Why life hacking - evil

Stop the "hacking" your zhizniKak legend, the Gordian knot of the most difficult in the world, no one could unleash for hundreds of years.

In 333 BC. e. Alexander also tried to untie the knot. But, like hundreds before him, he could not do it. And what, he left it to others? Of course not! He was Alexander the Great! He took his sword and solved the problem.

Following his example, we will not bow to the same challenges and are looking for a light and quick decisions intricate problems of life.

Several thousand years later, in 2004, a man named Danny O'Brien coined the term "life hacking," which is defined in Wikipedia as "a little trick, useful advice to help solve the problems of everyday life, to save time." The term proposed by O'Brien, quickly picked up the blogosphere.

In 2005, the site was created Lifehack.org. In the same year the word 'life hacking "has become the second most popular on the Web, after the word" podcast ».

In 2007 Timothy Ferriss published the book The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. In the Russian language its name means something like "How to work 4 hours a week, does not stick in the office from start to finish, and thus to live anywhere and prosper." Probably 80% of all life hacking, you encounter, were popularized in the book of Tim.

In the 2010s articles, books and even scientific research on the optimization of lifestyle, are widespread.

We read, for example, about our sleep schedule, about the improvement of diet and tirelessly follow these tips. All of these life hacking promise to improve our lives with the application of least effort.

It offers that you can not refuse.

Why unleash unit, if it can be cut?

Two types of relationships to hakinguMnogie people use these tips and tricks to optimize life succeeded. The effect depends on how you feel about it.

Breaking something. When Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot, he was not thinking about anything else. Chopping unit was the best solution to his problem. When the programmer is a hack that allows it to move forward, he does the same thing. Hacking for hacking. There are people who deliberately read life hacking. They do not go to the gym until they know the "ideal" training regimen. These are people who do not start a business because they do not know how to do it; they must always examine the question from all sides before you do something. As a result, reinsured and often make wrong decisions. This type of thinking, which reduces to a focused search for life hacking, has' efficiency of paranoia. " You spend more time looking for tips than to the actual solution. You ignore the fact that they are able to solve the problem in another way (and that the work to be done, can also be a source of pleasure).

Hacker thinking says that we do not have to overcome the obstacles on the way to our goal, if we can just find a way to get around them h4> Hacker thinking says that we do not have to overcome the obstacles our goal, if we can just find a way to get around them.

Hacker thinking flatters those of us who are lazy, who always wants to take the path of least resistance, who likes to feel superior to "boobs».

But despite all of our new technological advances, life itself remains stubbornly impervious to hacking. You can not cheat death. You can not avoid it. You can not get around a universal law that states that to achieve any goal requires some work, time, pain and suffering.

Once you free yourself from hacker thinking, you no longer have to fear that someone out there knows a secret that can put everything in its place. You will have more faith in yourself.

To get rid of something ingrained in our culture, we must learn to see deeper. So let's look at the six objectives put forward by hacker mindset.

Why focus on breaking results in less than optimal life "All the glory of virtue is in activity." - Cicero

There is a special breed of "lifestyle design", which seems to be doing just that seek to make their lives better. They are not able to live in freedom.

It's not like the goal of life.

God forbid we do some hard work.

God forbid that we will do more work than necessary. After all, we are focused on constant comfort.

Focus on hack makes everything takes time and labor, undesirable.

Burglars underestimate the obvious and useful (but boring) People say, "What good is it to point out the obvious?»

A lot of good, because sometimes we know the facts, but do not pay attention to them. Tips are not taught; they simply take note awakens us, concentrate and keep the memory of the loss. Indeed advice - something like instruction. "The mind often tries to ignore even what lies before our eyes." - Seneca.

Everything has to attract attention, to be seen.

Attracting attention - this is a huge advertising costs. But you will never see advertising Super Bowl football, broccoli, push-ups or unmanageable meditation.

But the marketing budget for medicines to reduce stress, burn fat, liposuction, new diet has no boundaries.

It hacks that receive funding. It's the same thing as the best training program, the magic of pharmaceutical inventions or method of instant enrichment ... and you'll pay for it.

Universities are under tremendous pressure to get new exciting results. This pressure is transmitted to the professors who have energetically promoting science. They exaggerate the consequences of their findings in order to sell more books or get more money: a possible increase in the efficiency of solar panels by 2% announced an energy revolution.

"Take a simple idea and take it seriously." - Charlie Munger

Hacking leads to directionless optimizatsiyamV nature there is no such thing as an aimless life. Aimless appears when a lot of people have convinced you of the importance to achieve too many objectives. Aimlessness - it's not just the lack of goals, the reverse side of the target.

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel believes that in order to succeed, you need to become a "certain optimistic».

