The woman turned ugly garden into a wonder of wonders! So here is a gift…

One little girl was incredibly lucky. Instead of another toy for the birthday little Princess received a gift a real garden! Yes, her brave mother bothered to turn a drab and boring backyard into something incredible. It seems like this secret oasis is necessary for each child…

Sixteen million three hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred eighty four

Edition «Site» giving you an idea on how to turn an ordinary backyard into a real Paradise for children and adults.

Children's corner your nukamiso the time to overhaul the infield the woman took it into his head to make a little daughter an amazing gift. And I think she made the right decision. Secret garden — a truly cozy place where the child can hide from prying eyes, play with friends, read your favorite books and just enjoy nature. Yes, every adult's dream come true! Let's take a look at this terrific venture…

Sixty one million twenty three thousand seven hundred twenty eight

To begin with, was created by the perimeter of the future garden. A high hedge of conifers and a small romantic gate fenced off children's area from prying eyes, after all, who is above 130 cm, the entrance is strictly prohibited!

Fifty three million six hundred thirty four thousand two hundred seventy six

But nothing escapes the watchful parental eye, since the wooden gate is equipped with a nice viewing window.

Twenty three million five hundred twenty three thousand seven hundred forty seven

Then the mother planned where will various elements of the garden. Here and Dollhouse, and a small fountain, and a bench for gatherings, and even a place to play checkers! If your sector allows to get fancy, then go ahead. Just imagine how wonderful it will look with trees, swings, hammocks and even a pool... Paradise area for a child and his friends!

Fifty seven million eight hundred twenty six thousand six hundred ninety one

Checkers is really extraordinary! And had only to dig into the ground with stone bricks and make fabulous pieces in the form of ladybirds and bees. The latter, incidentally, constitute the painted pebbles. This game will love your child. And most importantly — mother's little helper he can decorate shapes for future fights.

Ninety three million four hundred thirty two thousand two hundred eighty seven

Homemade fountain was a great addition to the secret area for the kids.

Twenty four million one hundred forty three thousand three hundred seventy six

Skillful mom got a big garden pot and filled it with earth to the top. It was a real doll house with a lawn and a small garden. Like the dwelling place of fairies and elves…

Seventy eight million seven hundred forty nine thousand three hundred seventy one

The garden for grown-up Princess is not without its rainbow of colors of various beauty. Extravaganza of smells and textures.

Ninety one million four hundred six thousand forty six

In this homemade bench is a secret compartment for toys, books and all sorts of things that will be useful for the baby shower.

Eight million forty five thousand three hundred fourteen

In the evening from a secret garden take your breath away, because the bright garland makes it even more charming.

Thirty one million seven hundred seventeen thousand seven hundred thirty

As you can see, so cute play corner very easy to make. This idea seems incredible, because in a place like this little man will be really happy. A feeling of complete unity with nature cannot fail to inspire. And we are confident about such a fabulous childhood dream of every kid!

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