Hidden psychological reasons for excess weight

"Don't make a cult out of food"—even at the time warned us Bender, but it was not heeded. And can be so far overweight has become a worldwide problem. As they say, all that is nice, or immoral or criminal, or leads to obesity.

The General crisis of values has created a lifestyle based on the pursuit of immediate pleasures. The pleasure of eating begins and ends at the level of the mouth, and as a result, humanity is poised between Scylla and Charybdis — excess weight and exhaustion.

It is not an exaggeration, because today's statistical indicators allow you to declare obesity (not treatable) non-infectious epidemic of our century, and mentions in news reports about yet another deceased victim of anorexia has ceased to surprise someone.

In the developed countries, "met" with the extra weight a little early, but today this problem has affected even the most remote corners of the planet. For example, in the USA the number of overweight people reaches 45%. At the same time, cities are little-known country of Samoa in the number of people with excess weight exceeds 75 %.


vid1 ---- And now some statistics on Russia. Treatment.

Russia currently ranks in the top five most obese countries in the world. According to estimates of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, 60% of women and 50% men over 30 years in our country suffer from excess weight. And of the population older more than 50% people. But the most surprising that the Russians to the problem of excess weight are calm and philosophical about its treatment not think.

According to the researches, all-Russian center for public opinion studies, the majority of Russians (70%) say that they are satisfied with the current weight of your own body, whatever it was (happy people!). More than half (65%) of respondents believe the problem of excess weight are out of date, and a quarter — just a bit concerned about its size. And only 9% of panic at the sight of extra inches at the waist, and it is only because fear of losing sex appeal.

According to statistics, overweight people age faster and live less. They are three times more frequently and worse are treatable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, twice as likely — atherosclerosis and a higher risk of developing cancer, lesions of the joints, blood vessels, gall bladder and other organs.

Obesity is a very complex problembecause of the reasons he had more than common means to deal with it.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. Primary obesity is not associated with any disease. It is caused by excess calories in food. It is characteristic for families where all suffer overweight, or where the child is taught from childhood "to eat well".

2. Recurrent episodes of binge eating (bulimia), which remains after the realization of the inadmissibility of such behavior, but there is no way to cope with them. It is not a disease but a behavioral disorder, which is correctable with psychotherapy.

3. Incorrect diet, which can be associated with ignorance of the fact that you need to eat to maintain normal weight, and with the financial capabilities (diet products are expensive and vegetables and fruit in the winter not everyone can afford). Unfortunately, this applies to most Russians.

4. Heredity.

5. Sedentary lifestyle due to eat well.

6. Secondary obesity is a manifestation of certain diseases:

  • hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormones);
  • hyperadrenocorticism (excessive production of hormones of the adrenal cortex — corticosteroids);
  • hyperinsulinism (excessive insulin, a pancreatic hormone, regulating the flow of glucose into cells);
  • brain disease (tumors, etc.);
  • hereditary genetic syndromes (rare).
7. Some medications type of hormonal contraceptives, steroid hormones, etc.

8. In addition to the undoubted role of age, sex, occupational factors, some physiological States (pregnancy, lactation, menopause).

9. Finally, psychological reasons, which we will consider in detail below.

Ordinary consciousness the main cause of obesity most of people in our country see heavy ancestral memory of wars and famines, ignorance of the basics of good nutrition, lack of culture of caring for his body. Many hours of employment does not allow the majority of the inhabitants of the metropolis to find the time (or desire) for physical activity. Typical day: a man wakes up, a little snack and runs to work. There he really doesn't eat, but after the end of the day dinner hit the spot. This happens at the worst possible for good digestion time, leading to the accumulation of body fat.
This is both true and untrue. Not all people, leading this way of life, overweight.

Today the problem of weight loss medicine there are two main traditional approaches.

One of them is considered excessive increases or decreases in weight disease, which is based on some metabolic processes, most often hormonal. Thus, the treatment in this case — a medical. What you are doing, for example, tablets: they either break down fat or decrease appetite, or increase peristatic of the intestine. But the body remains indifferent, he is not involved in this process. It turns out not the deep cause of the disease, hormonal imbalances, and just struggles with the investigation. There are symptom and have learned to fix, but... nothing more.

Another approach to traditional medicine is the psychotherapeutic view: disease is an outward expression of some inner psychological problems. There may be a variety of reasons, as indeed for any psychosomatica. For example, a kind of suffering, dissatisfaction, conflict is man, simply, "sticking" problems, or, conversely, suffers so much that he could not have.

