How to paint a wall relief

The embossed pattern on the surface of the wallpaper or plaster wall will give your home the originality and decorative. Become more attractive since such a surface coloring. However, applying the paint on the wall, remember observing a few simple rules, which you can find in our material.

So, for painting the surface of the relief you need:
· Tool (using a roller, brush or spray)

· Masking tape

· Paint (latex suit, latex or acrylic)

Note that to change the color of a complex relief will need 25% more paint than smooth wall.

Technology 1. Prepare the surface intended for coating: clean from dirt and grease

. 2. masking tape to close up the surface, do not require painting.

3. Apply a thin layer of paint onto the prepared plane.

The minimum thickness of the layer provides better retention of the pattern. In addition, a heavy layer of paint on the plaster relief causes the risk of shrinkage cracks.

Make sure that a large amount of ink does not remain in the recesses of the relief: it is much more difficult drying wallpaper or plaster. Painting, ranked in the recesses may also begin to flow down along the surface, adversely affecting the appearance of the wall.

4. Remove the masking tape immediately after applying the paint, not waiting for it to dry.

Tips for decorating
The embossed surface can be painted a single color is not standard, and deftly make their two-tone. This is done in various ways.

Method number 1

Apply a coat of paint first.
Wait until it is completely dry.
Using a hard brush or textured roller, paint the surface of a different color, touching only protruding elements of the relief.
Method number 2

After the final drying of the first layer of paint, apply a second layer of a different color.
Followed immediately remove the excess paint soft plastic spatula.
Method number 3

Paint the surface.
Preventing drying, slide over a layer of paint with a soft sponge. As a result, the convex parts will be much paler than the rest of the surface, which will provide an interesting originality to your interior.


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