15 reasons why we lose weight when trying to lose weight

1. It is not necessary to sit on diets. Even reading them is not necessary. Everyone wants to get a perfect diet or a list of "good" and "bad" products. Given a list — live by it and lose weight. They took away confused and lost, it is difficult to understand what is possible, what is impossible, you are wrong — and get all lost on a diet.

Such lists of "good" and "bad" foods are evil. First, no single list will not be able to grasp all the options (not cookies and cake, can you? not boiled potatoes, and baked?..). Secondly, if the person lives, looking at the list, sooner or later he loses a piece of paper, or bothers him in it to watch, and all for nothing.

It is important to remember what is and what is not, and to understand why this is possible, and this is impossible. That from the point of view of physiology — happens to the body whenever you eat something. Once you understand this, you have chances to lose weight permanently.

But to understand really need some. There is a daily norm of consumption of calories. If it's a little understated — you will lose weight. There is also the glycemic index of foods. If you eat foods with a low GI and is not high — you will lose weight. If you break these rules you will not lose weight, or your weight loss will be very short.

2. No need to go to lose weight the "hungry" resorts. Yes, it is possible to lose weight in a week by 5 kg. Yes, that Mary went — and lost. To me there is also necessary. All going to lose weight. All returns slim. All through the months going back to lose weight.

In fact, slimming Spa, usually work on the same principle. They'll put you on a low calorie diet with a predominance of protein. Protein food is really possible to lose weight quickly. Clinics interested in this. They need you immediately felt the result. Therefore, the difference between your daily allowance of calories (say, 2 000 kcal) and the menu of what you offer there (700-800-1000 kcal per day) can reach up to 700-1000 calories.

In the first three days do you lose weight from fat. Three days later, the body realizes that it is bad — and includes energy saving mode. Slows down the metabolism. He doesn't even know how it all will end, how long are you going to keep him starving, and is forced in any case to defend. What if tomorrow the food doesn't give? It ceases to consume fat and begins to consume the muscles. The less muscle, the slower the metabolism. The slower metabolism — the harder you lose weight, and the greater the chance that any food stored in the form of fat.

Instead of travelling to a Spa with massages, better equip yourself with a few hours of aerobic exercise. Yes, in Moscow it is difficult. After all, it's not the intensity of the exercise and its duration. Not an hour, but two to three hours load. Two hours to go on the track difficult. Two hours walking around the city too. Especially in the winter. But if you can two hours to shop, the effect would be, too. Shop.

3. Most people are lazy. It is easier a week not to eat anything than a year to live right. Therefore, there are clinics of starvation, where some are stacked with enviable frequency. The body is more stress, but for the psyche — it's easier. Easier hard to limit yourself for a week than to turn your head and strength for life. Unfortunately, limiting ourselves for a week does not bring long-term results. Never.

4. It is not necessary to completely eliminate carbohydrates. With the acute shortage of carbs all the process of moving to a different metabolic level, the body produces ketones. Ketones are used by the brain (the main absorber of carbohydrates), including for work, but knock down all metabolic processes. By the way, the same thing happens when fasting. If a starving man to take a piss test, there will be a very large amount of ketones. And this leads to a constant state of fatigue.

Carbohydrates the body needs. It is important to understand the difference between simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (GI) and complex carbohydrates with low GI. Simple carbohydrates give a quick saturation, rapid filling of blood glucose and if the immediate implementation of this glucose is impossible, — the deposition of it in the form of fat. Slow carbs fill the blood glucose gradually over this time you have the opportunity to spend all the energy and prevent it from deposited on the sides.

5. You hold no carbs all day, but tonight I can't live without them. The dilemma for many people of intellectual labor, which often owls — it is necessary to force the brain to work without carbohydrates it is difficult, carbs at night is impossible.

What to do? Eat fruits with a low glycemic index, unsweetened. Or dried fruit. Half of the dried fruits with sugar. Of course, we prefer not to think about it, but the amount of sugar in them is not reduced. But even if you eat dried fruit without added sugar, 100 grams of fruit and 100 grams of the same dried fruit — calorie different things. And it's easy to overdo the calories. In a small slice of dried fruit — as many calories as in half of the peach. Imagine how many peaches you will put in half an hour, without even noticing.

