Off the coast of France appears floating wind platform

The first floating platform wind turbines will soon appear in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of France. The development of this project the international consortium of FLOATGEN. Turbine capacity of 2 MW will appear within 12 nautical miles from the city of Le Croisic. The consortium, consisting of seven parties, hopes to demonstrate the technical and economic advantages of floating wind turbines and to provide large-scale introduction of them in the exploitation of deep-sea and windy sea of land, can still not involved.

Platform, patented by Ideol, constructed in the form of a ring and has hydrodynamic characteristics, which, according to the manufacturer, "delivers outstanding performance compared with other floating platforms".

According to Paul de La Guerilla, Ideol Director and project coordinator, development of such technology is related to the gradual reduction of sites suitable for construction of wind stations. This is especially suitable for Europe, particularly for France, which is surrounded by deep sea, and which is going to become not only a participant but also a leader in this growing market.

FLOATGEN construction already underway, the station is taking shape, 80% of the materials have already been delivered to the harbour of Saint-Nazaire. By the end of the year the wind turbines must be connected to the mains. Then followed 2 years of testing, during which engineers will evaluate the performance of the platform is prepared for operation on an industrial scale, as economists calculate the cost of maintenance and operation.

Largest floating solar plant will be tested in Singapore. It consists of 10 different systems, 2 of which are the most productive will choose at the end of the year and scale. published

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