Creative ideas of modern beds

We spend about a third of your life in bed, much more time than we spend on, say, a car or a bathroom. There are a lot of creative design ideas bed that will allow you to go to sleep and wake up with an inspiring feeling of modernity.

Magnetic flying bed

This bed floats as if weightless, anchored by four cables, based on the physical properties of the magnet, a feeling that you sleep in the air.

It features a modern bed with built-in retractable screen with a projector and speakers.

Bed-Pod (Pod bed)

These beds are designed to give people with high pace of work fast to sleep on the job.

Suspended bed

This bed hangs on the tension cable. It looks very unusual.

The Sunset Chaise Lounge

It is an elegant product designer Rausch is ideal for a luxury holiday by the pool.

Lounge Embrace

Creative Project Los Angeles designer Tanya Aguniga.

Personal bed - swinging cloud

"Shakes cloud": patented bed German designer Manuel Klock.

Ohm - transforms bed

Ohms may form one large double bed, two bed or bench.

Bed Scoop

Scoop can form a large round bed, or two sofas.

Modern open-bed hammock

This hammock is a great place for outdoor recreation.

Waterfowl bed with a moat

Do you like to sleep on the water? This water bed with a moat is perfect for you!

Crib Cave

Ideal for leisure and ensures bedtime fun for your children and for parents.

Shining bed

The Dutch international beaming bed also contains numerous amounts of storage boxes.

The Presotto Zero Bed

Briefly and clearly. The Presotto Zero from A & M Robinson.

Bed Lomme

Formed out of the egg bed has therapeutic angles of sound and light.

Fabulous Bed fairies

The perfect bed for any little princess.

BedUP: Ceiling bed

BedUP is a pull-out bed, which is stored on the ceiling and during wakefulness will give your room the extra space.


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