Without this gourmet table will not do! The most favorable combination of wine and cheese.

Cheese and wine - what could be better than this union? The mere mention of this nice pair excites the imagination ... In the heat of summer chilled wine - one of the most popular drinks that will suit and get-togethers in nature, and for the buffet table, and just for a romantic evening. A good complement to the wine is considered to be cheese. A well-chosen wine and cheese can give gourmet indescribable pleasure. At the same time, if we approach this issue carelessly, it can ruin the taste of your favorite beverage, combining it with the wrong cheese. That is why it is very important to know what should be guided in choosing the right cheese and corresponding wines. Everything becomes very clear, we need only look at this table!

Here are some useful recommendations for the correct selection of cheese and wine:

1. White wines are combined with cheese is much better than the red. Em>

2. Wines flavorful require a sharp cheese. Em>

3. Vintage wines having wood taste, it is best not to combine with cheese. Em>

4. Neutral taste and sweet cheese do not mix with young wine - such cheeses will make it taste more sour. Em>

5. Cheese and wine produced in the same area, are best suited to each other. Em>

Blue cheeses are best combined with dessert and fortified red wines. Fresh cheeses, such as mozzarella, ricotta and feta cheese, served with a light pink and white wines. Fresh goat cheese perfectly combined with fruit wines, preferably - red. Cream cheese is usually to blame are not served.

Knowing these facts about wines, you're certainly not going to deprive myself of the pleasure to experience the divine taste, which arises as a result of the successful combination of noble drink and cheese. Save yourself this important information and treat it your friends!

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