Where does the love? - Demand a little happiness with his father.

- She's dying, - said the father. People, son, do not cherish what they have. Just do not know how to love!
Happiness is a small wonder: that's going to grow more and help people!

As the years passed. Happiness has grown and become great. It is mindful of his promise and pains to help people, but the people have not heard it. And gradually from a large Happiness was converted into a small and stunted. It is very frightened, as if not to disappear, and has gone on a long journey to find a cure for his illness.

Long or short it went Happiness without meeting anyone in its path, but it was really bad. And it stopped to rest. Joined spreading tree and lay down. Just dozed off when he heard the approaching shagi.Otkrylo eyes and saw that goes through the woods decrepit old woman dressed in rags, barefoot and with his staff. Rushed to her happiness:

- Sit down. You must be tired. You need to relax and podkrepitsya.U old woman legs gave way, and she literally collapsed in the grass. After resting, the pilgrim told his story Happiness:

- It's a shame when you consider such a decrepit, and yet I still young, and my name is Love

- So you love ?! Hit the Happiness. But I say that love is the most beautiful of the fact that there is in the world! Love carefully looked at him and asked:

- And what's your name? - Happiness.

- Really? I also said that happiness should be fine. And with that she took from his rags zerkalo.Schaste, looking at his reflection, loud cry. Love sat down next to him and gently hugged hand.

- What is done to us, these evil people and destiny? - Happiness sobbed.

- Nothing, - said Love - If we are together, and let us take care of each other, then quickly become young and beautiful. And under the spreading tree Love and Happiness concluded their union will never be separated. Since then, if from someone's life away Love, together with her away and Happiness, individually they do not happen. And people still can not understand it.


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