How to make Wellness a douche

In this article you will learn about the great benefits of a contrast shower and about how to take a contrast shower right, bringing the maximum benefit to your body.

Hydrotherapy is a natural, affordable, effective and safe method effects on the body. Since ancient times, hydrotherapy was one of the most popular methods of healing for many diseases. Water treatments used for the treatment in India and Egypt, in Russia and in Greece. The Babylonians, Assyrians, Jews, Japanese and Romans – all these people used different ways treatment water external and internal diseases.

Bath is undoubtedly the most effective method of treatment with water and steam. Unfortunately, in our time, not all urban residents have the opportunity at least once a week to go to the bath, but they can replace it with the correct contrast shower or bath.

With the right approach, contrast water procedures can significantly improve physical and emotional wellbeing, to get rid of a large number of diseases and significantly prolong active and healthy life.

Water not only washes away a significant amount of dirt from the body, it imbues the body with moisture and promotes perspiration, which takes a large amount of toxins from the body. Moreover, the stronger the irritation causes the water to certain areas of the body, the more blood flow to this place. As argued by Avicenna: "bathing in cold water immediately upsets the innate warmth inside the body, and then she again rushes to the surface of the body, reinforced several times."

Perhaps the biggest plus of a contrast shower – its wonderful effect on the blood vessels, capillaries, veins and arteries of the human body. In the last century, the famous Japanese scientist engineer, Katsudzo Niche, developed a priceless healing system of the body, including water and air contrast procedure. In childhood doctors said that due to the deadly disease Niches will not live 20 years, but inquisitive mind, the attentive study of nature and traditions, and love of self and life did the impossible – the scientist lived much longer. Read more with his holistic system of healing you can read in the book "Golden rules of health."

According to Niche, a healthy circulatory system is key to the good functioning of the heart, brain, skin and all internal organs. It is the lack of congestion and spasms of the capillaries and blood vessels enables you to freely circulate the blood around the body, saturating the nutrients cells of the body. This is allows to free cells from toxins. The fact that the heart is the main pump, allowing blood to move through the circulatory system, capillaries, blood vessels, arteries and veins. The key to the health of the heart in a strong vessel!

Contrast shower and bath, a powerful irritant, they allow you to remove numerous spasms in the body, hardens the body, train all blood vessels and capillaries, normalize blood pressure, reduce the nervous and physical overload and stress, and significantly improve sleep. They maintain normal acid-base balance and help to maintain good health. When done correctly, a contrast shower, you will be able much longer to keep the youth, to get rid of excess weight, and age, of cellulite, the skin becomes much more elastic, silky and elastic, fade wrinkles, improve the condition of hair and muscles.

Beloved by many a hot bath causes sweating, which causes loss of body moisture, salts, vitamin C, and significantly disrupts the acid-alkaline balance. Therefore, it is necessary to alternate the hot and cold water for water procedures.

I want to recommend to you the technique of a contrast shower which I use since childhood. It helps not only to maintain health in good condition, but many times pulled me out of a serious virus and colds without the aid of any drugs.


Starts a contrast shower with cold water. If you find it hard to accept the minimum temperature of the water, pick up the minimum that can withstand. Drench yourself with bottom-up flow of cold water and turn the faucet on slightly hot water. I note that it is highly desirable, and if cold water gets on the whole body. Heat in very warm water. The water temperature should be slightly hot, such that the surface of the skin uniformly pink. When you feel the inner craving for cold water (about 5 minutes) and when the skin acquire pink shade evenly, switch the tap to cold water and drench yourself with it from the bottom up. After that, cold water drench both legs from feet to knees, hands from the brush at the shoulder joint (first to the left arm), chest and face (completely head). Switch to very warm water and keep warm. The skin should retain a pinkish color. After a couple of minutes turn on the cold water (or cool) and again ablates her from the bottom up. If you want, you can longer hold the flow of cold water on the legs, arms, chest. Very well, if I wash my face with cold water.

That's all! The whole procedure will take you no more than 10 minutes, but the body is huge!

After a contrast shower it is best to wear something light and fast drying, as you start sweating, and it is very important that the body does not get too cold. Drafts contraindicated. If possible, you don't even have to get dressed immediately after water treatment, and allow the body to naturally dry and cool.

This contrast shower you will not only help to improve the condition of blood vessels, and expel of the toxins from the body. You can start with not very contrasting temperatures (with cool and warm water) and, as the addiction of the body to increase the difference. A contrast shower is very useful to carry all the people involved in cleaning practices, especially those who goes to provedenie or raw food to transition to a different type of food to be softer and more harmonious. This kind of contrast shower can be a great alternative to cardiovascular exercises.published



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