Many of us - "vague optimists." We believe that in the future the world will be better, but have no idea what that means. Til example uses the financial sector, to mark this position: you will not invest if the future seems bleak, but you should have some idea of ​​how it really looks like the future.

We read a lot of tips and lists, and it is uncertain optimism. We collect a huge amount of low-grade information in the hope that one day it will be useful.

Certain optimist will not do it. Why?

Certain optimist is "obsession».

Knowing what you want, you put a powerful filter against questionable content. Having a definite purpose, is much easier to determine which path should not go.

Your optimism contributes to the goal.

No one can predict the future; but you need to have the courage to try to do it.

Newton cared more about alchemy and studying the Bible than on his famous scientific papers. John Maynard Keynes said: "Newton was not the first of intellectuals, he was the last of the magicians».

It was extremely important for the Newton, and prompted him to do other fun things. Without his interest in the occult world would not see his great discoveries in other areas.

Hacking distorts our understanding of vremeniNa we pressured from all sides, and because of the huge responsibility we think about the need for immediate success. It is unacceptable to build a business more than a decade, much better to make a profit for the week.

Internet makes sure that you have access to anything since its inception. Your digital devices are constantly updated. They bring into our lives an artificial sense of urgency.

To understand this on a deeper level, it is necessary to pay attention to the way the Greeks regarded time. There were two types of orientation: Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos is simple. This is the time measured in hours on the towers.

Chronos - this is what we are accustomed. This can be easily measured, so we can work with him.

Kairos - the qualitative aspect of time. And because it's quality, it requires a human touch.

Kairos is generally understood as a window of opportunity created by circumstances, God or fate. This is the perfect time to strike, make an offer to the woman or to take any particular action. We must seize the moment.

Hacking or optimizing your life associated with Chronos. Chronos more comprehensible and formal: set the clock for some time, do not assign a number of meetings at the same time, do not multitask ...

Kairos knows the best time for you, and Chronos knows the time on the clock. Kairos knows when to merge in a kiss, and Chronos is concerned about the current date and time. Kairos believes that five years - a reasonable amount of time to make a blog profitable; Chronos rejects this idea. Kairos understand the context, Chronos is hungry for more as soon as possible.

Some would say that we all have the same 24 hours a day. You and the president. Of course. For someone who is stuck in Chronos, that is true. For those who understand the Kairos - is absurd.

Dependence copy idealaStiven King wrote "Carrie" on a makeshift desk, established between the washing machine and dryer. He wrote, while his child is crying, and his wife banged pots and pans in the kitchen preparing dinner.

This is enough to understand what is necessary for creativity.

All sorts of studies say that you need to paint the walls a certain color. What do you have to sit in a certain place every day. What do you want this or that ...

However, if you look at the daily rituals 100 different creative people, you will find 100 different things that work. For them.

If you know that you need to create, you will be creating. If you feel like have to create, you will make it.

If you need to create something, you have no choice but to find the best conditions for you. You have to earn the right to unleash your creativity. There are no secrets or methods. Only you and the goal.

Irrational ratsionalnostSosredotochenie attention to hacking your life makes it impossible to distinguish between rational and irrational rationality of irrationality.

Irrational Rationality - reasonable at the wrong time. It's like to rely on logic when your wife is yelling at you.

Rational Irrationality - unreasonable at the right time, that is to sharpen the focus on some trivial details. This application all your efforts to what might not work. It is to live with a purpose, when there is no apparent reason for it.

Rational Irrationality - obsession with Newton's alchemy. This requirement of Steve Jobs to the inside of the Apple devices was as beautiful as the outside. This is the same as writing a novel, which probably will never be published.

This is what makes life worth living.

At such moments you feel you are doing the right thing, even if wrong or irritate everyone else. What are your goals and methods will never be included in the list of "How to optimize X»! But for you, they work.

The quality of your life depends precisely on these moments, especially when the whole world is asking you to do this. That we remember them throughout our lives. The modern hero - someone who has the ability to create meaning.

What's the point? What to do?

There is one thing that would weaken the effect of life hacking in our lives - confidence.

That is the essence of the issue.

Focusing on burglary reduces our autonomy. Life hacking creates dependence on expert advice and shortcuts. He emphasizes bulges and more tips and suggestions, obscuring the simple, obvious advice that can really save us. It focuses our mind on the present and facilitate progress towards the ultimate goal. He says that obstacles are not mandatory, and if they meet, you can always find a way to get around them - what foot climb into the mountains where you can sit in a lift or cable car.

And if you refuse life hacking?

Instead of looking for meaning in their lives, you can live.
Instead of sleeping, when you recommend some scientists, you can go to sleep whenever you want.
Instead of learning to manipulate someone, you can just talk to him.
In short, you can be yourself.
You know what you want in life.
I enjoy good things.
Do you like the hard stuff.
Do you like the long way home from work.
Your life can not be broken.
Because little hacks. And you big.

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