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History books are crammed with stories about who gets stabbed, what city burned to the ground, and what kings married their cousins, sisters. So imagine what the details of these stories pundits chose to omit. Or should we do tell you about them in this article. Continuing educational quest, we will tell you about the things that your teachers have decided to hide from you, and reveal some terrible and little known facts about the most famous historical moments.

1. Syphilitic "zombie" in the streets of Renaissance Italy
Thinking about the Renaissance, most imagine prim Italians in aristocratic clothes, admiring the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and other masters. What do people do not realize it is this:

Yes, the Florence of the Renaissance could be the ideal place for various kinds of art (and parkour, according to the Assassin's Creed II), but at the same time the Italians had experienced its own, so to speak, "zombie apocalypse" that occurred during the first major outbreaks of syphilis in 1494. Yes, even before the advent of antibiotics is a venereal disease was not "shameful secret", but the disease (in those days it was called on the alleged grounds of national origin - "German", "French", etc.), literally eats human . According to a description of the illness "in people with facial skin crawled, and a few months later came the death." And to be precise, the flash caused the "total destruction of the lips, nose and other parts of the body, including the genitals».
Due to the outbreak of the victim "Gallic disease," roaming the streets without the "hands, feet, eyes and noses," were commonplace. So if would suit today in Europe and America, Renaissance fairs were true, then half the people would look like extras from "The Walking Dead».
But no matter how dreadful was the thought of life in the decaying body, the immediate horror lies in the phrase "a few months". In other words, patients somehow manage to live in such a state months, certainly, exhausted from the hellish pain until their flesh "izedalas, in some cases, directly to the bone».
In general, for a short period during the era of the great masters of the Renaissance, the streets can often be seen citizens - not to mention a whole army of French - from decaying and naked to the skull individuals who roamed around the city as long as not fall down dead . And why it was not in the Assassin's Creed II?

2. A man who tried to save Lincoln, shared the fate of Dilbert Grady
You've probably seen this illustration, but can you name the people present at it?
To the right is evident, John Wilkes Booth, who goes after Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary T. However, unless you're an avid historian, you probably will not have learned in the two remaining Major Henry Rathbone Union and his wife, Clara Harris, the daughter of a prominent senator USA. Rathbone is best known for his attempt to stop the bout, rather than for the grim story kubrikovskuyu murder unleashed on him a few years later.

During the attempt Rathbone was seriously wounded, but at least he managed to survive physically assault his mind to recover from the tragedy and could not. The officer blamed himself for not having prevented Bout, and although two years later he played a wedding with Clara, married life only exacerbated his condition.
In the end, the psyche man is so deteriorated that the December 23, 1883, he decided to paint the walls of his house the family blood. During the service in Hanover as the American consul Rathbone tried to kill his three children. When the wife prevented him, he shot her and stabbed with a knife and then killed himself.
Police found Rathbone all covered with blood, and lost his mind. According to the oft-repeated but unconfirmed version, he said that for the paintings in his house were hiding people.
Rathbone rest of his life spent in a psychiatric hospital, where he complained about the hidden within the walls of the machine to start up in his room, gas, due to which it hurts bad headache. A man died in 1911, becoming the latest victim of the assassination of Lincoln, after almost half a century after the tragedy.

3. The heads literally exploded during an eruption of the volcano Vesuvius
Italian volcano Vesuvius is notorious for its violent eruptions, in which the Roman city of Pompeii (and all of its erotic sculptures, as the city was the capital of the Empire sexual) was buried in the ashes of the next thousand years and a half. But what you probably did not know was that the gods are in fact treated with Pompey generous compared to the horror that struck the small town of Herculaneum, who was closer to Vesuvius, when he began spitting magma.

What survived Pompey, can be compared with the classic disaster movie: huge clouds of smoke fled in panic people, ash and possibly a side storyline about Tara Reid, reunites with her ex-husband. Herculaneum, on the other hand, got a real supernatural horror, as this town has been exposed to "superheated vapor pyroclastic rock, mud and gas," or more simply, people began to happen next:
Really. Human skull filled with various liquids, and if it is heated very quickly, then it will happen the same thing with the hamster in the microwave. And, actually, this is what happened in Herculaneum, when all the inhabitants of the city were in a cloud of gas, whose temperature approaching 500 ° C. In less than a few tenths of a second "skin of people evaporated & lt; ... & gt; boiled brain and skull exploded. " Without bullets and buckshot. Itself. Inside.
Let us hope that the same fate does not befall the inhabitants of Naples, who stubbornly continue to live on the same spot where once stood and where Herculaneum Vesuvius patiently waiting for an opportunity to give them all a good thrashing.

