Awareness. Mind. Good and Evil

In this article, I'll just try to clarify these concepts, what they mean.

Let's start with the good and evil and their knowledge of what it is.

The simplest example of them is the baby on fire and understands that it hurts (bad harm to the body, is evil). So he can understand what is good for him (goodness) of the material to the mental comfort, of fullness, of wholeness.

So, step by step on life experience and through education people can realize that for him, life good (good) and what is harmful (evil).

For example, successful stockbroker can understand which stocks to buy — good knowing the change of their value in the future, and what is evil.

These predictions allows you to make the mind, which is the sum of experience of understanding of all these logical relationships, of the world tree meanings.

In fact, it turns out that good and evil is not Absolutes, it's just elements of binary logic (0 and 1).

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What is mindfulness? Awareness is simply the ability to see all these interconnections of the mind, the world tree of meaning — the more people informed, the more he can understand about the whole, what, how, and by what laws is happening, to see the world principles and laws, or at least to feel and understand what was going in him, Yes, in General, and the world around him.published


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