A giant wind turbine in the city

Wind farms are always located outside the cities, and for good reason: they are typically huge, difficult to install, and for the efficient operation and production of a significant amount of current, they need constant wind gusts.

Besides the usual VES need winds that are both stable and strong, but at the same time with little turbulence. Their turbines are mounted on 300-foot towers, not to disrupt the flow of air near the ground, and use the huge blades, which are operated MW-nye generators. These systems operate on a large scale, but they are not practical in an urban environment.

However, the city can also be quite windy — very dense arrangement of houses forms a funnel that redirects the natural flow of air, causing, as a result, the appearance of frequent gusty winds. It is these, with some ordinary turbine can not work. But to find a suitable site to install a 300-foot turbine, for example, in the middle of new York city, impossible.

On the basis of such considerations, the employees of the company McCamley has developed a prototype wind turbine MT01 Mk2 vertical axis of rotation, which can easily be placed in tight urban areas. The proposed model is easy to assemble and occupy little space on top of a skyscraper, while producing sufficient energy.

MT01 operates at wind speeds of 2 m/s, which is not included in the working range of standard turbines. And even when the wind completely dies down, and MT01 to stop, to resume her work it will not require mains power. It is equipped with a system of self-starting, and its blades will begin to rotate when the wind 1.8 m/s any orientation. In addition, the vertical arrangement of the blades significantly decreases noise and vibration. And its the generator direct drive requires no gearbox, and can withstand gusts of virtually any speed.

At the same time, MT01, being 12 feet in diameter and 10 feet high, small enough to mount on the roof though as-that to affect the appearance of the building is the size similar with the old tank water that has long been standing on the tops of buildings in new York. The eight-legged support structure of the turbine allows to reduce the number of required additional strengthening of the roof.

With an average wind speed of 12 m/s, the MT01 prototype can produce only 1 kW of power. However, McCamley engineers believe, based on the latest field tests, conducted in the town of Lyaskovets (Bulgaria) that the performance of the turbine can be increased to obtain a 24kW with the same wind speed. You can potentially achieve even levels of 1 MW. In the long term, future models MT01 can also include solar panels for more power.

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