How to take a contrast shower

There is a misconception that to achieve health you need to do exhausting workouts, stick to strict diet restrictions, in General, to torture his body and soul in full.

This game in various versions carry the same name – "I am ill, and me treat". Any violence leads not to health, to sports records, and even then not always.

If the records you do not need, all your actions must be the result of free intentions. In other words, we have to act not by coercion but by conviction. If you say to yourself "It!", it means coercion. If you say "Want!" so this belief. All health actions must be not only useful but also enjoyable. Don't fight for their health. Admit it to yourself.

Contrast shower is the most simple and effective preventive and health-improving procedure. (Wow, I spoke like a true follower of medicine!) This procedure involves alternating hot and cold water. First, a few minutes of hot water, then a minute or less cold, and so at least three times. Then rubbing hard with a towel.
Despite the simplicity, the effectiveness of this impact is very large. It would seem, to run and lift weights – this is an obvious exercise. What can give a shower? The fact that the shower intense effect on almost all organs of our body. The result is a dramatic effect:
  • Aktiviziruyutsya all biological processes.
  • Swing stagnation in the body.
  • Cleaned and revived the circulatory system.
  • All the internal organs and skin get a boost of health.
  • Disappears heart arrhythmia.
  • Increases the number of leukocytes and red cells in the blood.
  • Muscle mass increases.
  • Restored performance.
  • Strengthens the nervous system.
  • Metabolism.
  • The entire body is intensively cleaned and rejuvenated.
  • Normalized electric charge of the body.
  • Increases energy.
  • Trains heart, as when you are Jogging.

No special effort on them to do not necessary. It is not only easy, but also nice. Did you give it all up?
The secret of the effectiveness of a contrast shower is very simple: the immediate impact is subjected to the largest body organ – the skin. Leather is 20% of the total weight of the person. Possible, guided by an internal intention to strain yourself to load individual muscles to test the body strength. And you can, without any effort of will, to provide the body to take care of myself. You do not train, and see how the body trains itself.
What happens? Hot water dilates blood vessels, and then the cold constricts. As a result, the blood is subjected to a vigorous circulation, stagnant region swing, the body gets a good shake. The movement of blood in the body plays a crucial role. Should the heart stop, death occurs. In normal condition the blood circulation provided by the heart. But the blood runs fast only on large vessels. In other vessels it moves very slowly. In the capillaries, oddly enough, is 80% of the circulating blood. The total length of the capillaries is about 100 thousand kilometers. Any disease process is primarily a violation of the capillary circulation. Contrast shower stimulates capillary circulation, and, consequently, all the vital processes.
Now a few tips. 1. Pour do not have, but always starting with the upper body. If you pour water from the bottom up, then a wave of blood rushes to the head that may cause undesirable pressure drop.
2. Many people mistakenly believe that to take a contrast shower – it is simply alternating hot and cold water, knocking teeth and force yourself need to harden, or something like that. First, you need to warm up well under hot (or not) water. Followed by short cold. The hot water should last a few minutes, and cold – half a minute, or a maximum of a minute. Cold water should only be enabled when you feel that the body is well warmed. In no case can not bring themselves to freezing. The procedure should be fun, not a test. Do not have to carry out several dozen sequences – only three times, and then see on the health. Not order yourself, and follow your feelings – the body itself will tell you "pretty" if you will listen to him.
3. If you're not doing this, you should start moderately, gradually, with each day increasing the temperature difference between the hot and cold water. If you want to scream, that's fine, but remember that you should not feel a sharp discomfort and is clearly unpleasant feelings. In this case, the temperature difference should be made more moderate.
4. Shower best taken every morning after the gym. Hot water should not be hot, otherwise you will get the chills as from cold water. Within a month you can bring the temperature of the cold water to a minimum – what flows from the tap. With such a difference of temperatures you'll get a pleasant sensation, as if millions of needle pricks your skin.
5. It is worth noting that cold water you can pour only after exercise, or after a few minutes of a hot shower. If you are so cold, and you poured cold water, you'll get the basic cold.
6. Under the shower you need not to stand and stagnate, so the feet are more in contact with the water.
7. Performing the procedure, you should think about what you want to achieve this. It is possible to twist in thoughts a slide sound like: "Toxins eliminated from the body. My body is cleansed. I let up the energy. The energy channels are cleaned and expanded. My energy potential is increased". Don't forget that you need to imagine all this (as I can) and to accompany the words feelings. The whole complex of sensations can be integrated into one frame and name it: "Energy and Health".
8. If, after a contrast shower you feel the chills, then either decrease the duration of a dousing with cold water, or the water was not cold enough. In the latter case, a protective reaction of the body is not aktiviziruyutsya, and so it becomes just too cold, and this is nothing useful there. Short exposure to very cold water warms up, and prolonged exposure is not very cold cool.
 Better contrast shower may be just the alternation of bathing in the hot pool in the snow. If you overcome prejudice and fear to freeze or get sick, you will get incomparable pleasure. If you do not roll in the snow for a long time, it is not cold and not dangerous. In Kamchatka there are geothermal pools under the open sky. There I watched as people swam in hot water, then lay in the snow, and then again jumped into the pool. Having made this amazing discovery, they could not stop screaming in pleasure like pigs. What kind of fun it can be understood only after trying. However, I would not recommend doing it people with heart disease.
After a shower RUB intensely useful whole body hard with a towel. This is both a massage and to enhance capillary circulation. It is also advisable to do energy exercises to remind my body of the energy fountains and fix them in the field. As a result, you will experience a pleasant warmth and vigor, indicating that the increase in energy of tone.
The effect of this procedure is consistency. If you stop this, everything will return to normal. This is not a temporary improvement, and habit, occupation, designed for life, a way of life.published Author: Vadim Zeland P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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