5 rules to detox the skin

With these five principles you will be able to do detox treatments for skin:

1. Drink plenty of water.

You've heard this advice a hundred times, but in fact it is the most important cleansing. After all, if the body is moistened, it means that the system can be cleansed, as if to wash away the toxins.

Interesting explanation of why we have a day requires a minimum of 8 glasses of water, gives the doctor of aesthetic medicine salon Gentle Star Medspa (San Francisco) Craig Shishido. "I always urge my clients to drink more water with the help of the following example", - said Shishido "Our skin -. Like a sponge for washing dishes, which we use in the kitchen

. 5 rules to detox the skin

If you look at a sponge when it dries - it wrinkled and stiff, not flexible and it is difficult to bend. But if you put it under running water, the sponge will begin to expand and become soft and pliable. Similarly, our skin is constantly in need of moisture, so as not to be wrinkled and to finish and expand. "

If you want your pores were constantly clean, it also depends on the moisture of the skin. When the skin is dehydrated, the pores are more rigid and disclosed (remember the example about the sponge?). Only hydrated skin can maintain pores closed, to prevent the appearance of pimples and acne.

And her one piece of advice from a doctor Ssisido - increase the amount drunk per day of water, if you drink caffeinated beverages and spirits. They further dehydrate the skin.

2. Use a clay mask.

For skin detox mask with clay content - the most effective. When the moist clay starts to dry on the skin, it begins to draw a harmful impurities from the skin. Clay masks often advise women with oily and acne-prone skin, but also for owners of other types of skin clay is useful as a detox ingredient, especially when it was preceded by a period, when the skin is in contact with the unfavorable environment, dusty or dirty air.

The good news: the mask with clay can be used for all skin types, even for irritated and damaged skin. Specific detox properties has black clay, in addition to drawing the toxins, it removes excess oils without dryness and irritation.

You can make a mask with clay and independently. In addition to clay, add honey (soothes and nourishes the skin), mint or rosemary oil (it is antibacterial ingredients that tighten pores), orange oil (soothes, softens and exfoliates gently).

3. Try cleaning with a dry brush.

Now, this procedure - one of the most popular in spas and salons. The process is very simple - it is a dry skin treatment method in which the skin is treated with a dry brush with natural bristles

. In this case, the procedure for the delicate skin, soft as a brush watercolor brush, gently touch the skin surface. But as a result of dead cells from the skin peel. Dry cleaning can be done using a hard brush, then the procedure is more like a massage, in which the blood circulation is stimulated. Or taken a more flexible brush-brush, and then it turns out lymphatic drainage, which helps rid the skin and the whole body of toxins.

Do not think that it is predominantly salon treatment. Each of us can give himself a dry cleaning. It only stands to choose high-quality brush with natural bristles.

4. Go to the bath.

Whether Finnish sauna or Russian Bath - any such procedure cleans the pores of the skin, releasing toxins through sweat. Try a new type of bath - infrared sauna, it is better to heat rays penetrate the skin, eliminate the toxins that are found in the deep layers of the skin.

If your health club has a Bikram yoga class - that necessarily take one lesson. Trainings are held in the premises, where it is constantly maintained high temperature and constant humidity level, the effect of this double yoga - stretching and relaxation, as well as the purification and detoxification of the whole body (not just skin)

. 5. Take a bath with apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar - ingredient, familiar to those who use detox diets or fasting days. To cleanse the skin, he is also required. And get his act is quite simple: add in a bath of apple cider vinegar and a little Epsom salts. Such bath will help bring harmful impurities from the skin, restores the pH balance of your skin, and can even help with problems such as psoriasis and eczema.


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