Named the 11 most dreaded killer of women in history

Psychologists claim that women, like men, are sometimes serial killers and act with extreme brutality and sophistication.
Below is a list of 11 of these women, who are of different times in their cruelty.

11. Daria N. Saltykov ("Saltychikha") 1730-1801 Russian landowner, known in history as sophisticated sadist
and a killer 139 dominion serfs, mostly women and girls.

10. Queen Mary I, 1516-1558 daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, went down in history as the monarch, who tried to bring the country back to the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church after her father, a quarrel with the Pope, declared himself head of the new Anglican church. Restoration took place against the backdrop of brutal killings of Protestants, persecution and killing of innocent people, for what is popularly called the Queen Mary Bloody.

9. Myra Hindley, 1942-2002 serial killer, along with his accomplice Ian Bryan earned the nickname "English Bonnie and Clyde." For several years, the criminals kidnapped, raped and tortured to death five minors aged 10 to 17 years.

8. Isabella of Castile, Isabella of Castile 1451-1504 notorious for his cruelty towards non-Catholics: passionate and devout Catholic, she appointed Thomas Torquemada first Grand Inquisitor and ushered in an era of religious cleansing. When Isabella of Castile Spain left the majority of Jews and Arabs - about 200 thousand people, and the remaining were forced to accept Christianity, which, however, rarely converts saved from death at the stake.

7. Beverly Ellit, p. 1968 English nurse, nicknamed "Angel of Death", in 1991 killed four young hospital patients and brought serious harm to the health of another five. It introduces children to insulin or potassium to cause a severe heart attack and mimic the natural demise. Motives for the crime are still unknown.

6. Bell Hannes, 1859-1931 This American was the most famous woman-killer in US history. Both killed their husbands, their daughters, several admirers and lovers. The main goal - to provide payments for life insurance. On account of its soul about 30 people.

5. Mary Ann Cotton, 1832-1873 was poisoned with arsenic about 20 people. In all his life a criminal killed several husbands, their children, and even his own mother. The executioner, who led her hanging, deliberately extended her torment, "forgetting" to knock out from under the condemned stool.

4. Elsa Koch, 1906-1967 Elsa Koch, "Buchenwald witch", was the wife of the commandant of a concentration camp. Tortured prisoners, beat them whip, mocked and killed. Camoubiystvom committed life in prison in 1967.

3. Irma Griese, 1923-1945 One of the most brutal female wardens of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Torturing prisoners, she resorted to both physical and psychological violence, women beaten to death and have fun shooting at the prisoners. She starved her dogs, then to incite them to the victims.

2. Katherine Knight, p. 1956 The first ever Australian woman sentenced to life imprisonment. In October 2001, she was during a family quarrel scored his roommate with a knife for cutting meat, then outraged over the dead body.

1. Erzsebet Bathory, 1560-1614 Hungarian countess, better known as "Bloody lady." Tortured and killed servants and peasants: brutally beat them, burned hands, face and other parts of the body with a hot iron, remove the skin from the victims were still alive, starved, taunted and raped. In 1610, was placed under house arrest on charges of murder, heresy and witchcraft. At the trial of the servants of the castle could not tell the exact number of victims of sadistic: approximate countess who find themselves in the dock, talking about four - five dozen killed, other servants claimed that they brought the corpses of hundreds. Bathory died of natural causes in 1614.


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