And appropriate treatment is an attempt to cope with the psychological problem that caused the disease. And even more than that. Hormonal imbalance, strength and metabolic rate, all of this we do unconsciously is adjustable in your body. Nobody does it for us — we are unconsciously control these processes. And if the person eats very little and still gains weight, then it is as well noticed Mayakovsky at the time, "somebody needs it".

Here are some of the hidden psychological motives of being overweight.

1. The perception of themselves as being minor, with which nobody is considered, and at the same time, the desire to control the environment may lead to the unconscious desire to occupy more space.

2. The lack of security in childhood, when you were still too young to defend himself, and all depend, can lead to the same result (a good man should be a lot).

3. Hyper mother or the person its replacement (especially if you accustom the child to the potty), forming a masochistic type of character with a distinctive figure. The desire to take the life of their loved ones as much space as possible, to throw himself on the shoulders of as many problems as possible, giving significance, leads to weight gain. Masochist gain weight in proportion to the place that wants to take in life.

4. Localization of body fat in women in the abdominal area, waist and hips — protection from the encroachments of the male fear of sexual intimacy.

5. Finally, we seize the stress. And not only stress, but also any unpleasant emotions or even thoughts. This is especially characteristic of single women. Man is a social being. Him need to communicate with each other and exchange tokens (for Eric Bern — deficiency strokes). Oral pleasure from a meal is a universal way to compensate for a variety of frustration. And since all other ways are more costly in terms of willpower, our hand involuntarily reaches for the packet of biscuits or box of chocolates or bag of nuts. And the mood improves, the level of sugar in the blood, we are saved!

6. Many, many, many individual reasons, allowing a person to live as he lives, without changing anything, to avoid events that he considers to be potentially dangerous. For example, a woman who doesn't believe in himself, he is afraid of someone else's evaluation, is suffering from neglect of her husband, trembling before the chief, and had given up, finds a justification for the excess weight: "I can change, I'm such ratetea. Where should I look for another job, another man... another life... Because in order to change something, you have to strain to make sacrifices..."


All of the above reasons are completely valid, protective of the whole person, psychologically allow it to better adapt to difficult environmental conditions. And if we consider the excess weight as part of a protective behavior, which basically has a positive intent preservation of the individual, it applies the whole Arsenal of tools with which we worked with other psychosomatics.

But from the man expected to take an active part — he has to want to get rid of psychological problems, deeply rooted in his mind and led to obesity. And the difficulty is that people don't want it, because it is accompanied by pain.

The person is not ready, not only to the fact that will change his life in terms of his appearance. He is not ready to change their attitude to others, to yourself, to what will have to forgive someone, or, conversely, with someone out to do just what you do not want. That is why the psychotherapeutic method not as common.

Women who come to see me about the excess weight, young and not so willing to spend hours discussing a variety of diets, why they don't have enough time to go to fitness and yoga, they are ready to build barricades excuses about outstanding recommendations, and doing it with such enthus, as if it were a matter of life and death. To me it slightly resembles a paralysis of the will, the same as alcoholics, gamblers and other addicts.

But there is another side that distinguishes these women from classic dependent. Some part of your consciousness they understand the problem (when it comes to psychologist) and so they live in a constant inner conflict: their powerful unconscious is trying to maintain the status quo, and the hopeless efforts of the conscious part to change things with will power and diets, results every time the same, strengthening women's belief that change is impossible.

The solution to this situation is simple and complicated at the same time. Considering the accumulation of excess weight as part of a behavior, it is important to determine what are we doing with ourselves. It is clear that the harm itself as a whole we don't want to cause even unconsciously, and, therefore, it is important to identify the positive intention of the weight gain. It may be the most stupid, ridiculous and yet very meaningful for us. And now here is a typical example.

I had a client, a young woman of 35 years, which is suddenly very fat and could not lose weight. With the growth of 167 she was weighing 85 kg, while before her usual weight was about 60 kg, and she was very sporty person. She passed all the tests and blood sugar and thyroid hormones. Everything was in order, and she grew fat and grew fat.

In the process of communication revealed that she is the eldest daughter in the family and she has a sister 4 years younger. It has always been a role model for younger sister, excellent student, graduated with honors. This woman, let's call her Anastasia, did an amazing of their career. She became Vice President of a major insurance company.

