15 year life hacking required for each. Let life be easier!

Good weather, rest, plenty of fruits and vegetables - that's what makes us happy summer. But even so, the best time of year for many people can be more enjoyable if you use these 15 unusual tricks. Each of us can find something for themselves: ideas for cool drinks, insect repellent, a camping holiday, beauty, and so on.

1. Natural insect repellent

Half of lemon or lime juice with cloves distilled insects.

2. Temporary Tattoo

Young girls often coming to the sea, do yourself a temporary tattoo masters. But it can be done independently, with the figure last longer. Take a water-soluble glue with a neutral pH and do drawing on the skin. It can also be done using a sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

3. Bonfire using chips

If you do not get to light a fire, then you will come to the aid of potato chips. They are well-lit.

4. How to protect yourself from thieves beach

When you rest at the beach thieves work in full swing. To protect your things, hide them in an empty tube of sunscreen, as in the photo.

5. As there are popsicles, not to get dirty

Do you like ice cream, but do not want sticky hands? Use a mold for cake.

6. To the sand at the feet of limes not

If you were going to go to the beach to sunbathe, take advantage of baby powder. Then your feet will not stick sand.

7. Refreshments

Fill the bottle about one-third with water and put it in the freezer overnight. The next day, you can fill it with water or other drinks to choose from. The ice will melt slowly and drink stays cool.

8. Ice cubes for beauty, from overheating and sunburn

Mix aloe extract with a small amount of water and freeze. These cubes can be used to moisturize dry skin and minor burns.

9. Protect your phone from sand and water

To protect your phone from sand and water, you can store it in the bag with zipper.

10. A cold drink in a few seconds

Wrap the bottle with a drink wet paper for baking. Put in the refrigerator. You will be surprised, but after 10 minutes the drink becomes cool.

11. Another tip to help get rid of the insects

In order to not interfere with the insects to your summer holiday, mix warm water with sliced ​​basil leaves. Pour agent in a spray bottle and use as a spray.

12. That kind of thing is likely to be useful to you in the garden!

Perfect solution for the summer heat.

13. Light tent

If this summer you've decided to stay in the camp, then you will need a powerful lantern for the tent. If there is no take an ordinary flashlight and attach it to the plastic container.

14. Cool champagne or wine

To cool the champagne and wine, use previously frozen grapes.

15. Make a sandwich with ice

Cut a piece of the ice cream and put it between the cookies. Best sandwich for summer!

We hope that some of these life hacking you liked and you bring them to life.

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