7 myths about tick bites: information that will save your health!

With the onset of warm summer days and wants to spend more time outdoors. If a leisurely walk in the park or in the woods, you can catch the fragrant smell of kebabs, to see children playing with a ball, men chatting around the campfire, woman sunbathing on a bed ... This idyll! However, it is unfortunately not vsë so rosy as it seems at first glance. All the charm of holiday can easily destroy one of the smallest inhabitants of the forest - the tick. If you have never encountered a tick bite - I read with redoubled attention. It may depend on not only your life but the lives of your loved ones! So we offer your attention the 7 most common myths about ticks, many of which are misleading.

1. Ticks are falling from the trees
Myth. If you still believe that ticks - great Marines, then we'll be disappointed. They rise just 1, 5 meters above the ground, and no tick will not jump down because he wants to take a closer look at the pattern of your cool T-shirt. In fact, these small insects crawl on the body of the grass or bushes, and thanks to its light weight makes it is almost imperceptible. For a holiday in the woods or in the park choose a closed, tight-fitting clothing with sleeves. Sported a T-shirt better elsewhere.

2. The vaccine will not save you from encephalitis.
Partial truth. In fact, the vaccine can protect against serious illness only if it met two conditions:
1. Vaccination is carried out in a couple of months before the start of the season (usually in February).
2. You do it every year.
In general, wander through the woods with last year's vaccine is possible, but from encephalitis she will not save you, that's a fact.

3. Do not bitten, then protected
Myth. Do you know what a chain reaction? In the case of a tick bite is something like that. If this bloodthirsty insect bites such as a cow, a cow gave milk, then in unboiled milk can be infected persons. One bite - so many victims! But there is good news from a person can be infected only through the milk of nursing mothers, but not in person. We think, it would be superfluous to recall that if a breastfeeding woman is suspected encephalitis, she should immediately stop breastfeeding to clarify the diagnosis.

4. Ticks are dangerous only encephalitis
Myth. In fact, diseases that can transfer the mites is not only difficult to pronounce, but also have irreversible consequences. We do not want to scare you, but to complete the picture we present some statistics. Among the most terrible consequences of encephalitis irreversible paralysis of the hands, blindness, deafness and, for obvious reasons, too irreversible, death of the patient. In Siberia and the Far East kills 80% of those bitten. Fortunately, Europe with its 2% is located in the safest area.

5. Vegetable oil can "banish" mite
Partially true. Surely you've heard more than once that if the tick pour vegetable oil, he would begin to choke and crawl out on their own. It is indeed true, but with this method of "exile" scary insect begins to feel sick, it produces more saliva than you'd expect, and through it, and there is an infection! We think of harm from such a process more than good. Therefore we advise you to forget about this board as a nightmare.

6. Tick ​​impossible to pull yourself
Myth. If you vsë, I decided to remove the tick in the home, do it with the same equanimity as superheroes American films themselves sew yourself or pull a bullet wound. Of course, if the tick got to a place where it does not get so easy, ask you in that someone helped. Gently grab the insect forceps and smoothly, without jerks, cranking his body counterclockwise. If the head is pulled out at the site of the tick and all the limbs at nëm, feel free to go to the emergency room. If something is missing, and you're not sure you can dig out the remains of the fire calcined needle, then go to a medical facility in the emergency order.

7. Pulled tick - you can either worry about chëm
Myth. Just then it begins vsë most "interesting": tick should be included in research on various diseases in SES, make yourself at the health facility shot, take the direction for tests for infection (10 days) for immunoglobulin M encephalitis (through 14 days) for IgM to borreliosis (21 days). Yes, vsë it requires time and effort, but because you want to sleep well and do not fall prey to the sad statistics?

A few more facts that are important to know:
1. Mites like the softest areas on the body, which include: inguinal region, and behind the ears and armpits.
2. Transferring encephalitis are mild, you can count on lifelong immunity to the disease. A trifle, but nice.
3. borreliosis (second danger of diseases transmitted by ticks) quite easily treated in the early stages. If you are found at high temperatures and extensive redness at the site of the bite, consult a doctor immediately! Procrastination is fraught with paralysis of the facial muscles, pain in the joints, problems with hearing, sight and the normal functioning of the heart. The bad news: there is no vaccine against borreliosis, and no acquired immunity after the disease has already transferred.
4. If you were going to pull the tick yourself, and you do not have tweezers, try to use for this purpose a loop of string, and do not forget to immediately go to the nearest medical facility.

We are not in any way do not want to scare you or dissuade him from a good time in the park or in the woods. However, with what consequences can be encountered by the bite of a tick, you need to know everyone. Be sure to share this article with your friends, and not only yours, but also their holidays will be much safer. Relax in a healthy way!

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