Use of the different types of soul for health and beauty of Your body

Daily shower, we consider the usual hygienic procedure. But it can do wonders to relieve stress and depression, to curing, to improve the condition of skin and figure. Let us look at this in more detail. Power shower — antidepressant

About 150 years ago, the French neurologist and psychotherapist Jean Martin Charcot decided to treat the human soul with the help of a strong flow of water. His notable clients suffering from depression and prostration, it is recommended to take a shower, who later began to call his name. Firmly entrenched behind him another name — shower-depressant. Two powerful jets of water massaging the body from a distance of 3-5 meters, instantly lead to tone and refresh the thought. After this invigorating bathing no one comes to complain to melancholy or weakness. That at the same time improves the condition of blood vessels, muscles, and "broken" cellulite accumulation, it turned out. But if water flows in the hands of a qualified professional, they save more and from pain, and clips in the spine. However, after such an intense impact on the skin a few days may still be bruises.

Scottish (contrast) — tempering

Of contrast shower heard by many, and some daily practice this technique in your own bathroom. But in specialized centers, this procedure differs somewhat from home interpretation. In fact, Scottish — variant of Charcot. But one jet of water, which you pour, cold (10-25 degrees), and the second — warm (37-45 degrees). After 5-7 minutes of fast alternation of temperatures, the speed of blood circulation increased four times, and you feel a powerful burst of energy. As for healing the body and enhance immunity, you will need 5-10 sessions.

Circular shower — invigorating

From hundreds of the finest, like a needle, trickles of water, with the power of massaging the skin, tone come literally all the organs and systems. First of all it improves the blood circulation, disappear stasis in the veins and capillaries. Such exposure is great for overall strengthening of the body, and when any body requires a special approach, the "needle massager" is used purposefully. If you are concerned about deposits on the abdomen, waist or hips, these areas also should be paid special attention. But whatever place you are screwed under shower, after a few sessions will definitely notice that you have become more cheerful and energetic.

Underwater shower-massage simulation

Able to pull the figure, "dissolving" pounds and inches is the main but not the only advantage, thanks to which underwater shower became a favorite of beauticians and well-groomed ladies. To the great joy of the last such sessions, unlike the vacuum massage or Charcot's soul, leave the skin smooth and soft, without the slightest of bruises and abrasions. After all, the power of the jet from a hose, directed to the body, softened by a layer of water in which you are lying. By the way, the shower very efficient and in more serious cases: it is recommended after various surgeries, injuries of the spine, joints, and tendons, as well as diseases of the peripheral nervous system. A tropical downpour is relaxing

It is an invention of recent years is the pride of some of the resorts and SPA-salons. Although the apparent healing properties, according to doctors, he has not, but the soothing effect still has. Very useful to stand under warm "shower" to relax and forget about stress. When the water flows are not jets, and drops, there is a feeling of lightness and vivacity, and accompanying water stream nature sounds (noise of the surf and birdsong) help with relaxation. Some salons offer a full experience to enjoy corresponding flavors: sea and tropical plants.

Laser — tech

This is shower head with a special lighting, which leads the doctor along the body. Despite the fact that the combination of water massage and the red laser radiation in our country is used it is not too widespread, doctors can already share the first results. In addition to positive effects on the vascular and nervous system, laser shower maintains optimal moisture level of the skin, increases its resilience and elasticity. It also allows the nutrients from the cream that you apply after the procedure, to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and become more actively involved in the work. By the way, one procedure suffices to restore power after heavy physical and mental stress. This shower can be installed directly in the apartment, however, it is worth considering that it's medical properties and the power of the laser radiation will be much lower than in a specialized center.



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