Repair small bathroom

Already tired of these topics about the Olympics because gash post yet decided how I was doing repairs in the bathroom this summer (August 2013).
My wife and I live in this apartment for 2 years. The apartment is small in the five-storey, bath almost 3 meters. And most importantly, we are waiting for replenishment son. Bath in a terrible state. Bathe your baby in a bathroom terrible. I wanted to make the most of high quality at the lowest cost. Given the choice between a bath and shower, tile and plastic panels, stopped at the cabin panels. On the floor tiles naturally.

Will be 87 photos. Please do not break down and be patient. Face rukozhopa closed, as it is the first great experience in the repair, afraid of stammering.
The first 3 foty where the bathroom is still old. More details were not found. Here the dog is bathed.



To pull out the bath, it is necessary to break the screen is made of bricks. On the bricks has been glued tiles. It's pretty simple, does not break the build.



Under the bathroom I found the old grist wife when she is hiding from her parents.


Also, there were also such things. There was also a small plastic ball that the dog eventually gnawed.

The screen is almost dolman.


Bath keeps the tiles.


Bath moved away from the wall after removing the tiles above it, but it kept the drain pipe.


Grinder to cut it failed, a small diameter of the disc.

I had to seek the assistance of a janitor, they are usually a lot in the courts of Moscow. Brought to the apartment three, no pity ph. They pulled it quickly with a drain tube, there is an adapter has been that fairly easily pulled out. As a reward they got much of 300 rubles, and asked themselves how much. The further fate of the bath I was not particularly interested, loved once carried her on nonferrous metal.


Dally had to remove all the tiles, and under it in for a surprise. Two-centimetric layer of cement inside the steel mesh. It rips the whole design is simple, but I had to carve it into pieces because one piece it all weighed 100,500 kg. Gently, half a meter wide, were cut clippers many many steel wires. To throw all waste, I do not even remember how many times had to go in the trash.

Old tiles on the floor by the way, too, had to withdraw because it is simple, and underneath the concrete. To him the new tiles will stick very well. Under the bathroom turned out pit, he had to fill in a separate solution. All levels, happened exactly. Most liked).



Legend has it that the tiles are placed from the farthest corner of the door to the door. With dick right? To me underfoot were pruning? In the most prominent part?

He started to put on the door. With such an area is not a problem

He reported almost to the end, long arms.


Clay had to interfere in this way.


The next day, he reported only 6 blocks, 4 of them trimmed.

Tile was limited, because if the first test super cutter on the tile, tile razherachilas itself out of line markings, and Bulgarian with the disk where the diamond coating, showed the best result, despite a lot of dust throughout the apartment.

Paul turned out fine. This result from himself did not expect. Overwrite shvi is not. All glue was washed out safely and on time.

Remove the old super washable. No they do not and probably never washed. Yellowed they be healthy, most of pokureshek at dalnyak march on and so on. Sam also make an effort to yellowing.

Incidentally, the entire floor bathroom (do not know exactly) the builders laid roofing felt, and several layers. By flooding the neighbors below it does not help, we have been repeatedly flooded. But around the perimeter of the floor have to prepare the wall for stacking panels, had to cut the roofing material. Hands black, and the entire tool srezatelny well.


Before laying the panels paved all the wires in a pre-designed space.

Further recognizes that water pipes with no experience, because it was necessary to entrust this work to professionals. To the left of the entrance to the bath three pipes. They are to do all the wiring in the beginning 2 crane complete overlap of water, then exit to the toilet cistern and two water meters, then the 2nd exit onto the shell, then 1st exit on the washing machine, and eventually the 2nd exit onto the cab. It was planned to completely change the entire drain pipe. But she was so deeply concreted into the supporting wall that Super Mario never got to the bottom of it. For all the work we agreed at 17k rubles, including the replacement of the counter hot water, towel warmer installation and assembly of the shower enclosure. The quality of his work left much to be desired, as the first tech towel rail and shower assembly at C grade, no more.



As for the panels. Walls I no handles, just took everything that could fall off and interfere less exactly go to the panels. Super Glue type the date in the cylinders, which is pressed by special gun.