Quite different was the life of her younger sister. She married young, had a baby, quit my job, got fat, my husband drank. Anastasia tossed her some money but what's money compared to the envy. And once the sisters had a very large disagreement. Junior Anastasia expressed all that she thought about it, and she thought that she is a social climber, that she'd never have a family and children that she is a guy that everyone hates her and that her company is cheating people.

Anastasia ran a large company, and therefore was a good psychologist. She perfectly understood that moves youngest, but apparently the mention of her husband, family and lack of femininity touched it for a living.

Here I want to remind you about stress and adrenaline. Of course, for Anastasia it was the stress. Of course, she had an adrenaline surge, and therefore increased suggestibility. Perhaps the thought of missing her family and attended, but not regularly, it was always busy with work. But after the fight they became Intrusive.

And it is easy to imagine further the internal logic of the unconscious. Her body was rounded in the hips and Breasts that would give the figure more traditional femininity. While on a conscious level, Anastasia is quite cope with the depreciation of his life, which subjected her sister, but on the unconscious, this resulted in anxiety disguised obsessive thoughts and weight gain.

If the work involved its Mature, worldly, experienced, logical part, in order to improve the situation, she would have found several other outputs, for example, to be in those places where a lot of interesting men in her circle, to meet, as is now fashionable, on the Internet or use the services of a matchmaker.

All these methods achieved the same purpose — acquaintance and family creation, however, would not have such disastrous consequences. However, resentment at the ingratitude, the baby pain passing lonely life, Anastasia blocked access to these it resources adult. And in order not to be alone with such severe pain, her unconscious had chosen such an archaic protective that way.

And, therefore, the first step to change is awareness . the true causes of weight gain. This is the best suited technique "chestyakova reframing". I help Anastasia to enter the trance state. We agree on palzeva the signaling (when the unconscious twitching of one finger means "Yes" and another finger — "no").

I invite her to imagine that part of her personality, which is responsible for weight gain. The phrase is not very clever, but rather I did not say. Nastya is it in the form of nesting dolls. Interesting image. I think that it is not random. After all, the matryoshka inside another matryoshka, the — one less, etc. on the one hand, it's a allegory of motherhood, and with other evidence that within weight problems lies another, deeper.

We temporarily depart from the consistent enforcement of equipment and I ask Anastasia to reveal the doll and see what is there inside it. Anastasia, being in a state of trance, does it. Inside the dolls — another, but not a young woman, and old woman. "Grandma!" — exclaimed Nastya.

Here it is necessary to mention that Nasty about my grandmother talked a lot. She was a well-known Moscow lawyer, a good girl that retained a clear mind and humor until the death of 84 year of life. The grandmother doted on the girl, and a granddaughter, even as a teenager, was more Frank with her than with mom.

Suddenly Anastasia flinches, and her face changes dramatically. She begins to make a certain hand movement like he wanted to push something or someone. I gently take her by the hand, soothe the traditional words "You're safe, I'm with you". Asked if she saw something. Opening his eyes, Anastasia begins to tell. In school she was sporty, very lean, angular, with short hair, look like a boy. Was President of the class and, as she thought, leader.

But was in their class one guy, Sasha, is very popular among girls, with whom her relationship was strange, competitive. He was tall, handsome, also a good student, was engaged in public work, and they continuously teased each other. And once, returning from school, She noticed him kissing on the bench with a girl from a parallel class.

You know, there are precocious girl, who in 15 years look 20 at them, and Breasts and butt, and this also, and was still blonde. And Nastya thought that, seeing her, Sasha redoubled his efforts, and became the girl not just kiss, but to touch. Nadia is very embarrassed, and quickly slipped past the pair in the hope that they will not notice. But...

The next day at recess, the blonde came to Nastya and loudly so that all around heard, gave out: "in Vain, Tolmachev (the surname is changed. — Approx. ed.) try tracking. The whole school knows you're in love with Sasha, but just look at yourself in the mirror, neither the skin nor faces, some bones." Anastasia anything she didn't answer, rang the bell, but she's got a headache, and she asked to be excused from lessons home.

In fact, she was pretty high opinion of his appearance. She liked to look at himself in the mirror, and she never worried about her small Breasts, as it often happens with girls her age. But the words of the blonde hated her alarmed. Hardly waiting for the evening, she clung to her grandmother.

