Interesting facts from the biography of Queen Elizabeth II

In the life of Queen Elizabeth II, there are episodes that reveal an unexpected side of the personality and the character of the most influential contemporary regal.
Let's learn a little more about this woman.

Her name Lilibeth
In the narrow little family heir to the throne he was nicknamed Lilibeth, since a long time to learn to properly pronounce his full name. King George VI often spoke of his daughters: "Lilibeth - my pride, and Margaret - joy».

She became prestolonaslednitsey the age of ten

 - So you will become the next queen? - I asked the elder sister Princess Margaret when their father in 1936 unexpectedly became King of Great Britain. - Yes, sometime in the future - said Lilibet.- Poor thing! - Sincerely sympathized Margaret.V first years of life Elizabeth was only one of several offshoots of the ruling dynasty of Windsor and had no views of the reign. However, after her uncle, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne for the sake of marrying a divorced woman (as the head of the Anglican Church, the king prohibited the marriage), and power passed to George VI, it was clear that sooner or later all the burden of royal power will be on the Princess Elizabeth's shoulders.

During World War II she worked as a mechanic

To raise the morale of their citizens future queen was not afraid to dirty his hands: in 1945, the year in junior officer Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor served as a mechanic and driver in the reserve battalion. It is natural that with such a family history of Princes William and Harry would be simply shameful shirk military service.

She married her cousin

Princess Elizabeth was combined legal marriage with the Greek Prince Philip, who is her third cousin: their common great-great-great-grandparents were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, which, in turn, were cousins ​​cousins.

She became queen in Kenya

During his visit to Kenya, February 6, 1952 Princess received the sad news of the death of his father. At the time when King George gave up the ghost, the new queen of Great Britain was in the air, on the observation platform, looking at the crown of the fig tree.

The photo captures a dramatic moment orphaned Elizabeth returned to their homeland as early as the new queen of Britain.

She loves horses and dogs breed corgi

Red short-legged breed of dogs welsh corgi steel four-legged symbol of the British monarchy. They traditionally accompany the queen on walks, but also a great passion she has for horses. It is well known that Elizabeth is not only taking care of the horses, and engaged in dressage, but also repeatedly invited to the private audience, "The Horse Whisperer." In this file photo Elizabeth II makes a horse ride with the former US President Ronald Reagan.

She has an iron self-control and self-

During the ceremonial guard mounting (the ceremony of Trooping of Colour, carried out during the celebration of the birthday of the Queen) in 1981, an attacker did six blank shots in the vicinity of the horse on which sat a parade Empress. To the delight of the assembled audience, Elizabeth, as they say, the eyebrow does not lead - kept a horse and never for a moment stopped greeting salute in honor of the army. A year later, another unbalanced Briton broke into private apartments of the Queen, beating the alarm and guarding the palace. Within ten minutes, with a fantastic tranquility and dignity of the queen led a conversation with this crazy, waiting for the arrival of police.

She paints her lips in public

Who would not say that about the rigor of English etiquette, the Queen affords little weaknesses. The paparazzi often catch when being in public social events, Elizabeth did not hesitate to his position and the surrounding crowd and publicly corrected makeup. A little-known curiosity of international politics: when the wife of former US President George W. Bush put on a look that she paints her lips on a high reception in the presence of strangers, Laura Bush innocently replied: "Ask Queen Elizabeth - she told me that there is nothing wrong." < br />

She donated etiquette for the happiness of his son

Affair the Prince of Wales Charles and married socialite Camilla Parker Bowles for several decades has been the queen bone in the throat and cause public scandals that tarnish the institution of monarchy. However, in the end, Elizabeth was able to transcend rigid rules of etiquette and royal blessed second marriage of his son.

She chatitsya grandchildren

Despite its venerable age, Elizabeth - technically educated, "advanced" grandmother. And if you update a page on Facebook and Twitter messages can be attributed to the work of spokespersons and public relations managers, the pictures where she is gaining a text message, speak for themselves. Queen Secretaries confirm - it really corresponds with their grandchildren via SMS.



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