7 terrifying animals that do not need to fear

Often, appearances can be deceiving. After all, sometimes cute at first glance, being able to cause harm to humans and causing terror - be completely harmless. The main thing is to remember that everyone - not worth the bother of our smaller brethren, even if you are confident that the situation is under control.

The basking shark. Terrifying impressive dimensions (10 meters) and a gigantic creature's mouth. However, the giant is absolutely indifferent to man. Divers without much risk can approach the animal, while it continues its path without noticing "suite." Note: basking shark keeps his mouth open during the hunt for plankton. It should also be noted that the animal does not swallow the water and filters it through the gills. (Greg Skomal / NOAA Fisheries Service)

Gharial. It frightens long jaw with a huge number of teeth (about 100). However, this animal feeds exclusively on fish and do not attack people, on the contrary, living side-by-side with fishermen and farmers. There is rarely out of the water: mostly only to lay eggs. View is on the verge of extinction.

Milk snake. Reptile is non-toxic and does not present any particular risk to human life. However, the appearance of milk snake is very similar to a coral snake, whose bite is fatal.

Phryne. It lacks both poisonous spider, and the spider gland; They are fearful and do not represent any particular risk to human life. (Geoff Gallice)

Giant African millipede. Terrifying creatures impressive size (up to 38.5 cm). However, a representative of this species do not present any particular risk to human life. On the contrary, it contains as a pet.

The naked mole rat. Outside the rodent causes only aversion. However, being blind, and most of its life underground. Note: naked mole rat is the longest-lived rodent; his skin is insensitive to thermal and chemical burns.

Manta. Terrifying creatures impressive size and wide mouth. However, the ramp does not present any particular risk to human life. His main occupation in life - the search for the plankton


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