4. British animal holocaust of the Second World
There are so many terrible war stories, some just get lost in a pile of others. And it's sad, because often when discussing the whole situation - the bombing, invasion and total destruction of cities - you can lose sight of the personal and more terrible tragedy that happened every day. For example:
In 1939, in the last months before the start of World War II the British government has formed a committee consisting of Animal Service air raids notification (Air Raid Precautions), in order to decide what to do with animals, when war breaks out. The primary task of the committee is to address a lack of food as a consequence of the fact that people will share it with their pets. Therefore, to avoid this potential problem, issued a pamphlet entitled "Advice for owners pets" ... with whom he got a special kind of advertising guns.

The pamphlet specifically stated that if people can not send their pets out of the city, that "their destruction is the best way" (the choice of words in this case provokes the assumption that the document was written in the early prototype away). And how does the British public reacted? Protests across the country, you decide. But no. In fact, in just one week it was "destroyed" 750, 000 pupils.
At the same time, we emphasize that this action took place in the summer of 1939, ie before the German invasion of Poland, when the British government could cause much more damage to Nazi Germany, if instead of mass killing of animals it attacked last world lair of Nazis.

5. The first documented serial killer in the history of living happily ever after in the era of Pax Romana
Pax Romana, or "August the world", is one of the most peaceful periods in history. Thinking that their Empire already high, the Romans have forgotten for a while about the bloodshed and to focus on more productive things, such as the regulation of the law, which we still use today. And as soon as the Romans managed to live so long without daily garbage collection and laws specifically devised to keep all serial killers off the streets and honest people?
However, the latter can be deleted. The first documented serial killer in history lived, they say, royally in the era of Pax Romana.
Her name Locust, and its story begins in the middle of I in. BC, when a woman was arrested for poisoning. However, luck Locust, when she asked for help Agrippina, decided to poison the Emperor Claudius. Later, for his help criminal received a pardon.

And what did she do next? A year later, in 55 BC, Locust again landed in the hands of justice, and again for the poisoning. Luckily for her, her assistance was required Emperor Nero, who asked a woman to prepare a lethal cocktail for his 13-year-old half-brother Britannicus. During his service Locust received pardons and very pretty villa with his disciples, whom she could teach his craft.
Whatever it was, luck Locust ended when Nero committed suicide, leaving her only a couple of allies, but the reputation of witches. In 69 AD a woman was arrested and immediately executed by Emperor Galba. How did she die? "Ironic" death, choose you as their own tasting potion. But no. Its publicly raped to death "wild animal [some sources claim that it was a giraffe], specially trained for this kind of punishment».
Oh, those Roman laws.

6. Joan of Arc fought shoulder to shoulder with one of the worst infanticide
We will not lie to you: we love Jeanne. It was real. She was the heroine. And she does not let anyone be pushed around.
However, although most of the glory of France for help in the fight against England in the XV century. and goes to Jeanne, she would never have been able to do what has been done without the help of people like Gilles de Rais, who was her "passionate companion" and one of the bravest knights of the French army. He even showed in the big budget film with Milla Jovovich, in which he played the role of Vincent Cassel.


So why do not people called the church in his honor, you ask. Perhaps because at night he played the role of de Rais terrible killer preys on children aged between 6 and 18 years.
Do not forget that we are talking about one of the few people in the French army, who helped Joan of Arc to build their careers and ultimately secured her a place among the saints ... and yet as incredible as it may sound, it is also sadistic monster. Recordings of his trial and his personal recognition of the cause frost on the skin and cause the soul to freeze in horror: in addition to murder and physical torture, de Rais loved to torment their victims psychologically convincing them that what is happening to them is just a game, and then does something more perverse. Yes, this guy would be instantly thrown out of the hospital for Arkham frightening Joker.
Depending on the source of the number of victims of de Rais varies from 80 to 800 children, making it one of the most "prolific" serial killers in history. Like his friend, de Rais was burned at the stake, except that in his case it was well deserved.


Source: www.officeplankton.com.ua


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