Getting repairs in the bathroom: 5 First steps

Should I start? What factors should be taken into account? Learn tips on bathroom remodeling, and see how much money you have allocated for the finish, will you invite the workers, and so on. D.

Step 1. Use the model project.
With a limited budget repair bathrooms does not necessarily refer to the designer. There are standard solutions for bathrooms but do not forget that for all types of reconstruction and redevelopment - even insignificant - must obtain official permission. Otherwise, you will face enormous challenges (for example, if you gather to sell or change apartment).

Step 2. Define the budget.
In this case, it all depends on the current state of your finances. It is advisable to allocate to repair the maximum amount of money. Why? Yes, simply because it is long-term investment, and the more high-quality materials and the best job you afford the longer the finish will last.

It's one thing when the only one present in the background tiles tile collection. But if still included and borders, inserts and other decorative items, you risk cut once than to measure seven times. You may not get what you wanted, for example, the panel will not exactly in the center of the bathroom, and borders in general should be lowered slightly below

. Bathroom furniture: make or buy? Furnished need to decide before the start of repair, because of its size and configuration depends on the wiring of communications and plumbing installation place. You can buy ready-made bathroom furniture, but you can also make furniture construction method and decorate it with tiles or mosaics. This will give the bathroom personality and give more freedom to decorate.

Step 3: Calculate the amount of material.
They always need to buy a stock (approximately 10%) -.. In the case of marriage, especially cutting or cutting, the need to cover a complex surface shape, etc. But the residue should not be too large. So, from the area of ​​the walls is necessary to immediately deduct 2-3 sq. meters that do not require lining (they hold the door, tub and mirror, if it is encased in the wall). The area under the floor finish will also be reduced, because of 1-2 square meters. m will house a bath and / or shower.

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Step 4: Hire professionals
. If there is the slightest opportunity, take advantage of the services of experienced workers. They can be found as a team, and so one. For example, if you want to save money and know how to make repairs in the bathroom with their hands, then you may need only one specialist (tiler, painter, plumber or someone else). It all depends on what kind of work you are able to do herself.

Step 5. Do not forget about dismantling.
Who will be the old tiles chipping and make the bath rusty weight More hundredweight? You own or hired builders? Think about it in advance and plan the costs. By the way, the services of dismantling the old plumbing often provide companies delivering new equipment. They can also order connecting plumbing.


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