Bloody Countess

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1.Transilvaniya always considered the birthplace of the vampire. That there is even a horrible Count Dracula, the hero of many legends. And it is not surprising that here was born a terrible woman deserved, and rightly so, nicknamed Countess Dracula. Erzhbete Bathory delight to torture people, and she did it with refined cruelty.

2. Blood Countess and the Black Knight.

Elizabeth Báthory was born in 1560 in a very noble families, is perhaps the richest and most powerful Protestant clan country. He gave Europe a lot of heroic warriors, respected the holy fathers and powerful rulers. Cousin Elizabeth - the famous Stefan Batory, gained fame as a fearless warrior, became the ruler of Transylvania, and then the King of Poland. But one of her distant ancestors, Wallachian prince Vlad Tepes, called shrill, was the real prototype stokerovskogo Dracula.

3. the noble surnames of those times sin of incest, and the conveyor reproduction increasingly giving marriage. One of the uncles of Elizabeth was a witch and a Satanist, her aunt Karla - lesbian, famous for his brutal sadistic. The brother of the countess, too, Stephen, became profligate and a drunkard. The race was a lot of mentally ill and violent lunatics.

Epilepsy and psychosis did not spare herself and Elizabeth. However, for all its strangeness, it was the smartest girl and a good student. All grasped on the fly and compared favorably with other daughters of noble families of erudition and wit. Fifteen year-old Elizabeth was fluent in three languages, while the ruler of Transylvania could barely read and write.

Elizabeth knew from early childhood that highborn ladies can do anything, do not hesitate and enjoyed it. She loved for fun to whip whip their maids, and in a fit of rage could beat the hapless maid to death. Contemplation of the flow of blood from the deep wound of the victim resulted in enthusiastic young sadistic frenzy. Early began to indulge in terrible amusements, Elizabeth started a diary in which each step diligently described his bloody path of length at thirty-five,

For a while, the parents do not allow girls to go 'too far'. But in fifteen years, all restrictions were lifted after in May 1575, Elizabeth became the wife of Franz Nadaschdy fretboard, the possessor of numerous estates and famous tribal warlord, distinguished himself in the endless war against the Ottoman Empire. The Turks called it 'black knight Hungary' and feared like the plague.

4. Elizabeth bore him three daughters and a son. But motherhood is not in any way mitigated the wild character of the Countess, and she still prefers calm merrymaking sadistic entertainment women of her circle.

At first, the young countess was limited to tweaks and boxing ears and only occasionally beat her maids club. But soon the torture of girls around her became more sophisticated - nails under fingernails, the needle on the lips, hands and chest. This sadistic methods Countess probably taught her aunt Karla, which is considered a secret mistress Elizabeth.

When coarse manners of the XVI century this kind of 'entertainment' nobility formally contrary to the law. Slovak peasants were powerless slaves of their Hungarian masters and could not count on the intercession of the laws that allow forced 'to type' serfs and ruthlessly beat, torture and even kill those who tried to flee from their masters.

Noticing that Elizabeth became less bloodthirsty when there were guests in the castle servants in every way tried to prevent their departure. They then secretly broke coach guests, then released into the open field of their horses, and then for a long time could not catch them. But these tricks helped for long. Torture chambers were equipped not only in the principal residence of Elizabeth, but in the Beckov castle on the river Vah. As subsequently shown witnesses, that's where she nearly burned one of his servants, when it decided to singe candle fun for her pubic hair. Another girl, the countess in a fit of sadistic frenzy tore her lips and cheeks. Young servant Elizabeth felt that they were lucky if they just stripped naked and forced to perform his duties as such.

5. Wild Beast in a skirt.

In yet another terrible family castle Kahtitse Bator, where there were large wine cellars, Elizabeth arranged for his theater of pain and death. There's a long tortured and killed slowly, with gusto. This, in addition to Helena Jo, the hostess helped Kata Benechko and personal servant of the Countess Dorothea Shentes nicknamed Dorcas. The only male servant, who was allowed to participate in the bloody amusements, was an ugly dwarf lame Janos Uyvari nicknamed Fichko.

