10 members of the royal family, who go to work

In our list of 10 members of the royal family, who go to work.

Prince Charles has decided to close his vegetable shop «Veg Shed», he discovered eight years ago near his home in the village of Highgrove, in Gloucestershire. The reason was a drop in sales and the rise in popularity of online trading: consumers prefer to order products over the Internet, rather than go to the store to the prince, despite the fact that the vegetables it came with his personal farm and were organically pure.

Prince Charles is nevertheless not going to throw the vegetable trade. He decided to go with the times and will sell them through the Internet. Charles is not the only representative of the royal family, spending their time in the class, who usually speak about "Royal is not the case."

Careers future king of Britain, Prince William, is not much different from the career of his ancestors in the male line. The British monarch since Henry V chose for himself a military career to lead the country's armed forces. In May 2006, when he was a graduate of Eton College and the University of St Andrews, Prince William entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he earned the rank of officer. And in 2009, he graduated from flight school in Krenuelle, was transferred to the Royal Air Force (RAF). Today, Prince William serves as a rescue helicopter pilot. In December 2011, he participated in the rescue of a sinking ship Russian sailors, and in August 2012 saved the 16-year-old girl off the coast of Wales. This year, the life of William at RAF expires, and the prince will have to decide whether to extend the contract or take a purely royal affairs.

Prince Amadeo (Belgium)

27-year-old Belgian Prince Amadeo can hardly expect to ascend the throne, as it is only the sixth in line for it. Perhaps that is why he chose to pursue his career. In 2005, Prince graduated from the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, and in 2008 - London School of Economics, and then left the old Europe and went to live in New York. Today Amadeo has served as a business analyst at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a member of the "Big Four" accounting firms in the world. As an ordinary office worker, the prince comes to work every day and get the standard, along with the rest, salary. By the way, while Amadeo building his career, get to know him as a dream of many dreamy girl and prudent hunter suitors. It is the Belgian Prince is one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

Infanta Cristina (Spain)

The youngest daughter of the reigning King of Spain Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, Infanta Cristina and charitable pursuits commission official royal visit (although it is about them not forget) prefer real job. The representative of blue blood is the director of social programs fund Fundation La Caixa. Christine is responsible for educational projects and the protection of natural and artistic heritage. Before starting work, the Infanta from 1984 to 1989, she studied at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid, and later graduated from New York University, where she received a master's degree in international relations. Also, until 1991 Christine internship at the Secretariat of UNESCO in Paris.

Princess Nura bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa (Bahrain)

Princess Nura bint History Ibrahim Al-Khalifa is not typical for the Arab states with strict Islamic traditions. While the majority of women in Bahrain are still housewives, 29-year-old cousin titled King of the country is a secret agent of the police anti-drug. Moreover, not so long ago against the princess were accused of torturing prisoners. A spokeswoman for the royal family are suspected of using violence and mutilation doctors who were arrested during the suppression of anti-government actions in the spring of 2012. According to the victims, Princess Noor during interrogation personally beat prisoners with a stick and a rubber hose, and is applied to their faces exposed electrical wires. The case has gone to trial, but the princess all accusations denied.

Prince Rostislav Romanov (Russia)

Great-grandson of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, today most of the time in Russia, despite the fact that his family lives in England, where he is now the young prince comes often on vacation. Rostislav Romanov received a degree in "fine arts" in Cornwall Falmouth University, then moved to Moscow. Here he lives, studying Russian language and history of their ancestors, as well as work. In 2010, a descendant of the Romanov joined the Board of Directors of the watch factory "Rocket", and in the beginning of 2013, among other things, and became an advisor creative department. In his post, Prince Rostislav already managed to design a watch in honor of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

Prince Carl Philip (Sweden)

Swedish Prince Carl Philip, the second child and only son of the reigning King Carl XVI Gustaf, has decided to link their careers with the sport, namely the race. Although up to this representative of the royal family was educated entirely in other areas. Carl Philipp studied graphic design and advertising, and later studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In addition, Prince has the rank of reserve officer of the Swedish Corps Amphibians, which deals with the protection of the country's fleet. Diversifying the youth participated in the creation of documentaries and personally designed the cover of the CD, released on the day of the Queen's birthday. The license of the Swedish Federation of Automobile Sports of Carl Philip was in 2003, and two years later began to race as a driver. This season the prince hold a Scandinavian Touring STCC championship behind the wheel of Volvo S60.

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi (Monaco)

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, granddaughter of the late Rainier III and the niece of the reigning Prince of Monaco Albert II, has decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother star - actress Grace Kelly. No, the young monarchs until it was withdrawn in the movie, but it makes a successful career as a model. The representative of blue blood in 2012 was chosen as the new face of the famous fashion house Gucci, according to the contract with which it will not appear again in promotions of brand products. Gucci plans to cooperate with Charlotte Casiraghi in the next two years. Monaco princess has called one of today's fashion icons, but other than that she entered the list of the ten most beautiful women on the British magazine «Harper's and Queen». But despite the success, Charlotte Casiraghi does not like to talk about the merits of their appearance and compliments takes only about merit.

Zara Phillips (UK)

The eldest granddaughter of British Queen Elizabeth II, Zara Phillips tied his career in professional sports. Monarchs followed in the footsteps of their parents. Zara's father Mark Phillips, a British athlete, horseman, an Olympic champion in triathlon in 1972, and her mother Princess Anne also took part in equestrian competitions. His first Zara signed a sponsorship contract in 2003, and then began to take part in competitions on triathlon with his horse Toytaun. In 2006, for excellence in equestrian granddaughter of Queen it was recognized sports personality of the year, and after, and awarded the Order of the British Empire. Zara Phillips is the owner of various sports awards, but the main one - the silver medal of the London 2012 Olympics. By the way, Zara Phillips married and for a professional athlete - a member of the England rugby Mike Tindall.

Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned (Qatar)

The second of three wives of Qatar Sheikh Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, is known as one of the most influential women in the Gulf. And its influence extends far beyond her own home. Moza breaks many stereotypes about Eastern women. It was she who first publicly appeared in public with open face without a veil, violating one of the major taboos of Islamic etiquette. In addition, the wife of the sheikh is also a political and public figures, and even participates in the work of Parliament. Moz takes several senior positions: head of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and the President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. She also created the Arab Democratic fund, whose main task is to promote the development of free media and civil society. Despite being very busy, Moza is the time at home and raising seven children.

Princess Sirivannavari (Thailand)

The main passion of Princess Sirivannavari, granddaughter of the reigning King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej, is a fashion design. That is why she chose a profession of fashion designer. However, before things begin to produce under its own brand, monarchs studied textile design in Japan and trained in fashion houses Armani and Dior. Princess Sirivannavari We have our own brand «Sirivannavari», whose collection successfully sold not only in Thailand, but also outside of the Kingdom. Princess Sirivannavari regularly becomes a party to international fashion weeks, where is their new products. So, in 2008, a collection of women's clothing «Ethick rock» even opened the Russian Fashion Week. Apart from the fact that the princess herself earns a good idea, it inherited a fortune estimated at several tens of billions of dollars.

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