10 Best of the outgoing year of life hacking "Just So!", Which you could miss out on ...

For progressive man there is nothing better than to learn new tricks, which may be slightly or dramatically improve their lives.

A year revision «Website» worked hard to prepare for their readers information that can be applied usefully. Now we are taking stock and produced 10 major life hacking outgoing year for you, so you can read them or refresh their memory.

best life hacking in 2015
When you see this, it never will be cut watermelon in a different way!
A great trick with which you'll be able to cut a watermelon correctly. The best idea for a picnic or outdoor party! ➜ takprosto.cc/kak-razrezat-arbuz/

How to make a cool styling with the help of the usual T-shirts: sounds absurd, but it works
! Women spend a lot of time to create a hairstyle in the morning, but this life hacking will save you from this requirement. Wonderful installation without the hassle! ➜ takprosto.cc/ukladka-s-pomoshchyu-futbolki/

15 tips for gardeners. Let your site all the neighbors jealous.
A collection of life hacking, which will help to make your garden unique. In this case you will not have to spend a lot of money and effort. ➜ takprosto.cc/sovety-dlya-sadovodov/

Stranger advice I had ever seen ... But they work great!
Few people know, but the toothpaste can be used in different ways and always get excellent results. Tips fairly unusual, but works perfectly. ➜ takprosto.cc/kak-ispolzovat-zubnuyu-pastu-v-bytu/

29 professional beauty secrets that every woman should know. Perfection has no limits!
These little beauty secrets every woman will make life a lot easier. Useful knowledge is never enough, improve your appearance with pleasure! ➜ takprosto.cc/sekrety-krasoty/

You will be beside herself with joy when you see what she did of old jeans! Here is the thing ...
Learn how to make out of old jeans versatile and easy apron. Give trousers second life! ➜ takprosto.cc/perednik-iz-dzhinsov/

Now you will not have to throw away the blackened bananas. Before hell life hacking genius!
Do not throw blackened bananas. They can "revive" in no time with the help of available funds. Truly brilliant advice! ➜ takprosto.cc/chto-delat-s-pochernevshim-bananom/

He just stuck a roll of toilet paper in the metal jar ... and created something ingenious!
For cost-effective space heating you need only 3 things. Create a homemade heater, which is a long time will give warmth and save you from the cold. ➜ takprosto.cc/obogrevatel-iz-tualetnoy-bumagi/

The trick, which has already been used thousands of girls around the world: PVA glue for manicure
. This year, a new trend of beauty became an ordinary PVA glue. Take into service two tips, how to apply a low-cost means to good use. ➜ takprosto.cc/kley-pva-dlya-manikyura/

You will never guess what it is. But soon such a thing is required in every home!
Make a humidifier with your hands. Firstly, it requires the material cost, and secondly, is made easy! ➜ takprosto.cc/uvlazhnitel-vozduha-svoimi-rukami/

Share with your friends these useful tricks that make our daily lives a little easier. Such life hacking will be useful to anyone!


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