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Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton caused a sea of ​​tears envious. Forbes has made a list of free royal hearts

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King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Bhutan

5 th in the royal line of the Dragon King of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck ascended to the throne in 2006 after the abdication of his father. Educated at home, he also studied at several colleges in the US and UK, and a PhD in political science at Oxford. This country owes him a transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional. Namgyal is now 31 years, and today he is the youngest governor in the world, and still unmarried. But this is more due to the fact that the goods under its responsibility does not give him the opportunity seriously to look for a wife, and a casual attitude is not the king. Status: Unknown

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, Monaco

Dreaming change the name of 24-year-old Princess of Monaco (and part of the great granddaughter of Grace Kelly), Charlotte Casiraghi adored far outside their country - for youth, beauty and impeccable taste. Brought together with his brothers in France, Princess Charlotte is the 4th pretender to the throne, but that, even if remote, the future is not very tempted by socialite - she prefers to write articles in various glossy magazines, horse riding and playing the piano. It is known that around Monaco princess winds huge number of men, but no one has yet managed to get her heart for a long time. Net Worth: $ 5, $ 7 billion.

Amedeo Prince of Belgium

25-year-old Belgian Prince Amedeo Pierre Marie Joseph Charles Philip Paolo Marcus d'Aviano throne shines - all too much. Nevertheless, the royal blood and a sizable fortune to his children is guaranteed. Amedeo graduated from the School of Economics in London. In addition, he holds the title of the Belgian Army reserve officer. Who is modest and serious young man working in a large auditing company Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in New York. Hobbies Prince - running, and his enthusiasm is not limited to a morning jog around the park with a player in 2008, he took part in the marathon. So that those who are likely to try to beat Amedeo on one of the paths of Central Park. Status: Unknown

Princess Sihanizo Dlamini, Swaziland

23-year-old Princess Sihanizo Dlamini, the eldest of 24 children of King Mswati III, was born in Swaziland - African country, where there is still a form of government is an absolute monarchy. Despite this, she received a good education in private schools in Europe and Biola University in Los Angeles, where she studied stagecraft. With every opportunity to lead a luxurious lifestyle in Europe or America, Princess can not ignore the problems of his country and was promoting the fight against AIDS, as her country is in first place in the number of HIV-infected. In addition, without fear of incurring the wrath of his father, Sihanizo opposed patriarchy and traditionalism in his native country. There are a princess and a way to escape from the problems of the state - it is keen on creating rap music. As the eldest daughter, Sihanizo has all chances to become the queen of Swaziland, but with the title, and it will get a lot of problems that exist in her country: AIDS, unemployment and infant mortality. So this girl with all her luggage - an option only for the strong spirit of men, and not just for those seeking an heiress. Status: Unknown

5. Prince Harry, UK

The younger brother of the lucky 26-year-old William Henry (Harry) Charles Albert David, despite the fact that the third in line to the British throne, is also very eligible bachelor. The red-haired handsome graduated with honors from Eton and took a course at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, receiving the rank of second lieutenant, and then went to fight in Afghanistan. The strength of Harry's always been a sport he knows everything about football, playing polo, rugby, swimming, and riding a horse. The press likes to compare the two brothers, and the comparison is not usually in favor of the younger - he is considered to be a bully, capable of damaging various family antics. But in fact, this medal, like any other, there is a downside - Harry is very cute and just a guy who is easy to please and with whom a fun, because it does not clog the head of the affairs of national importance. Nevertheless, it continues the work of Harry of his mother - Princess Diana - and are actively involved in charity work, raising money for third world countries and taking them documentaries. Net Worth: $ 40 million

6. Princess Iman bint Al Hussein, Jordan

28-year-old Princess Iman bint Al Hussein few years of his life devoted to military career that did not jibe with her feminine appearance. Nevertheless, in 2002 the princess graduated from the Military Academy Sandhurst in England and served briefly in the army of Jordan. As a hobby, something like a real princess Amazon enjoys horseback riding. Not surprisingly, the Jordanian beauty still has not found a husband - strong women are afraid not only in Russia. Status: Unknown

7. Prince Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi, Monaco

The elder brother beauties Charlotte Casiraghi, no less attractive 26-year-old Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi is the second contender to the throne after his mother - Princess Caroline. Andrea graduated from several higher education institutions involved in the visual arts, and international politics. Prince reads a lot, but it did not prevent him from attending various social events. Mysterious and romantic, as a character of the film "Interview with the Vampire," Andrea Casiraghi has long attracted everyone's attention. And an active social life in London clubs and a passion for whiskey and marijuana allow adventurers to try their luck in this direction. State: $ 1, 7 billion

8. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, UAE

28-year-old Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid, one of 19 children of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktu ma - Crown Prince of Dubai. Already, Sheikh closely involved in public affairs, as chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai. Perfectly formed, Hamdan graduated from the Military Academy Sandhurst, and then - London School of Economics. Politics - not only calling the young Sheikh, and in his spare time, he writes poetry, published under the pseudonym Fazza. In addition to the verses that recites the entire country, to the interests of the Crown Prince are camels, which the sheikh is spending big money, as well as cars and skydiving. This handsome young man has only one drawback: no one will give you a guarantee that Sheikh limited only wife. Net Worth: $ 18 billion