Grandma, was a nugget, an intellectual in the first generation, even though the well-known lawyer, and people's sharp tongue. "That early blooms, early Bud. And you are my flower, which blooms later. You're my good girl and always will be first. And the most beautiful." Then I thought, and added: "And the ass and Boobs to increase is simple enough. The time will come, you will meet a good man — you grow".

Then Anastasia opened her eyes and exclaimed, "I understand. I put on weight to appear good man" And laughed.

A month has passed. Because she was a strong-willed woman, she was excluded from the diet sweet and in General, digestible carbohydrates, 3 times a week, started going to the gym. But almost all the same she did before. However, this month she lost 7 kg. and then, as often happens, the weight loss has stalled. And at this point I want to draw the reader's special attention, because it typically!

If a system freezes in the balance, so she is in an energy minimum. That would bring her out of this energy minimum, need more energy. That may play a role in this external energy in the case of Anastasia?

Her to lose weight further, it was necessary to reduce the caloric intake, switch to less salty and fiber-rich food, reduce the amount of animal protein. And the first time she'd often felt a sense of hunger and different kind of discomfort. And would have to experience some very strong positive emotions to go production of its own endorphins, which would have brightened Nastia this difficult transitional period.

After all, many of you probably noticed that when you fall in love, quickly and with high lose weight. And why? Yes, because the endorphins released with an excess. It's like the anesthesia, is not painful, seep. But it could be, of course, not only love. Did You ever have in the theater Studio? Imagine that the experience of participants before the delivery of the play? When everything works? Before eating there? In short, under this positivity brought into Your life from the outside, I understand the extra power.

If the person is a powerful motivator, it even the smoke can quit without help. But that's the fact that Anastasia was not so much motivated, as it seemed. Weight, which it reached 78 kg, height 167 cm didn't give her big problems except for one: it violated her sense of aesthetics and the desire to be perfect in everything. She had no shortness of breath, diabetes, edema. That is, there was no whip, and was only carrot. Yes, Anastasia knew that with such a weight it is more difficult to find a man because kustodievskih young ladies are out of fashion now. But on the other hand it was answered that a long time was slim like a poplar, and a permanent relationship did not happen.


Since the moment we met her, Nastia was not the case, on which her soul was on fire (except for business, but apparently his soul was burning not as much as before), no new loves, the only solution remained to remind her body how it functioned in the past, when she weighed a lot less.

Her body certainly remembered how it was, and our task was to get the resource of memories. While this information was stored somewhere in the recesses of memory, she was absolutely useless. But lessons, she would give that the extra energy that would Anastasia from a state of stagnation.

As homework, I asked Anastasia to find 10 differences in their behavior and feelings before and after weight gain. Here's what she wrote:

before and after

1. a feeling of lightness some weakness, laziness

2. a coiled spring, the desire of all in the wool
to move relaxed

3. a feeling of calm excitement, boredom

4. the belly is tucked in, like a belly swollen
hungry wolf

5. Faster, sharper thinking, getting stuck on worrying
the thoughts of emptiness in the head

6. rapid concentration of attention span

7. acute sense of smell a feeling of stuffiness of the nose

8. the desire to dress fashionably, indifference to external
to paint, look good mind

9. sleep 6-7 hours allowed sleep — 9 hours

10. Good digestion, constipation
daily chair

I guess if I asked Anastasia to find 20 differences, it would be easily found, and all 20, but even for these 10, we can conclude about changes in metabolism.

Of course, our metabolism involves the activity of many endocrine glands, but runs all this complex mechanism is still head. And if Anastasia was able to change it in one direction, so can return it back, while there have been no irreversible changes. And then we when by applying the technique of the stroke, do the following.

I ask Cindy to present itself as after weight gain. Actually, for this it especially and do not need to strain, because it is. I ask her again to go through all the 10 listed symptoms, a good recall and lethargy, and laziness, and quiet, and stuffy nose. And let this state be any certain color. Nastia it dirty pink.

And then ask her to recall the as to weight gain and also go through the symptoms and then its associated setpoint is the desired condition with any color. So, orange.

Next, offer Anastasia to present themselves dirty pink from head to toe, lazy, sluggish, heavy, with a stuffy nose. And suddenly, somewhere inside the body emerging orange dot. She begins to grow, filling all the space inside, and with it growing mobility, elastic energy, like a spring, fills the whole body.

