Love of parents - the feeling, which should always be in moderation

Every child at birth needs to love his father and mother. I draw your attention that it needs not specific people, and it is love - maternal and paternal. If he gets it is not enough, you may encounter a number of problems in adulthood.

As you know, the definition of love I hold the view Fromm and therefore, if my customers are saying about the love of your children, I will first of all find out - that their children are able to do. Genuine love is manifested in the child's learning new things. Child to 6-10 years should be able to dress himself, brush your teeth, clean up after themselves. If at this age the child still not independent, it can be said that the parents did not like him. After all, love - is not just a hug, play, affection or gifts

. Parental love - is a process of education, at which the transfer of knowledge to the child and the acquisition of their independence. Identify - like a child or not - can be on the skills and abilities, which he owns

. Loving parents prepare a child for life, and it is too early to get away from them, achieving everything himself. It is very common cases where an incorrect upbringing and excessive care, children stay with their parents for a long time. They do not dare to change my life and do not try to escape, and continue to live with their parents until his retirement.

I am convinced that the love of children to parents does not exist. Love - it is like the meaning of life is to have a future, for her to work and strive, and parents - they do not last forever, according to the laws of nature, they leave much earlier than children. And if the kids will love their parents, they will lose the meaning of life after death. Parental love is important and necessary as a child, but then man must live alone and find their way.

Maternal love

Do what you want, I will love you all the same!

Big mistake to tell the child when he indulges in what he is bad and you do not like him. Tiny Love is needed, it affects his confidence in safety. If love is not enough, the child is trying to find her, somehow achieve it. This leads to abnormal development.

Mother ideally love child just because it is definitely. Then the child will develop harmoniously and be psychologically healthy. Here is the unconditional love that should surround the baby from the very beginning of life, yet he still did not go, and attached to her mother, called infantile.

Its absence or lack of it can lead to the fact that people will always feel anxious and seek safety. As long as the kid does not go himself, he can not survive without a mother, he must grow up knowing and feeling that there are a person who will always protect and support.

But we must remember that too much affection - is also deflection. If she pays much attention to the child and constantly hugging and stroking it, especially if the child is an adult, probably a woman has difficulty in personal relationships.

When 7-year-old child asks his parents to cuddle - it says about deviations and corruption is already an adult, because bodily stroking need of a partner, rather than from his mother. Children age lasts up to 5 years, then - it is already formed personality with its representation of the relationship

. Therefore, we must not spoil the future of their children and to create problems with the opposite sex. For example, if the mother shows excessive affection for his 8-year-old son, he would have difficulty in building relationships with peers - he will be bored with them. It is imperative that the infantile love mother was natural, without conditionality and sanctions, nature has provided everything, so if the child is simply love, he will grow healthy.

You can go wherever you want!

The next step is mature love - that is, it is time to release the child from himself ( "You can go wherever you want"). You'd be surprised, but this love must begin after the year - as soon as the child began to walk himself. We also happens that the mother of the child does not let go of yourself before graduation, drives to school and section monitors and escorts, afraid to let go.

Mature mother's love is expressed in the fact that the child is trying everything he chooses his way, doing their mistakes, but my mother always feels the support and knows that she loves him, and any support, if necessary. Mature love also creates a healthy person, because without this love the person grows diffident, incapable of making decisions.

Fatherly love

This love also divided into several types and, unlike the parent is not unconditional, but for a reason. We can say that it is love for something.

Do as I do!

Infantile love the pope takes up to 7-8 years - and it helps your child learn many essential everyday skills. It works on the principle of "do as I do." When a child has learned to do something himself, he shows it to Pope - I learned how to dress, brush your teeth, put on shoes. Without this kind of loving people would not educated and do not know how to behave in society, the basis of all - the most common skills - self service, hygiene, nutrition. The child is very important to the approval of his father, hearing him, he was going to grow and learn more.

Do what you want, because you're smart!

Mature love father works under the scheme - "Do what you want, because you're smart!". It helps to believe in themselves, develop creativity, problem solving taught to look for yourself. If this love is not enough, then people will always act with an eye to the other.

By the way, the father to their children, talking about its success. If it takes too much attention to them, it means that the case for the production are not the best way in the future may damage relations with his wife. It feels important figure is not at work, but only the next child.

Love of parents - is a feeling, which should always be in moderation, without excess and shortage. Because the deviation in any direction will create a child a lot of problems in the future. Parents always should remember that our children - should act in its own way, because it is our main difference from animals is the only way progress happens - through changes in behavior. If we have always done well, as our ancestors - the development would not have been, and still lasted Stone Age. Therefore it is necessary to support the children in all, they have their own way.

In conclusion I would like to answer the question that I get asked a lot - "How to raise a child to one parent?". The answer I gave him at the beginning of this article, but I will repeat once again - not child needs parents, as such, but need infantile and mature love of father and mother.


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