Above this ugly cat mocked the whole court. However, he gave the offenders more ...

That's how our world is that if you do not fit into any certain standards of beauty, or do you have any flaws, you fall out of the overall system. Unfortunately, modern society is increasingly beginning to resemble Sparta. You're not perfect, fat, ugly? You, my friend, is not the place: it's time to kick you kick up the backside that you fell from the mountain (read - the social ladder). Great Umberto Eco, whose penned many works, including the legendary "History of Beauty" and "The History of ugliness," in an interview, admitted: "Believe me, beauty is much more boring than ugliness. You would not even make a mistake by saying ugliness beautiful than beauty ».

Today, the team online edition published a heartbreaking story for you, which has already made half of the Internet to cry ... It's a great story, proving that even the ugliest cats are capable of love. The author of this masterpiece is not known, but it does not affect the value of the product. Prepare a handkerchief.

«... I lived in a house, every person who knew firsthand how ugly was our local cat. Because of this nickname at the poor guy was ugly. His whole life was a daily struggle for survival, poedanif that God sends, and ... love. Such an existence has left its imprint on the body of an animal: a cat was, like a pirate, one eye, left ear after two or three street fighting was only a small lump of congealed blood, and right front paw (broken by some monster when crumbs it was a few weeks old) fused somehow wrong and create the impression that Mike Farley is trying to turn the corner. The tail is long lost, too ugly, but, unlike man, not in the process of evolution, and during the terrible tortures. Looking at his body, riddled through and through scratches and scars, all puckered and twisted, and then repeating a phrase like a mantra: "Fie, how is he ugly!» I>

The life of a cat was oh what savory: children threw stones at him and sticks, kicked, adults throwing bottles ... But Ugly was patient and courageously endured all torments. His reaction to the torture was for many people a shocking and incomprehensible: when hosed, it is up to the IOC until the torturer does not get tired so much fun. When he threw stones, he approached the offender and long rubbed against his legs. When seen children who tormented him, he purred and mewed meekly, trying to climb to his knees. I>

One day something terrible had happened. From the window, I heard incessant barking dog, playful command of his master "Bite!", And after - the frenzied meow mixed with a vicious snarl. I ran out into the street and ran to the ugly. What lay on the ground, barely had the outlines Cat literally bled and gave him every breath with difficulty. He was lying on the pavement, curled up, shivering with fear and agony. His eyes filled with tears ... i>

I carefully picked him up and carried home. Meanwhile Ugly started ... I hugged it to his chest that is urine and suddenly heard the quiet purr. Even in a serious condition, he found the strength to ask for one thing - love, affection and care! After all, he is in his life seen even droplets of compassion! And suddenly it dawned on me: in my arms right now die most pure and selfless creature in the world, who all his life has been granted the warmth and love others without getting anything in return. I>

Ugly loving heart stopped beating before I crossed the threshold of the house ... I buried him in the yard, where it is after so many torments finally found peace. After that, I have long wondered how one could cripple change my idea of ​​what the power of the spirit and the universal love. This poor cat made it clear to me more than a hundred books read, thousands of movies viewed, visited dozens of seminars and lectures. Thanks to him, I learned that a neighbor give love without reserve. I>

Someone wants to be successful, rich, famous, talented. And now I aspire to one thing - to learn to love as sincerely to the end, in spite of everything, like the ugly cat ... » i>

People recognize that this harrowing story makes even the cry of those who considered himself stale crackers, lean on sentiment. Beauty will save the world. He will only kindness. While the world is still living beings, capable of truly love, humanity has a chance. And now is the time to share this story with friends: there is something to think about.

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