20 creative ideas that will turn your cottage in Shangri-la!

Summer came, and with it, amateur gardeners opened the holiday season, and increasingly began to visit their favorite garden plots and country houses. Agree, nice when around you comfort and pleasant atmosphere, which is best able to create yourself, if you turn on the imagination, or simply take advantage of great ideas that will help transform your cottage and smallholding.

From the old pan make a great holder for kruzhek

If suddenly you have lying around the country unnecessary paddle, you can make him a nice towel polotenets

For your drinks were always cool and refreshing, keep them in a wooden box, which you can put together your own, or do you find among unnecessary hlama

In a box, place a plastic container and fill it with ice

From an old chandelier will turn chic floral gorshki

You need to unscrew the light bulb, if any, to take the same pots and pots of paint the chandelier in one color and put them in the place where the light bulbs were previously

From the unnecessary box and old rusty car license plates received excellent support under the toilet bumagu

Add a bit of wood in his country house, decorated with a mirror cut into slices drevesinoy

Old stairs can be used as a shelf for different melochi

If you have a certain number of failed cutlery, you can make an interesting stellazh

With watering and "crystal" chandeliers of the old, you can do the kompozitsiyu

Make balls with the help of string and balloons and wrap them with a garland to create a cozy atmosferu

Make elk or any other animal of the old dosok

With boards and cans, you can save space and create comfortable storage containers melochey

With the old board and paint make holders for kitchen utensils used to prepare barbekyu

Wine glasses in the country? Why not, especially if you have this brilliant holder made from grabley

Finally, there is a place to hang all those wet towels and swimsuits! This dryer is made of pipe PVH

Or, if PVC is not for you, take a towel rail from the old dveri

To birds come to you often do for them just such an original kormushku

If you are a handyman then you will not be difficult to make a table with the department for cold napitkov

Make candles from natural berёzy

Instead use the purchased eaves vetki


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