Extra-and-yourself bathroom renovation

Having seen here on Yap, the people demonstrating their own hands to make repairs, and decided I was puzzled by the same thing. The source code had a new studio apartment with a "repair" from the builder, some budget deficit and the need to start repairing at least with something. Sensibly reasoned with his wife that the repair bathroom is the most costly, long stretching and dirty idea and therefore it is necessary to start with him.
The main message of the repair - a maximum of affairs with their hands as much as possible the budget, but that did not cause disgust. The planned size of the cost - 50 000 rub. all / all about.
Up to this point my knowledge of repair limited to a bathroom in a rented apartment, so any guidance as what to do already. All other knowledge obtained from the Internet, and telephone consultations with smart people.

My first experience:
Pink wanted landlady, all costs were for my account and recorded in the rent, everything is done sikos-nakos, but if you do not look closely, there is nothing like this (in my opinion).

It will be 50 pictures, I will give all the classifications therein. Cats will not be! In general, let's go!

Another angle.

Individual and personal apartment in the new space-block house purchased a half years ago, after six months calculated with debts and in April this year decided to begin repairs. Lavatory is combined, the size of 1, 6 x 2 4. I took 2 weeks of official holidays, the wife - at his own expense, the child - time off to kindergarten))), and they were evacuated to the countryside to his mother. There's the same in the village at the typing test tools: hammer, small grinder, screwdriver, soldering iron pipe, a couple of levels of varying lengths, typically lengths of 1, 5 m. Found a nozzle on the Hammer to make a hole in the concrete at the outlet, tile cutter and a bag of unused couplings / adapters and all the other junk for mounting plastic water pipe.
A few months before that, I broke off a piece of the wall and moved the door to the bathroom in the middle of the wall, and the place where once stood the door increased its plasterboard partitions.
It is also planned to throw out the old sink and toilet, drag sewers and water, put a few outlets. We decided to leave the old bath, steel - it is not yet a year old.
Start undertaking was given May 13, 2013 at 9 am with a clear attitude to pass a facility into operation in exactly 14 days. Himself pledged to not be lazy, do not thump and work 12 hours a day. ... 2 hours later I cursed everything: this fucking repair from the developer was to paint the walls of some rubbish, which is more or less effectively strip off only an ax. While the ax tupilsya firmly somewhere in an hour of intensive shkryabaniya walls. For a thorough cleaning of the walls have been spent exactly two days to 10 hours to smoke breaks and lunch, a couple of kilometers of nerve fibers and a bucket of saliva to spit. Financial costs 130 rubles for the cutter to drill, which paint stupidly did not take an ax found in the garage of his father, and was sharpening his Bulgarian)))


At the same time broke the sheet of drywall, which closed risers and found a wonderful niche that is very useful in the future use.

During the second day I found the master, who agreed to cut off old grungy towel rail and put a new one on a different location. This is the only work that I did not.
Costs Polotenchik:
 - 2200 p. - A heated towel rail,
 - 3300 p. - All kinds of cranes / couplings, etc.
 - 3000 p. - Work
 - 800 p. - In the pocket of the plumber for the fusion of the riser.
Photos that do not happen in the sharpness - it pardonte.

In the process of stripping the walls found some in the wall of a plastic pot - crammed to the stones and plaster smeared.

Day Three. From morning till noon Polotenchik changed, and the rest of the time was spent on travel for a variety of DIY stores to buy everything necessary. List dashed in advance to the worst possible time job is not got:
 - Toilet, sink and faucet for it - 6900 p.
 - 2 sheets of water-resistant drywall - 1000 r. (including delivery). Deliver asked the garage to mark him there safely and to cut, and then bring small cut pieces in the apartment.
 - Profile and parts for the frame under the GCR - 1500 p.
 - Sockets, wires, corrugated - 1500 p.
 - Pipes, adapters, etc. - 750 p.
 - Water pipes (plastic), all sorts of couplings and valves - 1300 p.
 - Scissors for metal, water levels, drills, drills for punchers, discs for grinders - 1000 r.
This day had only proshtrobit wall and stretch the wire into one outlet.

The fourth, fifth, and most of the sixth day went to the assembly profile, hauling sewage and water pipe solder. In everyday terms, this asshole: vyvoloch bath in the kitchen, not to interfere with, to use the toilet in the morning))), wash stand at the balcony. All day to work. In the evening, all in reverse order plus everything srach clean, vacuum, wash floors, wash yourself, and eat more organized. I am alone!!! In short every night was falling corpse and slept without dreams))). When I sewers, almost puke - out of the riser such smells coming !!!