9.Kgosi Leroux, King of Bafokeng, South Africa

Kgosi Leroux, the 36th King of Bafokeng, graduated from Hilton College in South Africa with a degree in architecture. Leroux is very serious about his duties, being simultaneously the president of the Association for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples in Africa, related to the extraction of mineral resources, and is actively engaged in the promotion of the indigenous population in this area (by the way, belongs to the King of the second company in the world for the production of platinum). It is very important for the development of the country Leroux considers education and did not trust in this matter in-house expertise, hiring teachers from the West and opens the school received international recognition. King no longer a boy - he was 42 years old, but his wife during this time he has not got: you can see, things do not allow. The only thing that the king is the time - to run for an hour a day in the gym, warm up, relax and get away from the government. In addition, the King loves to fly and even is to honor the rank of Colonel South African Air Force. Status: Unknown

10.Printsessa Takamado Japan

On the life of 25-year-old cousin of the Japanese emperor - Tsuguko de Takamado - little is known: Japan very carefully protects privacy. Especially when it comes to the royals. Higher Education Tsuguko received in Edinburgh, after graduating from university with a degree in sociology and psychology. Continue training the princess decided at home, entered the Faculty of International Studies of the Japanese Waseda University. It is known only that Tsuguko loves music in hip-hop style (whatever that means), and despite the strict Japanese upbringing, loves to hang out. Status: Unknown

11.Printsessa Sirivannavari

Granddaughter of the richest monarch in the world - the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej - 24-year-old Princess Sirivannavari known not only that performs representative functions on behalf of the royal family. In his native country, the Thai princess known as a fashion designer - in 2007 her collection Ethnic Rock was demonstrated at Paris Fashion Week, and in 2008 she opened the Russian Fashion Week. Sirivannavari serious about their profession and improving all the time, then studied textile design in Japan, interning in Armani and Dior. Besides Princess professional playing badminton and in 2006 won a gold medal at the Games of Southeast Asia. Inherited state: $ 35 billion

12.Prints Azim, Brunei

28-year-old Prince Azim - the fourth in the line of succession to the throne of Brunei, Sultan Bolkiah, the son of one of the richest men in the world. Azim tried to study at Sandhurst, but could not stand the rigid discipline and left this institution. To honor the Prince is to say that a favorite of journalists and patrons of secular parties spend a fortune of his father, not only for entertainment but also for charity: helping the blind, organizing charity concerts, and even opened his own fund. Net Worth: $ 22 billion

Swedish 13.Prints Carl Philipp, Duke Vermlandsky Sweden

31-year-old Prince Carl Philip - the second in line for the title of king after her elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria. Prince studied graphic design and advertising Forsburge in Sweden and in the School of Design of Rhode Island in the United States, but then switched to crops, engineering and forestry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In terms of military career, the prince is also okay - he was promoted to officer of the Navy. Interests Carl Philip like any girl - he loves sports cars and good photographs. So most of the time he leaves or racing, or to organize their own photographic exhibitions. Status: Unknown

Prince Felix of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

26-year-old Prince Felix dreamed of a military career, but was forced to interrupt his studies at the Royal Military Academy in England because of a knee problem. However, this did not make him a misanthrope, Prince - a terrible spender and the player, and the country has repeatedly been forced to cover his debts. Money for the son of the Duke of entertainment is missing (because the state of the Luxembourg dynasty is estimated at 4 billion euros), but his father is seriously concerned about. And so it is actively encouraging Felix Sports: snowboarding, basketball, soccer, tennis, and waiting, when will the one who can put an end to all of his bad habits. Status: Unknown

15.Prints Albert Thurn und Taxis, Germany

27-year-old heir to the giant and ancient family, Prince Albert Thurn und Taxis received a master's degree in economics and theology at Edinburgh University. Ancestors Albert were incredibly rich, and today the great family remains one of the most prominent clans in Europe. As a typical representative of the nation, Prince Albert is very interested in motor racing, knows all the highways of Europe and often change cars. So it is difficult to keep up with him, but definitely worth a try. Status: $ 2, 1 billion

16.Printsessa Noor Pahlavi, Iran

The eldest daughter of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran 19-year-old beauty Noor Pahlavi, some time ago, does not descend from the covers of glossy magazines, was born and educated in America, because at the time of the Iranian revolution, her family was forced to leave his homeland. But this princess did not bother: it is a secular lifestyle, loves partying and often plays tennis. The advantages Nur true that she is fluent in several languages: English, Farsi, French and Arabic - and it is expanding its ability to alleged list of candidates for her hand. However, to be considered in the full extent of the princess and the more claim to the throne, it is necessary to wait for the restoration of the monarchy in Iran. Status: Unknown

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