Golden Rules of health Katsudzo Nishi.

Katsudzo Nishi - one of the most famous healers of Japan, who created the personal experience of six health rules. Niche believed that a person can only cure himself, if it wants to. And there is conclusive evidence.

In adolescence Nishi got the diagnosis, according to which he was not supposed to live to 20 years. Contrary to all the predictions of scientists, Katsudzo Nishi not only spent a lot more than he predicted, and surprised everyone with his health when he was in his old age.

System: "Six Rules Health Niche»

The basic factor of Nishi is a good understanding of human physiology. The findings, which he did literally turned the world and his ideas about what a disease and how to achieve health by using just a few simple manipulations with the body a day.
By the way will be told, six health rules on the niche was widely publicized about 80 years ago. Nowadays we witnessed thousands of examples around the world, in which seriously ill patients are cured of their ailments, doctors, even when it is diluted in his hands helplessly.

What you need to know before you start the exercises.

As you know, most of us have back problems. Distributed and different curvature of scoliosis. All of this comes from poor posture. When a person slouches, its ligaments and muscles become weaker, not so firmly hold the vertebrae as it should, in consequence of which they are displaced about themselves.

Golden Rules of health Katsudzo Nishi aimed at creating a correct posture with the help of simple exercises, swimming, proper nutrition to strengthen systems of vertebrates, the alternation of waking and sleeping in a certain mode, etc.

1. The first Golden Rule Health - SOLID BED.

Individual one-third of its life in a dream, so this time can consume not only to rest, but also to correct posture. Smooth and solid bed is important because in this case the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body and muscles can completely relax. However, only in such bed may fix the spinal column, which is in a curved state during daytime.

Solid bed stimulates the skin, activates the skin veins, prevents the omission of the liver, accelerates blood circulation. All this provides a sound sleep and cheerful state after it.
Of course, you can sleep on the floor, and podstelennom piece of plywood, but most importantly we must remember that one of the important functions of the bed is its ability to warm the human body from the bottom, so their furnished our bed, take care of the correct placement of rigid structures.

In order to have a good sleep was more useful to the evening, about an hour before bedtime to spend 20 minutes in the fresh air. Very convenient to deal with his health, together with a loved one or friend.

2. The second Golden Rule Health - hard pillows.

Chances are it's not even a pillow and valikoobraznaya lining under his head. It is best to use for this purpose the subject of wood carefully tailored to fit your parameters.
Pillow-roll must be a certain size, that each person is different. In simple words, your new pillow should fill the cavity between the neck and shoulder area, and the third and fourth cervical vertebrae are flat on the hard surface is not curved. An example of proper beds with hard pillows and wrong are shown in Fig.

Of course, once it becomes clear that such a theft is not used to bring a lot of inconvenience, or even painful, but it is what we have long become accustomed to a different way of proper sleep and now it seems awkward and wild. In order to alleviate the discomfort, at first, hard roller can envelop a soft cloth, but keep in mind from time to time necessary to remove the tissue and thus gradually get rid of it. We need to get used to sleeping on the right pillow - a pledge of health.

3. The third Golden Rule Health - Exercise "Goldfish».

This exercise works on the vertebral nerves, relaxes them, and relieves strain. Normalizes blood circulation, beneficial effect on the heart, stabilizes the major body systems, including the nervous. It promotes regular bowel habits.

Starting position: Lie on your back, of course on a flat, hard surface, it may be the bed or floor, throws his hands behind his head, legs outstretched, standing on his heel and toes to pull the face.

Technique of the exercise: to begin to stretch the body. Are drawn right heel forward, arms in the opposite direction, then do the same left heel. Then he puts a hand under his head, never taking his torso from the floor (it should be, what the heel, hip and spine were pressed to the floor) do undulate like a fish left to right (but not up and down - it is an essential condition) for 1-2 minutes.
This next exercise is recommended to perform twice a day, morning and evening.

4. The fourth Golden Rule Health - Exercise for capillaries.

The purpose of the exercise - to stimulate the capillaries in the organs, improve blood circulation throughout the body, movement, and update of lymph. This exercise is a good substitute for running, because it allows you to remove the stress on the joints and the heart, which sometimes is very important. If you can carry him naked, then in addition to the above effects, you still get stressed skin respiration, and this will lead to cleanse the body of toxins through the skin.

