How to pair cheese and wine: 9 successful combinations

Cheese and wine is a classic Union. That's just to make a good wine and cheese pair is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. How to understand the huge variety and find the perfect combination that will bring you real pleasure?

Today we are facing different types of cheese, ready to serve with a glass of wine. We offer you to try the modern variants of their combinations.

Hint: always take into consideration the texture of cheese, making a new pair with the wine.
Rich red wine with cheese, Rich red wine, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Zinfandel blends perfectly with cheeses of similar intensity. Pick them hard, salty cheese that is best served with lightly grilled bread.

Bright fruity Garnacha blends perfectly with aged for 4 months the Spanish cheese Manchego.

Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect paired with aged cheddar and other sharp cheeses.

Smoked Gouda perfectly complement the Shiraz and accentuate the hints of tobacco in the bouquet. Create the perfect combination

Each wine unique. The chosen wine is too dry and spicy taste? To soften the bitterness of tannins and reduce acidity will help hard cheeses. For example, bra duro 5-month exposure best way to get a luxurious cheese Barolo.

The options of cheeses, combined with rich red wines:

  • aged Gouda;
  • extra aged cloth cheddar;
  • cheddar from goat's milk;
  • smoked cheddar or Gouda;
  • Basque cheese made from sheep's milk;
  • Grana Padano;
  • Fiore Sardo;
  • Pecorino;
  • Manchego.

Light red wine with cheese, Light red wine, e.g. Pinot Noir or Beaujolais go well with flavored cheese, like Taleggio, and semi-hard cheese with nutty hints in the flavor, like Gruyere. If you prefer a milder cheese, try to combine a light red wine with Mature cheeses, brie or Camembert.

Rule the perfect combination: the more aromatic the wine, the more fragrant cheese. Versions of the cheeses for a combination with light red wines:

  • Conte extra;
  • Swiss cheese;
  • cable;
  • Provolone;
  • caciocavallo;
  • Saint-necta;
  • Pont-l ewe;
  • of ossau-Irati;
  • nocerino;
  • Fontina;
  • bree;
  • Camembert;
  • Coulommiers;
  • raschera;
  • Taleggio.

White wine and cheese White wines traditionally go well with more cheeses than red. This is because white wines are devoid of tannins, making them easier to combine. The only kind of cheese which is not combined with white wines, it's blue cheese. In most cases, it sounds brighter than wine, and disguising its taste. With the other cheeses will not be such problems.

Goat cheese is a fantastic pair with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
In the Loire Valley, the origin of Sauvignon Blanc, you can see numerous flocks of goats. French goat cheese is quite dense and chalky texture due to high calcium content. As aging these cheeses acquire the sharpness, which helps to make fantastic pair with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Take note crottin de Chavignol or Humbolt fog as the perfect companions for white wine.

The perfect companion for Prosecco — aged Asiago. In the province of Veneto vineyards, dominated by grapes "Garganega" from which to create wines of Soave. This wine has a fresh taste, like Sauvignon Blanc and poslevkusii clearly audible notes of bitter almonds. These colors make this wine surprisingly good with a pair of young Asiago. But aged Asiago goes well with fruity semi-dry Prosecco or Moscato d'asti.

Sweet Riesling harmonises perfectly with the nutty flavor fondue. Types of semi-dry Riesling (German Riesling from the Mosel, for example) perfectly with the fondue. Sweetness and acidity well blended with the nutty rich flavor fondue and give the taste exquisitely sweet and slightly salty undertones.

Chardonnay is a great pair with cream cheese double or triple fat.


The best examples of Chardonnay are created in a cool climate where the grapes are inherent in complex floral and fruity aromas, and aging in barrels gives the wine hints of vanilla and Fudge. I wonder what cheese from cow's milk (as, for example, epws) are produced, usually in the same region, where Chardonnay. These cheeses have a pungent odor, formed on the crust in the process of aging. However when it is combined with Chardonnay, the pungent smell goes away! If you don't like this cheese and its intense flavor, try a blend of Chardonnay with other cheeses: Delice de Bourgogne or brie.

The combination of cheese with dessert wine At the traditional dinner in Europe at the end of the meal most often served a cheese platter. That is why the combination of cheese with a sweet dessert wine is considered to be almost traditional. Even the most flavorful blue cheese transformirovalsya into something completely unrecognizable when combined with vintage port.

Vintage port goes well with Stilton cheese.published



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