9 best ways to hide a bed in the room

If the size of the apartment does not allow to arrange the bedroom in a separate room, and living room also serves as a venue for a night of rest, the question arises: how to hide the bed in the daytime, so it does not interfere?

Designers offer a variety of ways to “disguise” the dual functional purpose of living, it remains only to choose the right.


The easiest way to separate the bedroom area with curtain. It's not ideal — after all, the room area is significantly reduced, but the bed sure is hidden from prying eyes.


Build a special niche for the bed of sliding partitions. The day they move, and hidden bed not bothering anyone, and at night the panels can be separated, increasing the amount of “bedrooms”.

Folding sofa bed

An interesting variant of the equipment of a living room combined with bedroom — replacing the beds on the sofa bed, which converts into a full bed. This allows you to hide the bed, and at the same time have a comfortable seat in the room.

The sofa bed is easy to match to any decor as they come in different shapes and sizes from standard rectangular to large round.


For small apartments produced a special transforming furniture. It allows you to use one and the same object in different situations.

For example, a dining table hides a secret bed — just put him in a special way. A small children's couch can become a Desk. These “transformers” save money and place.


The hidden bed can be arranged in the podium is the best option in cases where the same room serves as both living room and bedroom, and office, and children and even a gym.

With the help of the podium, the room can be divided into two zones, one of which may be an office and another living room. Mounted into the podium a bed for the night comes to your workplace and day to detect her presence impossible.


In the wardrobe you can arrange a hidden bed in such a way that no one will guess that this room at night is the bedroom. The easiest option — a basic wardrobe, the doors which hide a bed.

More difficult variant — transformable bed which is in a vertical position forms a wall of the Cabinet. To raise and lower a bed easy with the help of special mechanism.

The ceiling

One of the most original ways to hide a bed in a shared room to drive it... on the ceiling! Of course, in homes with low ceilings such decision is justified, except that in the nursery, because children love to hide in nooks and such “attic” will be for them very cozy.

Adults, too, will be convenient, if equipped with a niche on the “second floor” lighting for evening reading and power outlet for chargers.

Another “ceiling” version — bed suspension. To omit such a hidden bed, you can simply click a special mechanism. An obvious disadvantage of ceiling structures — the inability to lie down and rest during the day, each time you first have to bring the bed into position.


Arrange in the house lounge area. It will pitch the low podium of the Cup in the recess of which put the mattress. The main condition — it should not protrude above the podium level. This is a hidden bed that day can serve as a place of rest and night sleep.


Very simple, but quite comfortable sleeping place with Japanese mattress called a “futon”. Because of the lack of space in Japanese houses are not taken to put large beds and beds conventional mattresses, which at night spread in the right place, and in the afternoon stored in a closet. Similar mattresses in all sizes you can buy in the store.


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