According to the stories accomplices of Elizabeth, her thirst for murder became absolutely insatiable after the death of Ferenc Nadasdy. It became known as the 'tigress from Kahtitse'. By becoming her and has her new mistress of the maids, Anna Darvuliya. At the trial, which in the end was put to the Countess Anne talked about as a "wild beast in a skirt." It Darvuliya Elizabeth instill an appreciation for the new sadistic passion, forcing the maids to serve guests with bare winter, Countess of fun for the girls kicked the cold. After that, she ordered them to pour cold water and left to die in the form of icy statues.

In the arsenal of Elizabeth were 'light' punishment for minor or just imaginary mistress faults. If some servant suspected of stealing money, put it in her hand a red-hot coin. Value maid badly ironed master's dress, in the face of the unfortunate girl flying a hot iron. Female flesh tearing with forceps, fingers shredding scissors.

But the favorite instruments of torture at the Countess had the needle. She pounded them girls under the fingernails, saying thus:

'Are you hurt, shabby harlot? So take, and take '. But as soon as the tortured girl tried to remove the needle, Elizabeth takes her beating, and then chopped off her fingers. Falling into a trance, Countess gnawed their victims teeth, tearing chunks of flesh from their chest and shoulders.

When prompted by the Countess Anna Darvulii beginning to collect on peasant households of young virgins, disappearance and death have not been fraught with tensions with the law and dangerous consequences. At first, finding a living 'material' for the sadistic fun was quite easy: the peasants mired in hopeless poverty, and some are willing to sell their daughters. However, they sincerely believed that in the courtyard of the manor to their children will be much better than a father's roof.

6. In 1606, Anna began to suffer Darvuliya epilepsy and died soon after. Elizabeth comforted in the arms of a new lover, Ezhsi Maiorova of Myavy. That was a commoner, the widow of a peasant, and, therefore, did not feel good feelings to the royals. It was she who persuaded Elizabeth to include human 'material' for the torture daughters gentry. And that was the beginning of the end of a bloody mad countess. But then Elizabeth did not think about the consequences. Its main problem was how to get rid of dead bodies? Let the murder of serfs and not punishable by law, but 'what people think and say'? What is your opinion about it will develop in high society?

A dead as a result of the bloody orgies, more and more, and fifty Elizabeth was no longer a force to arrange the funeral of his victims in the Christian tradition. They were buried without a funeral, and these often secret funeral became known. The clergy began to suspect something was wrong and ask, at first just myself questions that Elizabeth was not and could not have been truthful answers.

In fear of her wealth and power of the priests were silent. But it did not last long. In the end, Rev. Mayorosh, spiritual father of the deceased's wife Elizabeth, with the department has branded it as a fanatic and a murderer. Countess managed to threats silenced him. But after that another priest Reverend Pyretroys, immediately unleashed a stream of angry denunciations and refused to read the burial of the victims of Elizabeth according to Christian rites. The same is said and Rev. Janusz Panikenush of Kahtitse after that Elizabeth became personally dismember corpses and bury them in the field. But more often than just throwing corpses into rivers, where they then caught by fishermen.

But this method of getting rid of the bodies was fraught with risk: people began to find the 'dismemberment'. Rumors about alleged werewolf that appears in the district, but it soon became clear that this is nonsense, it is not evil spirits. Several girls, miraculously escaped from the hands of the countess, told about her sadistic amusements,

In winter 1609, at the instigation Ezhsi Maiorova Elizabeth invited to the castle Kahtitse twenty-five minor daughters of noblemen, to teach them 'final course of secular manners'. For several of the girls 'course' was the end of their life's journey. They died in the torture chamber in the castle's dungeon. This time, the Countess has not been able to avoid the explanation to the public. She hastily invented a story that one of the students 'course' suddenly lost her mind and killing unconscious several girlfriends, committed suicide. This story sounded quite plausible. But the highest light again believe the Countess in the word because it was 'their'.

