Forgotten the healing properties of cold water

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About the healing abilities of water known since antiquity. Its recommended for medicinal purposes by Hippocrates and Avicenna. Special splash of water treatment originated in the late 18th century. The initiator of this was vicentius of Prisnitz, Silesian shepherd, who became convinced of the healing properties of the cold water and began to use it to treat people. Many prominent physicians took very disapproving of his actions, however, the progressive direction in therapy have already appeared, and Picnic had received approval for the opening of the hospitals to which patients from everywhere reached.

Methods of water treatment

The methods of healing were as follows.

Patients drank water in small portions in two swallows, which contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys and elimination of toxins, daily bathed or showered under a waterfall with bare feet "slapped" on water or wet grass that strengthens the body and improves circulation. Physician first introduced in the healing process of wet wraps, named after him. Picnic treated colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other illnesses. His doctrine was picked up by other healers.

A large role in the global promotion of hydrotherapy by the German monk Sebastian Kneipp. This well-known healer has dedicated over 30 years of healing water and presented the results of his work in the book, the remaining descendants. His system spread to Europe. In many cities of Russia opened spas to treat patients exclusively with water, which is the cheapest and most accessible drug.

Today, unfortunately, an effective remedy is almost forgotten. As more than two centuries ago, it is not perceived seriously by physicians who sometimes see it as a crime. Chemical drugs prescribed them for treatment, often detrimental to human health. Rare doctors believe in time-honoured simple and effective method of hydrotherapy, using it in medical practice.

According to the Kneipp water can cure any disease, because hydrotherapy "pulling out the root of the disease". It is no exaggeration. She successfully defeats of the nervous, circulatory and heart diseases, arthritis, gout, tuberculosis, pain of various origins, etc.

Most often people catches a cold. We should not immediately drink pills. You must put it in cold water plain socks, squeeze them, pull on their feet. Water temperature is determined by the temperature of the body (the higher it is, the colder water). On top of these socks should wear plastic bags and warm woolen socks. Then you need to go to a warm bed. The procedure is repeated every 45 minutes until the temperature goes down (it usually has four times to change socks).

When the procedure is done before bedtime, you are allowed to sleep in socks. Important medical condition are warm feet. If not, then they must first warm up. Middle of the night or in the morning are replaced compress. When you do this, rinse the socks and wash his feet.

To cure bronchitis and pneumonia in the cold water, wet sheets, press it, wrap it patient. Tuck his blankets (to create heat). Every 1.5 hours the sheet is rinsed and the procedure is repeated. Temperature falls significantly by midnight, and by morning, it becomes normal. However, the procedure is then repeated several times.

Cold water cure the hemorrhoids. To do this three times a day (twice) it washed the sore spot. In advanced disease make gadgets (soaked in water and wrung a bit of gauze is applied on to the hemorrhoids thrice a day). Three days later they are replaced with a piece of ice (wrapped in gauze) is applied for 30 seconds. Additionally exercise food combining diet: carbohydrate foods and starches do not take in conjunction with animal proteins. In the diet include cabbage, beets and other vegetables, and bran. This food together with the morning drink on an empty stomach 200 ml of water (in the form of heat) will restore peristalsis, cure hemorrhoids, get rid of constipation.

For high blood pressure pour water into a glass and drink it in SIPS (not more than a teaspoon) every three minutes. Usually half an hour later the pressure subsides.

Cold baths a healing effect on weak eyes, strengthen the optic bodies. To do this, dip in her face where eyes open for 12-15 seconds. Then raise your head, and by the same time again put your face into the water. Within five minutes this step was repeated 5 times. Apply another healing method is the cold water splash in the eyes. These procedures also remove the itchy eyes and itching – problems of the elderly.

Throat disease and sciatica to win the water 30-degree compresses. First, using a sock to apply the compress on the feet, then on the sore spot (gauze, polyethylene, fabric made of wool). His shift is carried out in an hour.

Water restores weakened sexual potency due to premature aging. Increased physical activity, weight reduction, stabilization nervous system (contrast water shower, frequent field trips, charging), abstinence from Smoking and drinking alcohol are the main criteria for the deduction of old age.

Recipes of recovery of physical activity with water.

A regular bath,It is taken usually before going to sleep. Dissolve in water a little sea (allowed cooking) salt. The procedure consists of three stages of 10-minute duration:

a) 3 minutes for you to lie in 38-degree water, then it cooled to 32ºc, and are minute;

b) 3 minutes, need to sit in the 32-degree water, then it cooled down to 28º, and sit a minute;

C) take 2 minutes 38 ° C bath.The procedure aims to improve blood flow in the pelvic region, improves common (greater – capillary) blood flow.

Sitz bathPut next to the two large pelvic. In one pour warm water (38–40º), the other with cold water. Sitting in the first 3 minutes, the second minute. The procedure was repeated three times and finish with cold water. Specified time soon dual (in the first – 6 second – 2 minutes), then triple (9 and 3).

Tempered and healthy person is allowed a limitation of the procedure in a sitting tub (beginning at 25º, then – at normal temperature). The duration is determined by the appearance of a cold feeling. The air temperature may not be less than 20º. The procedure should be combined with massaging the active points of the sacrum, the epigastric cavity and lower abdomen.



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