These procedures on the system, Katsudzo Niche — treat, cleanse and rejuvenate!

Water is our greatest healer, our doctor, which may be of incomparable assistance. Because it is, as no other substance that connects us with Nature. Water is created by God for cleansing, renewal, birth and sustain life. It heals, cleanses and rejuvenates.

Hydrotherapy was popular at all times. With proper application of water can fully heal many functional disorders, to successfully combat disease and to stay energetic until a ripe old age.

Niche recommends three water treatments: contrasting cold and hot bath. Choose any, each of them has its advantages. But the most effective are contrasting. A hot bath causes sweating: the body loses a lot of fluids and vitamin C, whereby the body is disturbed acid-base balance. In contrast to the procedure this does not happen, which is why it is so useful.

About the benefits of contrast water procedures

Contrast with cold water have a powerful hardening and relaxing properties. They tone the muscles, train the blood vessels, relieve congestion, and therefore have a powerful healing effect on the spine. In addition, contrast perfusion improves condition of the skin and increase the stock of vital energy in the body.

Life energy is a substance, which we receive from air, food and Space. It's what compels us to live, raises on his feet after illness, injury and emotional turmoil. In man there are constant processes of living and dying. While a lot of life energy, rebirth prevails over dying: a person is healthy and recovers from even the most severe ailments. When the energy level falls below a certain level, the die takes over rebirth, which leads to a General weakening of the body, chronic fatigue, disease, and, eventually, death.

That's why, of all the water treatments is best to choose contrasting. Even if you take hot or cold bath, always end it with a cold douche: then you get double the effect.

Contrast procedures for the recovery of the entire body and prolonging life

This procedure is intended for those who want to preserve youthfulness and strengthen the body, to make it resistant to cold and pathogens. Contrasting dousing heal neuralgia, rheumatism, headaches, diabetes, cold, anemia, circulatory problems and General fatigue. And people with lower temperature, they are essential.

The optimal temperature difference of 30 °C: hot water 42-43 °C, cold — 14-15 °C. But to get used to that difference gradually within 7-10 days.

Hot water (°C)

Cold water ©

The number of days














Alternative: douche

Niche advised to take a contrast bath. It is clear that in Japan people are drawn to the baths, and during a Niche generally shower was a novelty. However, probably even in Japan, to take a contrast bath, quickly moving from cold water to hot and back, is possible only in a specially equipped for the relevant procedures of the hospital.

Otherwise, you would have to assume that the Japanese are peculiar in the bathroom to hold two tubs. The vast majority of Russians just no opportunity to dive from cold bath to hot and back. Therefore, it is possible to replace nishynskyi contrast baths (as does not correspond to the realities of our everyday life) in contrast showers, while maintaining the recommended temperature and scheme procedures.

The procedure should begin with cold water and cold water to end: it is a prerequisite. Need to do at least 4 contrasting pouring, not counting the fifth, cold:

1. Pouring cold — 1 minute hot pouring is 1 minute.

2. Pouring cold — 1 minute hot pouring is 1 minute.

3. Pouring cold — 1 minute hot pouring is 1 minute.

4. Pouring cold — 1 minute hot pouring is 1 minute.

Ideally, you should focus on 11 douches, though that is not the limit. If desired, the procedure can be completed 61-m cold douche.

You can either pour from the shower or from a basin. Standing under the shower, poured over the whole body, not lingering in one place too long. Better to start with the feet and gradually move up. Stretch during the douches to expand the lung cells (alveoli): it clears the lungs of mucus.

If you poured from a basin, should be poured the basin full of water on each leg, knees and abdomen and pelvis, three on each arm starting from the left.

To use soap during contrast procedures in Niches is not recommended. With the exception of hands, feet, face and crotch.

After the last cold cold water, blot the body with a towel, and RUB it is not necessary, and stay naked to dry skin — from 6 to 20 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and state of health.

Contraindications and warnings

You cannot take a cold bath without the doctor's consultation and mandatory training for people suffering from syphilitic lesions of the liver and atrophic cirrhosis.

Patients with atherosclerosis should be used to contrast treatments gradually. Start with a consistent lowering of the hands and feet in cold and hot water, after the usual ablution (previously need to dry the body). After a week or two (depending on health) you can try contrasting dousing the entire body for the above proposed scheme.

A cold bath on the system of Niches: health, hardening and cleansing

Cold bathing strengthens and cleanses the body, removing from the skin surface through the pores of the precipitated metabolic products.

The duration of the cold baths — 25 minutes. The water temperature is 14-15 °C. you Can start with warmer water, but it should not be warmer than 18 °C. the First 20 minutes Niches recommends sitting in the water motionless, and the last 5 minutes — vigorously moving the legs.

If you want to improve the condition of skin, make it smooth, beautiful, to remove pigment spots and freckles, add water, three varieties of vegetables — cabbage, lettuce, the third vegetable on request for 150 g each grated or finely sliced.

After a cold swim to warm make some contrast douches. Course duration — 1 month. The course is held 1 time per year.

Hot tub on the system of Niches: weight loss and health promotion

Hot water treatment improves health, burns excess sugar and alcohol, leads to normal concentration of salt in the body. It is particularly useful to those suffering from deposition of salts, osteochondrosis, diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma and obesity and also to those who have tired, often sore feet. But if you want to improve the skin, add water, 30 g of ground oatmeal, 5 g of lactic acid and 2 g of borax dissolved in warm water.

Ideally, the duration of the hot bath should be 20 minutes. But just to take a bath with a temperature of 41-42 °C for 20 minutes hard. Procedure time it is necessary to increase gradually, following the recommendations given in the table below.

While taking bath follow the pulse. In the same table gives the rates of increase in pulse that are optimal for the body. The duration of the procedure can be increased only in case, if the rates of increase in pulse are normal and you will not feel discomfort. Thus you will gradually bring the bath up to 20 minutes. The maximum increase in heart rate during the 20-minute bath — 40%, but the ideal is 20% — it is to him and aspire to.

After a hot bath, whatever its duration, take a cold shower for a minute, then towel dry and get dressed. Again in an hour undress and stay naked for the specified in the time table: this is necessary in order to stop the sweating. But whatever the duration of the hot bath, should not be exposed more than 25 minutes.

Within two hours after the procedure, you need to restore the water-salt balance and the balance of vitamin C. Salt should be eaten only with raw vegetables (vegetables are chosen according to taste). For recovering lost while sweating vitamin C drink an infusion of raspberry leaves, currants, or dates, or eat foods that contain this vitamin. Of clean boiled water should drink in 30-40 minutes to restore the balance of salt and 30-40 minutes after a bath.

The duration of the hot bath (41-42M), min.

The amount of water that you should drink ml

The amount of salt that you want to recover for 2 h. ml

Amount of infusion of raspberry leaves, currants, or persimmon to restore the balance of vitamin C, ml

Stay in the Nude after a bath (when the air temperature is 16°C), min.

Increased heart rate,



















































Once you bring the procedure up to 20 minutes, it should take her some time. The exact number of baths depends on your health. To check, whether the bath the result is as follows. Try to walk up to the 4th floor, overcoming the distance between two floors in 40 seconds. If there is a strong shortness of breath and fatigue in the legs, so the bath has done its job: you are in good physical shape.


Endocrine gland — the "DICTATORS" of DESTINYthe Secret of eternal youth — exercises Sheng



Recommended Niche cold, hot and contrast baths are not suitable for everyone. He did not mention the fact that hot baths are contraindicated for people with cardiovascular disorders. Yes and contrasting dousing them also must be done with great care.published

The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.




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