Something had lived in the world something. It lived quietly in the heart. And, in general, no one hurt.

Once the soul has gone feeling. It was a long time ago. The feeling of something pleasant. Something was very proud feeling afraid of losing him. Even closing the door with a key start. They long roamed the back streets of the soul, talking about anything dreamed of. In the evenings, they together make a fire to warm the soul. Something has got used to the feel and it seemed to him that the feeling will stay with him forever. Feeling, actually, and I promise. It was so romantic.

But once Feeling lost. Something was looking for him everywhere. Been looking for. But then, in one of the corners of the soul has found a hole cut through with an ax. Feeling just fled, leaving a huge hole. Something around blamed himself. Something too believed feels to be offended. In memory of the feeling remains a hole in his heart. It does not close up. And at night through it blew cold and evil wind. Then the soul is compressed and ledenela.

Then he tried to look into the soul of even the other senses. But something they are not allowed, each time expelling a broom through the hole. Little by little, feelings and does not drop.

But once the soul knocked quite a strange feeling. First Something does not open. The feeling of not climbed into the hole, as did the previous ones, and left to sit at the door. The whole evening Something roamed the soul. At night went to bed, just in case, putting the broom next to the bed. No one had to drive. In the morning looking through the keyhole Something convinced that the strange feeling still sits near the door. Something began to get nervous, knowing that you can not get rid of someone who has not yet gone.

Another day passed. Something dismay there was no limit. It is understood that wants to put to death a strange feeling. And scared to death to do it. Something was terribly. It is feared that strange feeling of escape, as the first one. Then the soul will be the second hole. And it will be a draft.

So the days passed. Something has got used to the strange feeling at the door. And one day, in a good mood admitted the same strange feeling. In the evening they made a fire for the first time in many years, warmed the soul really.

- You will leave? - Unable to withstand asked something.

- No, - replied a strange feeling - I'm not leaving. Provided, however, that you will not hold me and will not lock the door of the castle.

- I'm not going to lock the door, - has agreed to something - but you just might escape through the old hole.

And it describe something strange sense of its own history.

- I do not run through the old hole - he smiled a strange feeling - I have a different feeling.

Something did not believe him. But invited to walk through the heart.

- Where's your old hole? - Curious strange feeling.

- Well, - Something laughed bitterly.

And to show the place where the hole is. But the hole was not there. Something like slyshalo swears evil cold wind from the outside of the soul.

Something looked at a strange feeling smiled and said only that it will not lock the door never ...


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