Design a small bedroom: ideas for inspiration

To create the interior of a small bedroom is not so easy as it seems. Few square meters require the designer special skills. You must know the rules. So, consider the options.

The interior of a small bedroom can and should be not only functional, but also stylish. The design of any small bedroom will help to create the beauty and comfort of this so necessary to each person in the room.

A small bedroom, as well as any small room can be decorated in different styles, not only in modern style but also in the classics: English, French, Russian. It may be the art Deco style and Provence style, and Eastern style, Scandinavian and country, vintage, ethnic, and so on, the list goes on.


Of course, most often, small rooms are found in small apartments, although there may be options. For example, such a bedroom could be a second, third or even fourth in the country house or in an apartment. Finally, it could just be a guest bedroom.

A few tips on decorating a small bedroom:

1. The first rule that must be strictly observed, (this applies to a small bedroom), is that the interior of this small room does not tolerate any penetration detail not like any clutter. A large number of accessories, items, create in a small room the illusion that it is still smaller than it actually is. Of course, books, photographs, posters can take place in the interior of a small bedroom, but everything should be dosed, everything should be in moderation.

2. Remember that in any case, the interior of a small bedroom should not be, that is, on the verge of "artistic disorder". Modest interior design with a minimum of furniture, good fabrics and excellent linen — that's your task in decor and design.

3. One example, which is suitable for almost all bedrooms, this is how the plain white room. White color is traditional color of minimalism. It is known to be ideal for small spaces. The white color in all its shades, is the coolness, a sense of purity and peace which is very appropriate for the bedroom. For lovers of high-tech style and minimalist white color is perfect on all counts and does not require much effort in terms of decor.

Arrange the same color accents in white small bedroom easily, first of all, by using the same textiles or Wallpaper. This method will visually expand the space and counterbalance the horizontal plane of the bed in the General interior of your small bedroom.

4. Also, remember to arrange the furniture, even the minimum, in a small bedroom is always challenging. The protagonist of the bedroom, like the master bedroom is always the bed. But do not forget that the bedroom you have a small, then too big bed you will not do. Decorators and therapists in a small room offered to put the bed headboard to the window.

5. Wardrobe, if you don't have a dressing room, you can put at the door. You can choose another option, that is, to create a single a number of furniture and stretch it along the wall, if a small room, for example, long and narrow. That is, starting from the wardrobe, it will be necessary to stretch the chain on a long wall, reaching it from the shelves, cabinets, cupboards.

6. In the bedroom, a necessary accessory is the mirror. Let it will still be great. Large mirror, glass dressing table perfectly reflect both artificial light and sunlight from the window. By the way, the window for all the reasons you need a little dimming curtains. It is not only environmentally friendly, but again, it is visually enhances the space.

7. Floors can be covered with a soft, fluffy carpet that is very tactile. But you can do without it. Choose darker wood floors (no carpet — also a good choice). This option is also visually increases the size.published

Author: Lyudmila Novikova


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