10 brilliant tricks to a small bathroom look great! Here is a transformation ...

Many owners of small bathrooms are wondering: How to increase the space ? The answer is simple: you have to remove all unnecessary. Arrange all the small items that are lying around anywhere, as well as towels, household chemicals, cosmetics and jewelry.

Today Editorial «Just So!» offers to your attention a collection of life hacking , which will help to win a couple of meters of space in a small bathroom.

Ideas for small bathrooms li> The glass wall shelves to save space in a small bathroom, and it will be the most stylish attribute.

Use every centimeter of the small bathroom with the mind! He built a rack of metal pipes, you will receive additional storage space and toiletries.

If you are the owner of a small bathroom, foldable laundry basket you just need!

To create additional storage space for various small things, it is necessary to attach to all the doors of the lockers are small boxes.

If you're just starting to repair their small bathroom, take care that the master did not forget to make a small niche for bathroom accessories.

To lay towels are not clear where, attach to the shelves small hooks.

It is also a great place to store towels will reverse side doors.

This stand saves space in the sink area.

To build such a cache - not an easy task. But for the sake of this idea is to try!

Such metal stand will be an indispensable element in your bathroom.

Admit it, the idea of ​​a cache can be useful not only to the owners of small bathroom Do not forget to tell about this and other tricks to your friends! Learn also how to save space in the kitchen.


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