had something that you sit on a grueling diet for several days, and the scales do not change or become even more than they were before? The editors of the"Site" decided to find out why and whether you believe the numbers of mechanical and electronic pacing.

How to measure westaway imagine a woman, muscle mass 45 kg, and fat — 15 pounds. Overall, her weight is 60 kilograms, but for some reason the scale shows that 57 kg, 64 kg. And most importantly — in its mode and power nothing changes.

Most rely on the scales as the last instance in the issue of weight loss, rather than to analyze the state of your body as a whole. To measure your real weight, you need to consider a number of factors.

The factors affecting the swing weight
  1. The most important thing to consider are the amount of water. The body by any means tries to maintain the water-salt balance, therefore, the less fluid enters, the more he keeps it inside to function properly. That's why the weight of bad leaves in the intense heat. As soon as it starts raining or a little colder — the body immediately "give" a liter of fluid, because at the moment they are not useful.

  2. Glycogen. Every gram of carbohydrate that your body stores in the form of this element, additionally three grams of water. If you ate a piece of cake, and in the morning I stepped on the scale, don't be scared, it's not extra pounds of fat and water. From it easy to get rid of. But not too much sweet.

  3. Weight in women can vary depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Not only because of the increased appetite, but also due to swelling. This is most evident in the last week before starting a new cycle. Therefore, to measure weight in this period is undesirable — just depress you.

  4. Swelling. If you dramatically increased the salt content in the diet, it will likely trigger a jump in weight gain. Accordingly, if you're eating less salt, the weight will decrease. Remember that the body adapts to stable level of consumption of salt due to release of the hormone aldosterone. If in the average diet from a bag of salted peanuts with you nothing happens, then after a long salt-free diet will "pour" from one nut.

    Also severe swelling can be a sign of disorders in the kidneys.


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