Suddenly odors arise (for this purpose, Nastya brought with them their favorite perfume, and I put them right under her nose), and finally the orange wave fills a whole body, sweeping away the remnants of dirty pink, and in this solemnly-orange point should snap your fingers and exclaim, "Oh Ana!". This exercise should be repeated until then, until the first krasnonosova is almost impossible to feel. This should be done at least a week as homework.

The next step is all the same thing, only with breathing. Nastya is a reservoir filled with a first state in which, under the action of the pump — breath — comes the second condition, naturally a different color and quality. The boundary between these two States with each inhalation and exhalation drops.

As if we forced every sharp exhale that border down until until the last dirty pink drops will not go through the feet, and the whole Anastasia-the tank will turn orange. And again, snap your fingers and exclaim, "Oh Ana!". And that is a week on homework.

Each pass of the first or second exercise is charged one point. In day it is necessary to score at least 10 points, and preferably more. And a week later you could just snap your fingers and shout, but the effect will be the same. You get automatically into the second state.

In order to further intensify the exchange, we agreed that Anastasia would take a contrast shower. This procedure is in the beginning it may seem unpleasant. But that's only because no one ever explains how it is necessary to enter. And to enter it it is necessary gradually. First, the difference between the temperature of the water should be negligible. For example, hot and warm.

Then gradually go from warm to cool. And only after about a week get from cool to cold. And then to ice. And another important point. You need to stand under hot water long enough to feel that the body has warmed up. It is even maybe a little blush. Cool then will be perceived as a relief.

And along with it we remember the main rule of any losing weight. Losing weight shouldn't feel hungry. This means that food should be prepared in advance and it should be tasteless. And it would be good (bearing in mind wsdata stomach), so she was still separate. Carbohydrates — separately, flies (i.e. proteins). It really is simple. Stocking 4 special bowls with closable lids.

And in the evening they harvested the food the next day. Unsalted buckwheat porridge. Unsalted boiled fish with vegetables. Low fat cottage cheese. Unsalted boiled chicken. Unsalted salad of fresh vegetables... But all of this can be a LOT!!!!.. But here, try this lot to eat! Sugar and honey, grapes, raisins and other easily digestible carbohydrates are excluded in any form.

Anastasia 4 months returned to my previous weight. That is, with the remaining 78 kg to 63. 15 kg in 4 months is a good result. But she wasn't one of the most common problems. She's not eating.

Now let's talk about stress-related eating.

When you come home after work, tired enough that the force is only enough to tread a path from the refrigerator to the couch and the TV, and then there's the spouse (and) something out of place to say, and if you live alone (one) the melancholy of thoughts of loneliness overwhelmed at all, especially if the phone is not ringing. Or You had a fight with her man (woman) and he (she) is gone from You.

And it is clear that quick buzz from being able to throw in the mouth something really tasty, always easily accessible and distracts from unpleasant thoughts. But the buzz this quickly passes, and problems remain. Moreover, they increase with every extra eaten a sweet morsel.

So we all need to remember a few commandments for binding stress:

1. No one promised it would be easy.

2. Food is a drug. With all the consequences.

3. For every cause there comes an inevitable consequence. Every evening the eaten a piece of permanently adds 100, 200, 300 g — looking for a piece.

4. And it is not necessary to hope that new life will start tomorrow. Will not start.

5. Not to put in your mouth biscuits, it is necessary to have at hand an alternative, for example, an Apple or one of the above-described bowls of food that causes the aversion of the utility and nezalejnosty.

6. To nothing to put in your mouth, you have to learn to switch quickly. And now I'll tell you how it's done.

It's all the same already well-we have studied the technique of the stroke.

Consider what to do for example one of my client. Call her, say, Julia. She is 29, she is the mother of two children, housewife. Her drinking husband. Suddenly it became clear that he had to work on the novel. Julia is very upset, jealous, afraid that her husband will leave the family.

In the evening, when she is expecting him home from work and its still no, she, feed the children stays in the kitchen in front of the TV and drinking tea with something sweet or just throws in his mouth all that comes their way edible. It can be a Patty with bread and sometimes with fried potatoes, a piece of sausage or cheese, with bread, or something else that does not require a long preparation and is always at hand.

Our study begins as always with the sensations. That Julia feels when waiting for a husband? Jealousy, longing, self-doubt, fear of tomorrow, anxiety, anger and anger. Is there any body sensations? Yes. An unpleasant sinking feeling in his chest. What happens after she eat anything? This disgusting feeling out of my chest disappears, and instead spreads a pleasant warmth in the stomach.

