Queen, Princess and maid

Maids are dreaming about the good fairy princess - a charming prince, the queen did not dream, but act.
Maids believe that miracles happen, princesses, they do happen, they are doing their own queen.
Maids are weak, but seems strong, strong princess, but seem weak, the Queen do without the mask.
Maids come in advance, are late princess, Queen arrive on time.
Maids throughout blame themselves, the princess - other queen draw conclusions.
Maids do not know how to win, do not know how to play the princess, the queen does not compete.
Maids are not interested in dragons, princesses eat dragons with Dragon Queen friendly.
Because the maids are not interested in dragons, princesses are afraid of them, and their tame Queen.
Maids, even pretty, consider themselves to be ugly, princesses, even ugly, consider themselves beauties, the king did not issue a temporary really consider myself in the mirror.
Maids can not see, can not help noticing the princess, the queen can not be overlooked when it is needed.
Maids submissive capricious princess, queen disciplined.
Maids want to get praise, princess - attention, the Queen - the experience.
Maids demolished humiliation Princess revenge for them, it is impossible to humiliate the queen.
Maids love Princess allow yourself to love, do not think the queen - who wins.
Maids all understand and tolerate, Princess only understand what they want, the Queen understands everything and go.
Maids are not able to demand that the princess can not wait for the Queen know that everything has its time.
Maids do not want to grow up, do not want to grow old princess, the Queen know that everything has its time.
Maids see the world in black princess - in pink, the Queen - in black, pink and all other colors.
The maidens of easy to difficult princesses, queens, at least, interesting.
Being a servant is difficult, easy to be a princess, queen, at least, it makes sense.


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