The first panel obliaval thin stream of glue. In this case it took about 10 minutes then spit, snapped the cylinder hole and the broader herachil 5-6 places the entire panel in large drops. Clay took 1 bottle for 2 panels. Expensive work. I advised in the store, where he took more glue, glue herachit through one panel and then by 2. The result surpassed himself. Keeps fucking.

Three walls I have more or less equal. The main wall, where it will sink, a curve that fucked up. There I washed down wooden slats (see later). And to all the details of the bathroom were kept securely, rail is installed in their places of attachment, otherwise the contraction of the screws, which hold a separate item, the panel will sag and go inside. Under the small parts were inserted some wedges.
Thanks to the skills of Super Mario, all pipes sticking out from the wall as far as possible, which is not desirable. But I suspect that will have to make a separate threshold on the wall. Its width is about 8 cm. Plus wanted to hide the angle with the vertical pipes.

Mega box that Nahuas something invented in the USSR, apparently to save energy, do not need to fuck, because when the lights in the bathroom to pee even exactly where to be seen.

Because of a cardboard box, which was lying on a pallet cabin, I cut a fucking patch. Fortunately the kitchen renovation is planned this summer, it will be a separate post box pokachestvenney pawn. The main thing is not X-rayed today.



46. ​​

Shelf under the sink, because the threshold on the wall, had to file in certain places. Here, I confess, nakosyachil. This is not seen, but from the side, where the washing machine, I took a long kiss right on the feet thereof shelves.

Another school of zahaval dogs. Plastic garbage, which is inserted inside the hole kreplniya shell. There were two pieces, but chewed it fell into place better than untouched sobakenom. Sorry no pictures.

WC, incidentally, it was installed in half a year as my wife and I stopped at this apartment. For the whole thing then Mario's brother, Luigi, much sought 5k, not counting the cost of the points in almost 5k. Because the replacement toilet was not necessary.

Another interesting point: when buying a sink in the store was taken just a box with some obaeschanym manufacturer content, which includes very sink, bolts for attaching it to the wall, and a siphon, which is not useful to us. But equipment has not been tested, and therefore was not dedorativnoy roundels, which is inserted into the hole for the overflow. Her I've stole from work successfully. And oddly enough, she went in diameter.

Booth and his wife chose a long time. We went shopping specifically. Since I am nearly 2 meters tall, the cabin pick up difficult.


I will not advertise the Korean budget cabin, but normal height is only suitable cabin from producer Niagara. All anything, but I do not have a height of 3-5 cm, because the model chosen site. This is the moment where I have broken off, but returns and other garbage does not suit me. Repair zavershniya was on stage and just have my Jam.

The fan was bought by the most powerful, which was available, and that is the right size. Here I think the question should not be why it is so.

And then the most problematic wall slowly began to fill up all that was planned. Otherwise, you can then just miss. 2 sockets specifically equipment intended to power a hair dryer and a washing machine.

Everywhere where there were overlapping cranes were installed plastic hatches for access to the cranes.
That promised the rack.

That brought stiralku.



With cut-outs for pipes especially had no problems. Plastic cut without problems, buy a special nozzle.




Plat too plastic. 45 degrees without miter box to cut did not work, but nothing where I then grease sealant almost invisible joint.


On the ceiling there were problems. In the store where purchased kit dimensions are for standard tubs. Fortunately, I took a chance and selected size is perfect fit into our ceiling.

Set just important initially to outline everything exactly. But without jambs nowhere, I have them too.

The light turned from 5 halogen lamps. 3 in the ceiling, one in the mirror. In the cockpit, one lamp and LED.



Washer. Previously, there was an old 10-year-old Kandi. Until now working. But our sizes had to buy a new, top-loading. They bitch expensive. Then he left nearly a quarter of the total budget.


Not only is it an ideal place to pick up, everything is set up, but she could barely climbed. I thought shoot sink to shove it, but at a certain angle and with selective obscenities she still has got nothing at the same time does not hurt.

With the amount of pictures I certainly fuck, I had to remove the process, Fota today to show up after six months.



This latest.
The budget of this repair about 80k, it was possible to do without the services of Super Mario.
The cabin is used only by the shower, rain shower and other garbage, even the radio is not used. A soap dispenser broken general.

That's all. Please do not kick.



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