Installed the largest wind turbine in the world

The largest marine wind turbine installed near the Belgian harbour of Oostende. The installation has at its disposal 6 huge turbines with a 73-meter-long blades and a 78-metre towers. It is a miracle of engineering ideas created by the French company Alstom. It is expected that the turbine can produce at least 15% more energy than existing offshore wind turbines. Specially designed for the sea, first Heliade turbine models have been tested in France and won a good rating from the IEC (international electrotechnical Commission) in 2012.

Windmills will provide an opportunity to produce energy, which is enough to power close to 5 000 homes. However, the installation does not require special care, as in the case of conventional turbines. This was possible because the model Heliade has a minimum of mechanical parts and operates without a gearbox. But a permanent generator located in the turbine housing that will make it work more reliable and cost-effective.

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