And bloody orgy resumed. As shown later improvised Countess, once on the floor private quarters Elizabeth was so much blood that she had to sleep with charcoal, otherwise it was impossible to walk. When one of the victims had died too quickly disappointed sadist sadly wrote in her diary Streak: 'Poor thing, she was so frail ...'.

But when something ends. It turned out that the unbridled brutality of the countess was pleased prohibitively expensive. In the end, its treasury depleted. In 1607, Elizabeth was forced to sell his castle Deveno, and in 1610 - to lay Beckov and two thousand gold coins. Frightened by the extravagance of the Countess and rumors about a possible accusation of witchcraft (which would entail the withdrawal of all land and wealth in favor of the church), met with the relatives of Elizabeth Earl Tuzho, Palatine Transylvania, and asked him to assist in the investigation of crimes insane sadistic. Archduke Matthias, brother of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, in March 1610 ordered an investigation.

Count Tuzho he questioned Elizabeth. He was interested in the nine bodies found in the underground during the castle. Sadist said that clearly tortured and wounded the girl reportedly died from some disease and were hastily buried, that would not prevent the spread of infection. It was a blatant lie. After consulting with the relatives of the Countess, Tuzho decided to quietly hide her in a convent. But before - Hungarian Parliament, too, he began the investigation, presented to Elizabeth Bathory charged with murder.

7. The bloody orgy continued.

In Bratislava, we opened a special parliamentary hearings. On the night of December 29, 1610 Earl Tuzho he spent in the castle Kahtitse searched and found mutilated body maid named Doritsa. In the chambers of the Countess lay two more corpses. Despite the passage investigation, Elizabeth could not stop - the bloody orgy continued. Not having to dispose of the bodies of the last three victims, the Countess caught red-handed.

The first of two hearings on the case of the bloody countess opened in Bitsa January 2, 1611. Seventeen witnesses, including Dorcas, Kata, and Fichko Gvlena Yo told Elizabeth about the atrocities in Kahtitse in other castles. Dorcas admitted complicity in the murder of thirty-six, thirty-seven Fichko recalled, Helena Jo said that they killed more than fifty people. Kata called number fifty.

The second trial was held on 7 January. Thirteen witnesses were heard. Elizabeth herself at the court hearing did not cause. 'Rhode Bathory, glorified his name on the battlefield should not fall black shadow shameful acts of the beast' - decided Count Tuzho and in lieu of oral testimony of Elizabeth presented the court with her diary with descriptions of six hundred and fifty sadistic murders committed by the Countess for three and a half decades .

During the hearing, it became clear that Elizabeth was another accomplice, although her name remained unknown, as she attended the bloody orgy in the men's dress and always called itself 'Stephen'. Murder committed in its participation, particularly brutal. Historians suggest that the 'Stefan' was the same aunt Countess Charles. But not a single witness is able to confirm was not, and she escaped punishment

January 7th, 1611 the court delivered its verdict. Dorka and Helena Jo were to die in agony. The judges decided to pull their fingers red-hot pincers, and then burn criminals alive. Dwarf Fichko also sentenced to the fire, but not before burning generously beheaded. Kata survived because the court found no tangible evidence of its involvement in the killings.

For the main culprits Count Tuzho prepared, he thought, a particularly sophisticated penalty. 'You have a wild animal, Elizabeth - he said the countess. - You will be left few months of life the day agonizing death. You are not worthy to breathe fresh air and contemplate the light of day, therefore, you will disappear forever from this world. The shadows will surround you, and you'll mourn the wicked life '.

8. Countess Bathory walled up in her chambers in the castle Kahtitse, leaving only a narrow slit wall for the transfer of food. There she lived for three and a half years. July 31, 1614 she was authorized to sign the will and express his will. Three weeks later, August 21, one of the jailers who wanted to see with my own eyes at the 'terrible monster', looked through the crack in the wall and saw the sprawled on the floor of the lifeless body of the bloody countess.

It is said that on the night of the cursed castle hear the groan echoing throughout the county. Locals believe that the groans belong to the bloody countess who can not find peace for 400 years.



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