Starting position: Lie on your back on a firm foundation, under the neck, we put a customary roller.

Technique: lift your legs up, point your feet so that they are parallel to the floor, his hands also lift up. In this position of the hands and feet making them active shaking for 1-3 minutes.

5. The fifth Golden Rule Health - Exercise "closing hands and feet».

This exercise helps the forces of the mind and body to achieve balance, coordinated function of muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Carrying it, we are helping the work of the diaphragm, which naturally improves circulation and reduces stress on the heart. The particular usefulness of this exercise also in cooperation muscles right and left sides of the body, which helps coordinate the work of all internal organs. This exercise is particularly useful to perform during pregnancy, as it contributes to the favorable development of the fetus in the womb.

This exercise consists of two phases, preparation and the main part.

Preparatory part of the exercise.

Starting position: Lie on your back on a firm surface, put a neck roll, then you need to close the feet and palms of the hands, knees to separate the sides as shown.

Technique. In this position, we perform several different manipulations or movements must be repeated each 10 times.
1. Without changing the position of the arms, legs and torso, just click fingertips on each other.
2. Start pressing fingertips against each other and continue to press all have a hand.
3. impacts fully surface palms
4. serried arms extended as much as possible for the head and draw a line from the position of the head to the waist, his fingers at the same time do not change the situation and "look" at his head, palms to keep as close as possible to the body.
5. Expand the fingers of both hands, that they "looked" at the feet and move them from the groin to the abdomen.
6. Make a motion similar to the claim 4, but no longer hold his hands close to the body, and do it at a maximum distance from the body, as if through the air.
7. Pull your hands up, get it back is to try to make a move at the maximum length.
8. Hands are serried on the solar plexus and feet move back and forth, without opening the brake.
9. We combine movement, moving his feet as specified in claim 8 add motion with his hands in the same manner.

The main part of the exercise.

Starting position: lying on his back, after the 9 points of the preparatory segment, palms are closed over the solar plexus, the feet are closed, knees out to the sides.

Technique: close our eyes and not changing the position of the feet and hands lie 10-15 minutes

6. The sixth Golden Rule Health - Exercise for the spine and abdomen.

One of the main components of a successful life by this method is the belief in their strength. As the saying goes, we are the - what we think. If you set yourself for a positive outcome and religiously believe in the result, it will not take long.

Exercise for back and stomach is specifically designed for those areas of the body in which the main focus of life energy, and vital organs. It is useful to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body, promotes the beneficial effects of mental energy. It is divided into the preparatory part and the main.

The initial position of the preparatory segment: sit on the floor on his knees, with a basin sink to heel, if you wish, or you can take more convenience "in Turkish," do not forget to keep your back straight, hands resting on his knees. All elements of the exercises are performed 10 times on each side.

1. This Statement workout - raise and lower the shoulders.
After the first element, perform intermediate steps to implement them, by the way, it will be necessary after each of the below-described components of the preparation.
 - Stretch your arms forward in front of him, then suddenly look back, as if trying to see his coccyx, after slowly swipe view from the coccyx to the neck, of course you do not get to see the back - so do it mentally. Return head to the starting position and do the same manipulation only been on the right side.
 - Perform the same action, but now his hands stretched up.
2. tilts his head to the right and to the left (do not forget to make an intermediate exercise)
3. tilts his head back and forth (again intermediate exercise)
4. Merge paragraphs 3 and 4: tilt your head to the right-back, then left-back (intermediate exercise)
5. Do not forget that the exercise of the preparatory period, we do 10 times in each direction. Tilt your head to one side, then slowly roll it back touching the back of his head (do intermediate).
6. Raise your hands from his knees, bend them at the elbows, forming a right angle and squeeze his hands tightly, throw back his head, looking up at the ceiling and raise your elbows to the side, trying to put them behind his back, at which time the chin is pulled up (last time do intermediate exercise)

The starting position of the main parts: the same as in the preparatory segment.

Technique: a small amount of time, relax, and then again tighten the stomach, straighten your back and do pendulum swinging from side to side while performing belly movement back and forth. Perform these movements for 10 minutes. At first it will seem complicated, but you get used to it very quickly.

All six Nishi health rules are effective and very simple in execution, it is only necessary to overcome the laziness and start practicing.


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