15 ways to enter the interior of the ironing board. Vsë brilliant - easy!

Today, ironing board become an integral part of each apartment. It not only manage to iron things, but also to store books, toys, put laptops in general, fit the board as a full furniture. However, the fact that ironing board covers a lot of space, no one will argue. And if every time to rake her stuff before you pat the things you bothered to read our article. Here you can find the best options for how seamlessly fit in the interior of the board, and free up space in the room. We - for cleanliness and space!

1. On the wall
Place the door or wall is rarely used, but this does not prevent the board to hang. This option not only saves space, but will also hide the ironing board so that it does not interfere with you and your pet to move around the apartment.

2. The perfect disguise
Pick upholstery ironing board in the color of the curtains, walls, furniture or accessories, that it becomes an integral part of the interior.

3. Hook for clothes
To fix the board on the wall, using the metal hooks for coats. They are commonly used in hallways, they are more reliable and able to withstand the load. Wall mounted two of the hook - and bravely hang on them an ironing board.

4. On the door
If you are in a rush of emotion you can slam the door - this option is not for you. However, if the character you have a quiet, secure the board on the door with the same hooks. That it does not rattle at each opening-closing firmly fix it. Done!

5. The drawer
If your board is small and the apartment is a chest of drawers or wardrobe - it can be hidden in one of the drawers.

6. For a small board
The small size of the ironing board not only help her safely hide, but also save space in the room.

7. Built board
Today you can buy not only the ironing board, and a safe, which she had carefully mounted producers. If you're going to update the furniture - pay attention to such models of furniture!

8. Vertical drawer
Plaque lockers can be arranged not only horizontally but also vertically.

9. The kitchen set
The unusual decision - to hide the board in the kitchen set. Great for the kitchen-studio.

10. The drawer in the chest
If the ironing board is small, you can hide it in a small chest of drawers.

11. The hanging lockers
For the ironing board can be manufactured so cute hanging lockers. This will make the interior is not only harmonious and attractive and more functional.

12. Another option
Do not forget that this piece of furniture has to look good in the interior. Therefore, before starting production of hanging lockers, thoughtful its color, size and material of which it is made.

13. Multi-function version
In singles hanging lockers can store not only the board but also small things: household chemicals, iron, brush for clothes and shoes.

14. Wooden door? Cabinet for an ironing board!
Such hinged cabinet made of natural wood will be a real highlight of the interior.

15. Two in One
This option helps to hide not only the ironing board, and an outlet.

It turns out vsë brilliant - just. The only thing you should pay attention to the application of tips - storage of the ironing board to be near a power outlet and be in the reach of children. If your friends are just about to make repairs - we share our tips. The interior can be not only beautiful, but also practical!

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