NZ Solarcity offers solar energy as a service

The company Solarcity NZ has developed a new strategy to expand production of solar energy: the homeowners can now get all the benefits of this renewable energy without buying the panels and not stuffing my head with technical problems. "Solar as a service" allows you to connect the house to the Sun is as simple as the cable TV. The fixed monthly cost is less than the average bill for electricity from the national grid. Free Solarcity installs panels on the roof of the house, conducting maintenance and insures them.

In order to maximize savings, the company first evaluates the client's needs in electricity and calculates the required number of panels. After the installation specialists Solarcity regularly check the condition of the system and its performance. If necessary, equipment will be replaced immediately. But with the advancement of technologies the company is obliged to update the outdated system.

In addition to the basic plan the company offers superior — solarZero+ that includes a battery to store surplus energy, the use of which is free of charge. Thus, the excess energy generated during the day will be spent at night.

FOR SolarZero helps to make an informed decision about when to save and when to sell excess energy to the grid. This will allow homeowners to save even more on electricity. published

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