If you really want, eat fruits with low GI — tangerines, oranges, unsweetened apples. Cut them in slices and chromite. Another solution berries: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries. Or the same carrot. But fresh juices are simple carbohydrates. And bars on fructose called Fitness too. We must not delude ourselves.

6. You are frightened by the prospect to give up sweets for life. But it really is not necessary. You need to get you started to understand, when this sweet, you can afford, and when not. Every day — it is impossible. Once a week — yeah.

7. People think that fitness will help them lose weight. Come to the club. They say: "we Need to abandon so-and-so, so-and-so." They say: "What?! I love that, and that." There is no alternative. Either you cease to love "that" and "that", or you give up the idea to lose weight. It is very difficult to accept, but necessary. A healthy lifestyle is characterized by exhaustively: "Physical activity and the regime of austerity". One without the other is not working. Without self-restraint will not work. Without exercise too. Fail not to give up something.

8. People don't know or don't care that some "harmless" foods with a low GI are easily converted into "offensive". Overcooked pasta from durum wheat is much worse, than those who cooked strictly 4 minutes. Vegetables — it would seem, what could be more useful? But raw beets low GI, cooked at high. Between the carrots raw and cooked — the same difference. Stronger than the product treated, the faster it gives the glucose, and the higher its GI.

9. Between brown rice and white rice in terms of GI — abyss. Sushi rolls — this is a "burn". It would seem that I ate?! Calorie-wise, maybe a little. But blood jumped a huge quantity of glucose that you just will not recycle. It is the same story with the cereal. Oatmeal that can be eaten, the Gulf of boiling water and porridge, which should boil for 10 minutes — different story. What happens to the body when blood glucose is already there and you add more? This situation is "house heated, and the wood all throw". The body quickly will process this wood into fat. Put on Deposit. Even if the calorie counter you "nothing to eat".

10. There are people (mostly girls) are ready to sit on 800 calories a day, if only the origin of these calories were from simple carbs. For example, all day to eat the bag of figs. If you eat, you certainly won't get better. But slow down metabolism. And as soon as you start eating something else (and you will, you cannot live life in the dates) — then he will start to get better. In calories in fact it can be a little. But metabolism is so slowed down that any food already sends into fat. From here it's all "I eat nothing and get fat." If you eat from McDonald's and observe calorie intake (say, no more than 1 500 per day), these 1 500 calories are equal to about five slices of potatoes, one Bigmac and one milkshake. A slow metabolism is guaranteed.

11. The wine can be consumed — important number. Wine and simple carbohydrates. Sugar is added to wine. We talked with wine producers in Italy.

12. If you ate something sweet with a high glycemic index, there is one trick to minimize the damage. Jogging on the track or walk. Simple carbohydrates which result in glucose immediately enters the bloodstream immediately — within 15-20 minutes it is necessary to burn. After 15-20 minutes, the body removes glucose from the blood and converted into fat. If you are in this period of time will have time to spend it, all right. No time — everything is too late. Calories eaten and calorie expenditure should be equal.

13. Many complain that the process of losing weight reach a plateau. The weight is rooted to the spot. Plateaus usually occur when you are trying to lose weight too fast. Drastic reduction of calories and the body includes a stress reaction. To this there was no need to lose weight smoothly. If you spend about 2000-2100 calories to lose weight without plateau, the daily ration must "pull" on 1700 calories a day. If you eat at 1100-1200, at first process goes quickly and then stand firmly. Even if you need to lose 2-3 kg, it is still better to lose weight gradually.


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14. Reaching ideal weight, a relax — and lose it. That is becoming back. Weight is considered "taken" if you keep it 2 years. Much time is required for the body to adjust to a new mode of operation. Two years be ready to watch for any weight fluctuations. If you hold out, you will be difficult to move in any direction.

15. It's a mistake to come to the fitness club and say, "me lose weight!". We will help you, but no you will not lose weight. Even if you are a Hollywood star and pay for the services of super-coach, to lose weight myself. All of our customers that keep the ideal weight — people with iron self-discipline. There are no miracles.published


Author: A. Zhukov

Source: galactikka.com/news-5729d6ffbd0470e1248b456e


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