That is, our task is to find a strong enough alternative to the unbearable feeling in your chest that is not related to food.

Julia loves music. She sang well. She has a favorite band. But lately she doesn't listen to them. Because the discs are in the room, and she could listen to them when busy in the kitchen. At the sound of their favorite songs, she wants to dance, the whole body is filled with ease and the mood is lifted. I ask Julia to sing me some of those songs that she sang before. She has a pleasant deep voice. She sings with her eyes closed, visibly enjoying.

I ask her to describe the feeling when singing. It is a flight, pleasure, and strangely enough, concentration. And the feeling when she hears favorite music, is lift, tone, lightness in the legs, warmth in his chest, an involuntary smile on my face. I ask her to include your favorite song. And when this state comes, start singing along, and then snap his fingers in rhythm. If You remember, this technique is called "anchoring."

Well, and then everything happens on the same schedule. Is the first undesirable state is the desired state of the resource is the trigger — the usual way of including some sort of automatism, after which it is difficult to stop. In our case, it's an open refrigerator door, and Julia, holding it open, considering the contents of the refrigerator, choosing something to take. If it came to the open door, then stop is unrealistic.

So I asked Julia to imagine the first picture. It is in shabby form, opens the refrigerator door and peering into its depths: what is there is tasty. The second picture is Julia, dressed, and painted on stage with a microphone. Sounds favourite music.

And in the middle of the first picture there is a point — the germ of the second picture. She begins to grow and fills the entire first picture, completely blocking her in the end. And when it happens, Julia a few times, snap fingers, as she did when she sang your favorite song.

This exercise we repeat the lesson 6 times, until it becomes quite difficult, almost impossible to imagine yourself "in the refectory" in front of the fridge (that is, the first undesirable state). This same exercise is and as homework.

When Julia comes to me next time, priseljevanja fingers and humming your favorite tunes already mastered her as a powerful switch of mood. Now we need to make a habit of healthy cooking and packaging it in resealable bowls. Julia strongly resists this. It seems that the food in the bowls will be stale, despite the fact that storing it in the refrigerator.

However, she adds that cooking fresh every time — it has neither the time nor the energy. It reminds me of a wonderful "game" described by Bern "Yes, but...." The point of this game is that the player first complains about the problem, and when well-wishers offer him a solution, he rejects these options with the words "Yes, but it can be done because of that, and that's why". People that have signed in, you feel like a fool, and the player receives a bonus from the fact that it is again wrapped around your finger.

This game is about attention, or rather about the lack of it, as well as about the lack of empathy in the life of the player. It is clear that the player resorts to such manipulation completely unconsciously. Perhaps this is Julia's reaction to what I offer her a quick fix, does not affect the underlying essence. But within kratkosrochnye therapy and its direct request on reducing weight, we are unable to solve them. All this I explained to her, and she promises to think about it, if she needed my help in order to understand the causes of the turmoil in her family life.

But, at least, the question of aversion to the food of the indoor bowls removed.

I talk about these cases in detail in order to show that weight loss depends only on us.

Two points are crucial in the issue of weight control: metabolism and the quantity and quality of food eaten.

The metabolism is influenced by deep, poorly realized scenario installation, which arose in childhood, and of relevance to our relationships and the world in General. The amount of food intake, but rather inability to eat properly, exercise, poorly controlled simple strong-willed effort, because it is also linked to our unconscious desires.

We cannot exist comfortably in conditions of deficiency of love, intimacy and attention. Often we are ashamed to admit what we lack (like sex!).

In order to make life anything tolerable, we resorted to artificial additives, such as alcohol, tobacco, sugar. And then, psychological dependence may be supplemented by chemical, and this further masks our real problems.


Temporal tapping: disarmingly simple way to tune body, mind and soul

Exercises "Return of youth": get rid of stagnant energy


The problem of excess weight is always a problem of relationship.

The study of the causes of excess weight, relationship to your body, yourself and emotionally significant people, often radically changes the metabolism, life and attitude of the person.

Losing weight, remember this!

To make contact with yourself in order to understand what we actually need is the only way in which it makes sense to go to make life happy and the body healthy.published


Author: Olena Barbash


Source: psyhosomatika.com/ves.html


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