New productive and cheap way to store solar energy

Scientists of the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne has developed a new productive and cheap way to store solar energy device, turning it into hydrogen with an efficiency of 14.2%. It's a world record for silicon solar cells without rare metals.

One of the ways to store the sun's energy during the period when it does not Shine, is its transformation into hydrogen using electrolysis of water. The idea of Swiss scientists is to use the electrical current received from solar panels, to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Pure hydrogen can be stocked for the future is to produce electricity from it or even fuel.

The difficulty lies in the fact that despite promising laboratory results, the technology of production of hydrogen is too unstable and expensive and requires further study before it can be used in commercial and industrial purposes.

The method of the scholars of Lausanne is to combine components that have proven effective in the industry, having received, thus, a reliable and efficient system. Their prototype consists of three interconnected crystalline silicon solar cells connected to the electrolysis system that does not use rare metals. The device is able to convert solar energy into hydrogen with a productivity of 14.2%, and have already worked in a test mode more than 100 hours continuously. From the point of view of efficiency is a world record for silicon solar cells and production of hydrogen without rare metals.

The researchers used the standard elements of a heterojunction, to prove his loyalty to his ideas. Taking the best from the available types of items they hope to achieve performance in 16%. published




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