16. Water soldered for the first time: half a day going to the thoughts, ochkovat unrealistic. As a result, solder it sat at 11pm and soldered for a half hour. Before soldering pipe couplings on the train.

17. The pile of scrap materials of the future scheme of water supply system. Tested knit hydraulic shocks: overlaps the riser, open all faucets, drain, then close them and abruptly opened the riser. All seams survived - there was not a drop. I have to say, solder one - that even a perversion, needed an assistant will love. I'm tired of managed to grab the heated to 280 degrees and burned soldering fuck all the fingers on his right hand !!!

18. On the seventh day he worked and went to his village to rest and treat the injury.

The eighth day. The whole day spent on the purchase of:
 - Tiles, the cheapest Shakhtynsk tile (23 squares on the wall, and 4 - on the floor) - 14 000 rub.
 - Tile adhesive (5 bags) - 1100 p.
 - Grout (2 packages of 2 kg.) - 280 p.
 - All sorts of crosses, corners, strings, Ballerina, silicone, foam, inspection doors, bucket betonokontakta, spatulas of various kinds - 4500 p.
All of this fit in VAZ-2110 and took 1 flight, however Chirkov head on the ground at the slightest unevenness of the road))) then I pulled back until all dragged into the apartment. At leisure, I thought: all this stuff weighed nearly half a ton !!!
Realizing that this day seriously work will not succeed, I decided to implement its know-how as bath it was decided not to change, it was worth it to elevate. Bath steel and, therefore, echoing to the horror, I decided to make her sound insulation. In the near auto shop I bought 5 sheets of material called «STP vibroplasta Silver» and rolled it into multiple layers. The result is almost like a cast-iron, including by weight)))

The ninth day spent on the installation of the FCL. All I obmeryal recorded on paper, marked out in the garage and sawed. In one run all brought in two trips Zavoloka apartment. Here sharpened will not - everybody knows how to twist the drywall.



10 day. It's time to actually laying tile. I decided to start from the floor, but before that it was necessary to remove the old (from the developer). Bulgarian propylene her contour and broke nafig. Pylischa was - beyond words, sawed in a swimming mask and a wet towel on the face.


All cleaned and missed betonokontaktom, including walls.



The first batch.

I started packing. In the left corner of a piece of the next day, because no toilet for 24 hours stay was somehow stremnovato - well, you understand))))

11 day. He reported to the rest of the floor and went thump with friends since nifiga to do in this day has been impossible. Glued tiles left to gain strength.

12 day. Jammed joints on the floor, smeared with silicone joints around the tub and began to spread the wall behind the toilet. The reader has probably realized that the course of 14 days repair professional like me can not be done, and I had best prepare for reunification of the family bathroom.




13 day. Jammed joints in tight spaces for future installation of toilet and started his new friend faience)))

And here it in its rightful place.

On the afternoon of the day 13 until the evening of the 14th sculpted tiles on the walls. Here in this state was the room on the day of the return of his wife and son.



To dolepit all tiles rest I needed another month, in the evening, after working for 2-3 hours, but the fuse has already been lost, so I worked in a slipshod manner, slowly and tragically, driven disturbed all this mess wife.



Of course not without its downside: when you install the sink realized that miscalculated the width of the box, closing the pipe and sink, standing on the leg does not touch the wall about 2 cm. It was necessary to break the freshly laid tiles and leg pushed into the resulting gap. In some places, tiles stacked crooked, but if you do not look closely ...

From plastic panels scored pripendyuril ceiling and luminaire. Here, too, everything is simple. Budget 1100 p. Ceiling and 1200 p. on the lamp.

A month's wife was determined with a mirror. For me it was quite an occasion nifiga do))) Then there was a mirror, and behind him imperceptibly sorts shelves mylnichki and other figulki. More about 5500 p. On the expenditure side.

From the old plastic sill sliced ​​shelves in niche shelves wife there also stared with all sorts of women with their garbage.

On the audit found the door handle on the market, suitable to twirl on the mirror.

In general, like that bathroom looks now, we only buy and nail trims on the door.


To sum it up: it's lasted almost 3 months just for repairs spent 51,000 p., So that the budget we have kept, functional enough, I'm very proud of myself and my wife hatching devious plans for the repair prihozhki. My strength))))))))
The end.

P.S. Never in my life I will not do repairs in the bathroom itself !!!



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